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Astro-Cartography Chart and its use

Astro-Cartography is one topic in Astrology which I never touched so far but recently a few of my friends/clients regularly asked me questions about it and made me to do research about it. I got further help from my friend Yvy M from USA to understand this topic and come up with this article. So, please consider this article as a joint work of Yvy and myself. Yvy is also highly interested in Human Psychology and plans to write some articles for our site in near future. I am thankful for her contribution.

Let’s cover this article on following points –

Concept of Astro-Cartography Chart.

My opinion.

Parashara Light Software.

Understanding Astro-Cartography Chart.

Relocation and Change in Chart.

How Astro-Cartography can be utilized?

Celebrity Horoscopes.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Concept of Astro-Cartography Chart – As per the popular view, Astro-Cartography chart indicates the best locations for person for having best growth and prosperity in life. By way of Astro-Cartography Chart, we can come to know that which city or which country will be more fortunate or lucky for overall prosperity or in different aspects of life. We can also know that which city or country one should avoid.

There is an additional concept going on that if a person moves to a different city/country then he should change his birth chart ascendant accordingly and read it as per new ascendant. Like, I was born as Scorpio ascendant in Central India but at that time Libra sign was over Western States of India. So, if I relocate myself to Western States of India then I should consider myself as Libra ascendant person rather than Scorpio ascendant and read my chart for future events as a Libra ascendant chart.

My opinion – Although, I haven’t written a full-fledged article on Astro-Cartography but I have covered the 2nd concept in one of my Facebook Posts regarding change of ascendant by shifting to a new place - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsmay2219. Here, I disagreed with this concept of change of ascendant as this event of relocation itself is the result of the original ascendant chart of native as per dasha/transits. So, as I see, ascendant of person would remain as per birth chart and should not be changed as per relocation of chart.

At the same time, I agreed in the post that every place has its own energy and can impact person and his life. Same person would have to behave or act differently and can have different opportunities coming to him if he is living in a village vis-a-vis a big city. So, it is because of the energy and social environment of the place.

Another thing is that even if a person comes to know that he can get better prosperity, success and opportunity at certain place in the world then also, it can’t be the case that he can just pack his stuff and relocate to that particular place. There has to be some opportunity coming to them to make such a move.

So, these things are important to consider before we start understanding Astro-Cartography Chart and its use.

Parashara Light Software – You can easily access Astro-Cartography chart as per your birth details through Parashara Light Software under the tab Tools and option Change Location. By clicking on this option after making your chart, you will get Astro-Cartography chart as per your birth details.

Understanding Astro-Cartography Chart – When you get this Astro-Cartography chart from Parashara Light Software or any other software/app/site, you will see a picture of whole Earth and lots of lines spread over various Countries over this Globe. If you pay attention, these lines can be divided in two categories of Thick Red Lines and Thin Black Lines. Thick Red Lines are the starting and end points of each Zodiac Sign in Sky over all these Countries. Thin Black Lines are in total 9 equal portions in between these starting and end points of each zodiac sign. As we know that one zodiac sign is 30 degree long, 9 equal portions of 30 degrees will be 3.20 degree each. So, these thin black lines show 3.20 degree space in the Sky and space between two thick red lines show 30 degree of a zodiac sign.

Another thing we will realize that there is a sign located in Sky over every country of the world. For example, if I take my birth chart then as per my Astro-Cartography chart attached here,

Pisces is falling over North Pacific Ocean. Aries is falling over Alaska Region. Taurus is falling over a portion of US-Canada and South American Countries. Gemini is falling over another portion of US-Canada and South American Countries. Cancer is falling over last portion of US-Canada and South American Countries. Leo falls over European Union. Virgo falls over a portion of Europe and some of countries of Middle-East. Libra covers the remaining countries of Middle-East, Pakistan, Russia and a portion of India. Scorpio falls over another portion of India where I happened to take birth which made me a Scorpio ascendant. Sagittarius falls over China. Capricorn and Aquarius fall over other East Asian countries including Australia and New Zealand.

As I was born into a portion of India where Scorpio just started, I am a Scorpio ascendant person with very early degrees of Scorpio. This also means that even if I had been born in a state which was even slightly west to my birth state then I would have been Libra ascendant because that portion of India was still under the impact of Libra sign falling over it.

Relocation and Change in Chart – As we can see that one or the other zodiac sign is falling over each country. Now, I was born at Indore, India and as Scorpio was falling over that portion of India, I was born as Scorpio Ascendant. Now, if after my birth, I just relocate myself to a western state of Rajasthan or Gujarat or Goa within India only, then I will be dealing with 12th house/Libra energy of my chart as Libra sign was falling over these regions of India at the time of my birth. This is where we can make a Libra ascendant chart and look at my life as a Libra ascendant as long as I am staying in these regions. At the same time, I again say that my birth chart ascendant will remain Scorpio only as this move itself occurred due to that Scorpio ascendant chart.

We can say that ascendant which we are getting after relocation is an additional way of looking at chart or life events. It is just like when we go through a particular MD then we can make that MD Planet’s house as ascendant to see life events during that particular dasha. It is an additional way to judge a Dasha. Likewise, changed ascendant due to relocation is an additional way to check the kind of events I may see in life after relocation.

So, wherever I relocate in world, I should make the zodiac sign falling over that particular region as ascendant and check my chart accordingly.

How Astro-Cartography can be utilized? – Now, the main question is that how Astro-Cartography can be best utilized for our benefits?

As I understand, following can be ways –

1. Planet Wise -

a. First way is to look at planets which are in good dignity. Like, planets in exaltation, own or friendly signs. Look at the signs they are placed-in and then look at Astro-Cartography chart as per your birth details to check the countries over which these zodiac signs are falling. It shows that if person moves to any of those countries in the world then his life can prosper further.

For example – I am a Scorpio ascendant and, as discussed, Scorpio is falling in a major portion of India (except western states) at the time of my birth. As Scorpio is sign of instability, it means that I may live an unstable life as long as I am in Scorpio portion of India as per my Astro-Cartography chart. Now, Taurus is sign of stability where I also have Moon in 7th house/Taurus. It means that if I relocate myself to the country where Taurus sign was falling as per my Astro-Cartography chart (i.e. in western portion of US-Canada, between Texas and Los Angeles) then not only I will find stability but my mind will also feel peaceful as my Moon is exalted in Taurus.

b. Another way is to look at Dashas we are going through and if Dasha Planet is in good dignity then it can also be an indication regarding possible place for relocation.

For example – I am in Jupiter MD and Jupiter is in 9th house/Cancer. So, Jupiter is exalted too. It means that during this dasha, if I relocate to the country where Cancer sign was falling as per my Astro-Cartography chart (i.e. in eastern portion of US-Canada or South American Countries) then not only I will prosper further due to my Jupiter exalted but I may have more fortune coming because 9th house is house of fortune.

Now, important thing is that although I haven’t relocated myself to any of these places but still 90% requests for consultations to me are coming from US-Canada and Brazil etc. So, this is enough indication that if I relocate there then I can get better prosperity.

c. Another way of using the Astro-Cartography Chart is to exclude the possibilities of malefic impact of planets in your chart.

For example – I have Rahu-Saturn in 10th house/Leo. Even a beginner in Astrology would understand that this is one of the most difficult conjunctions among all. Now, Leo falls over European Countries as per my Astro-Cartography chart. This means that in no circumstances or situations, I should try to relocate myself in any of the European Countries. Likewise, Saturn also rules Capricorn-Aquarius signs which fall over East Asian countries as per my Astro-Cartography Chart. Hence, I should also avoid East Asian countries for relocation.

d. At the same time, Rahu remains the main planet behind our birth in this life as it represents our materialistic desires. So, if anyone has Rahu well placed (not as afflicted as mine) then that part of the world where Rahu is falling as per your Astro-Cartography chart can be good for realizing your ambitions.

2. Relationship – Likewise, if you are looking for relationship in life then 1st look at the dignity of 7th house, 7th lord, Jupiter/Venus/Darakaraka and then see which has the best dignity and look for relationship in that part of the world where such planet is falling as per your Astro-Cartography chart.

3. Career – Similarly, we can check the dignity of career oriented planets and whichever planet has better dignity, it shows that part of the world where such planet is falling as per your Astro-Cartography chart will give you best authority and recognition.

4. Looking at Astro-Cartography is not a bad idea even if you are planning a vacation to avoid the stress of malefic planets and have a good enjoyable time with your family in places in accordance with your benefic planets in good dignity.

5. Spirituality – Even for spiritual evolution, if you move towards a location where your Jupiter or Ketu or Pisces falls as per your Astro-Cartography chart, it can help you in spiritual evolution of person.

As we can see that I am applying normal astrological rule. I prefer those places where benefic planets are falling in good dignity and I am excluding those places which are impacted by Malefic Planets in bad dignity.

Celebrity Horoscopes – I think that best examples of applicability of Astro-Cartography chart can be through a Celebrity Horoscope. People like Jim Carrey, Osho and Amitabh Bachchan changed their location from Birth Place and new place brought better results to them as it just changed their chart altogether. In coming days, I may cover a few of these Celebrity Horoscopes as per this concept.

Conclusion – Again, I understand that relocating to a different place is not a child’s play. I can’t just pack my stuff and move to another place. I need to have a good plan in place. But where Astro-Cartography can be useful is that if I am aware that X country can be beneficial for me and I happen to get a chance to relocate in that country then I would be receptive towards that opportunity and it may prove to be beneficial for me in long run. It can even be an indication that if I try to relocate in that area of the world then Universe may support those efforts as Universe wants me to be there.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Yvy M

Swami Premanand Bharti

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