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Astrology and Fame

When talking about Fame, 10th house and Rahu become important factor. Venus is also considered as important factor due to its association with creative field but when it comes to massive and life long fame then following few things are important (of course there can be other factors too) -

1. For fame, most importantly you need to connect with masses. There is no other option. You can't expect fame when you are not dealing with people on daily basis. Whatever may be your work but you need to impact people's lives and let them impact yours then only you can hope to get fame.

2. Wherever 10th house lord is going, that planet, house, sign related things will bring you fame.

3. Likewise, whichever planet is in 10th house, things related to that planet & the houses it rules can bring you fame.

4. As Rahu is illusion and Fame is also an illusion, whichever house Rahu is sitting and ruling, things related with those houses can bring you fame.

5. If Saturn is involved with 10th house or Rahu then fame will be delayed and will come only after great hard work, delay and perseverance, mainly after mid-30s.

6. But one more planet which can bring fame is Moon. If Moon is in 7th house of masses or 10th house of fame then it shows that person's mind doesn't find peace unless he can connect with masses or people. In such situation, person will do anything possible to connect with masses which will eventually bring him fame.

7. Last but most interesting, if 10th house or 10th house lord is somewhere connected with 8th house or 8th house lord or if Ketu is in 10th house, then person will get fame and recognition for his work only after his death. Something which happened with people like Karl Marx, Carl Jung and Osho Rajneesh.

As always, fame will get activated as per dasha and transits.



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