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Focus on Aries and Leo Sign, 2023

With Saturn re-entering Aquarius on 17th Jan, 2023, Aries and Leo signs will become very important for about next 16 months or so. Reasons are as follows -

1. From Aquarius, Saturn will aspect Aries with its 3rd aspect and Leo with its 7th aspect. This effect will remain till mid-2025.

2. Then Rahu is already there in Aries till Oct, 2023 from where its 5th aspect goes to Leo sign. So, Rahu is also impacting Aries and Leo signs for majority of the year 2023.

3. Then Jupiter will also move into Aries sign from April, 2023 to April, 2024 and Jupiter will also aspect on Leo sign.

4. So, we can say that from Jan, 2023 to April, 2024 Saturn-Rahu-Jupiter will take turns to impact Aries and Leo signs. Maximum impact will be in between April, 2023 to Oct, 2023 when all 3 planets will be impacting Aries and Leo together.

5. This means that whichever houses Aries and Leo fall into your chart, those areas of life will take prominence in life and if person aligns his actions in those house related things then the person has better chances of getting the results.

6. This is even more potential if those houses are also active as per dashas.

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Have a great time ahead with all the upcoming transits.


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