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C-Section and Human Ego

I love it when Universal Forces hit the human ego hard and breaks it into pieces. One of the more popular consultations these days is finding out Muhurt of C-Section - https://www.astrosaxena.com/csection . I understand the concerns of parents towards good life of their child but I have always found it as micro-managing the lives of children. Initially, I never entertained such consultation requests but when a friend of mine was told by a Doctor to find out good date and time for C-Section then I changed my opinion little bit and accepted that if everything is destiny then it can be in destiny of some kids that their birth date and time would be decided by an astrologer. So now, I give primary advice to leave it on Doctor but if client persists with the request then I agree to help.

In the above quoted article, I have mentioned that how such services can help us in very limited sphere and we should only look at Moon’s position and dignity for deciding the day of C-Section. Please go through the article to know the reasons of what I am saying. But here I am going to share some of the experiences of clients which amused me in recent times.

a. As I said, I understand concern of a parent about securing a good life to his/her child but someone touched the extreme point when after applying for this consultation, person emailed me that I am supposed to find out date/time of birth under which only positive yogas are there in child’s chart and there should not be anything negative in child’s life. Now, I feel that person was kind to me that he didn’t ask me to remove all the malefic planets and their dashas from the child’s chart and life. My only considered opinion about these requests is that they are not yet ready for occult and don’t understand the complexities of this science. They need great evolution to understand how Universe works? This Universe, Life and People are Grey. It is never Black or White. Existence of suffering makes us value happiness. Presence of cunning Devdutt makes us realize the goodness in Buddha. Life can be understood only in contrast. Only on black background, you can read something which is written through white chalk. So, suffering is very important to appreciate and value good times.

b. Then my approach on finding Muhurt for C-Section is limited up to finding the day on which Moon is in good dignity. Reason is obvious that if Moon is in good dignity then person will go through usual ups and downs of life but he will be able to keep an optimistic and positive mind. Pessimistic thoughts, sadistic approach or escapism may not be traits of person with Moon in good dignity. But then a bright soul contacted me for Muhurt of C-Section and wanted me to narrow down the time window up to 1 hour. That person was trying to not only have the best of D-1 chart but also best of D-9 and D-10 chart. Purpose was the same, i.e. to secure a forever happy life for the child. Although I felt like pushed by that person to do that consultation up to this extreme, still I did it but just to see what destiny has it in store? I gave him time window of about 45-50 mins and said that C-Section can be done in this time. After a week I received the email from the person that “as Surgeon was not available on given time, C-Section could not be done as advised. Instead, C-Section was performed 2 hours later”. I replied with a usual congratulatory message and good wishes for the child. Then I asked the person that “you could not even manage 45 mins of your child’s life and you were dreaming about ensuring the whole life of child as happy one”?

c. Then another person contacted for same service and gave me a range of 15 days during which child birth was possible. I replied that I will send report ASAP. Next morning I got the email that Baby has taken birth!!!! 

Me – “Congratulations!!!! Please send your account details to refund the fee you deposited”. 

d. So, this is what I wanted to convey. Everything is pre-destined. Please don’t try to micro-manage the Universal functioning. At best, you can see the Moon’s dignity of child to be born and that can be helpful but you can’t manage anything beyond that. Universal forces can make fun of all your plans within no time and you will laugh at yourself. Not to forget that Mahapundit Raavan tried to manage the perfect time for birth of his son Meghnath and still he couldn’t achieve the desired result. So, if Mahapundit like Raavan couldn’t do this then what you are expecting from minuscule astrologer like me.

e. Also, I am sure that even your parents had the same concern for you which you have for your child’s life to make it a suffering-free life. Now, ask yourself if they could do or change anything in your life? Haven’t you had to go through the sufferings in your life as per your karma and destiny? So, if they can’t be your saviour then how you think that you can be saviour for your child?

f. As I see, Parent’s job is not to micro-manage every detail of child’s life but to provide support, education, conveniences and confidence to the child. If you can provide these things then child can easily go through good or bad times in life. So, rather than focusing on child’s chart, they should focus on what actions they should take to ensure a good foundation of life. As I see, childhood must be a good one for everyone to make a strong foundation for a good life. So, parents must ensure that rather than yogas in child’s chart.



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