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Chitra Nakshatra

The 14th Nakshatra, i.e. Chitra Nakshatra.

Let’s cover Chitra Nakshatra based on following points –

Sign and Degree
Name and its meaning
Activation Age
Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord
Mythological Story
Prominence of a Nakshatra
Various interpretations of Chitra Nakshatra

Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Sign and Degree – Chitra Nakshatra falls within 23.20 degree of Virgo to 6.40 degree of Libra. So, Chitra Nakshatra spreads from Virgo to Libra. Not only that, but it is spread equidistant in Virgo & Libra, i.e. 6.40 degree in Virgo & 6.40 degree in Libra. So, it will be equally impacted by traits of both signs.

Name and its meaning – Chitra literally means Picture or Image. The root word for Chitra seems to be "Chitta" which means Consciousness. In a way, image or picture of everything remains in our conscious or sub-conscious mind.

Representation – Its symbols are Jewels, Gemstones or Pearls. It is also represented by an artiste making a picture, which I feel is more apt representation.

Activation Age - Besides dashas and planetary maturity ages, another way of activating a planet is activation age of nakshatra it is sitting in. Chitra Nakshatra activates itself at the ages of 5th, 20th, 32nd, 49th, 69th, 78th and 79th year of age.

Deity, Nakshatra Lord & Sign Lord – Tvastar or Vishwakarma is the main ruling deity of this nakshatra. He is known as divine architect. Chitra's lord is Mars. Sign lord in Virgo section is Mercury and in Libra section is Venus.

Mythological Story – So, we are back to the story of Sun, Sandhya (Sanjnya) and Chhaya. This is the time when Sandhya returned to Sun but then again ran away in the form of Mare. Sun followed her and to search her Sun reached the home of Vishwakarma, who was father of Sandhya. Vishwakarma told Sun whereabouts of Sandhya but requested Sun to reduce his glare and heat as that was the main cause of Sandhya avoiding Sun throughout. Sun told that Heat & Fire is part of his nature and he can't do anything about it. Vishwakarma offers his help as divine architect and cuts off some of the Sun-rays to reduce Sun's heat. This is also the story behind Big-Bang Theory as the rays which were cut-off from Sun took shape of other planets.

Prominence of a Nakshatra – Now, throughout this series, whenever we say about a nakshatra being prominent in a chart, it means it is either ascendant nakshatra, Sun nakshatra, Moon nakshatra or 2 or more planets are placed in 1 nakshatra, Understand that a nakshatra is only 13 degree 20 minutes long and if even 2 planets are there within that range then it is huge energy accumulation. It will make that nakshatra related things important in person’s life.

Various interpretations of Chitra Nakshatra – Now, here are some of the interpretations of Chitra Nakshatra we can take as per the things discussed above –
  • 1st of all, from name itself we can say that Chitra represents Creative People. They can be very artistic, skillful and talented.
  • One common theme I have seen among Chitra people is that their work will somehow connected with working with pictures or images. I have seen architects, graphic designers, X-Ray Machine Operators etc with Chitra as Nakshatra.
  • It can make someone an Astrologer too as astrological chart is nothing but picture of sky at any given time.
  • As Vishwakarma is Deity and Mars is ruler of Chitra, this nakshatra is closely connected with construction, land and real estate.
  • Otherwise also, in any work they do, they can be very structured.
  • The story of Vishwakarma cutting-off the heat of Sun shows them as good with any type of editing or analytical work. This will be more true if someone has planets in Chitra in Virgo sign as it is sign of analysis.
  • As Vishwakarma also counselled Sun about relationship with Sandhya, this can be seen as nakshatra of people who can be good relationship counselors, more so in portion of Libra.
  • Chitra in Virgo can be a heavy energy to deal with as Nakshatra lord Mars & Sign lord Mercury are enemies to each other. Things can be better if planets are in Libra section as Libra lord Venus and Mars are neutral towards each other.
  • Now, total number of nakshatras are 27 and Chitra is 14th Nakshatra. So, there are 13 nakshatras before Chitra and 13 nakshatras after Chitra, So, Chitra falls right in the middle of Nakshatra Scheme which gives it a quality of balance or equilibrium. These people can develop a quality of being in balance in any given situation or they can give a very balanced opinion. This is more true in Libra section of Chitra as it is sign of Balance itself.
  • Overall, it remains nakshatra of creative, artistic, structured or hard working pepople
Conclusion – So, this is some basic information and interpretation of Chitra Nakshatra.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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  • Wonderful and most useful explanation. Blessings. Namaskar. Jai Ma

  • @ Shivam - yup it can be.

  • Sirji Thank You ... But 5th Lord Mercury for taurus ascendant is debilitated as well close to sun within 2 degrees? Analytics good ??

  • @ Shivam - yes it can be.

  • Rahu in Virgo Chitra nakshatra in 5th bhava gives obsession regarding analytics ?

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