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Mars Transit Aquarius, April, 2022


As we are going through tumultuous times globally, Mars is all set for its next transit of 45 days in the sign of Aquarius. This transit will take place from 7th April, 2022 to 17th May, 2022. So, here are some results we can expect during this transit –


1. First of all, Mars is considered as enemy of Saturn but as Mars is exalted in Saturn ruled sign Capricorn, it is going to be neutral in Aquarius. But still, Mars is functioning under the energy of Saturn which is never a pleasant energy. Mars’s actions and efforts would get restriction or limitations or repetition factor of Saturn. Saturn-Mars energy exchanges always makes us put our best efforts repetitively to get some good results. So, results or fruits of actions will be received, but after immense hard work and perseverance. It is always the case with Mars-Saturn energy exchange as it creates frustration in person as person may have to put extra effort to get very limited results.


2. Then Aquarius is sign of serving humanity and new-age technology or new invention. We are in perfect but unpleasant situation where a huge effort is required to serve and rehabilitate people affected by War at Ukraine. It seems we survived an illness to see a war.


3. But as Mars in Aquarius is bringing frustration or anger too, this anger/frustration can be directed towards the house or people where Aquarius falls in your chart. So, we need to be careful in dealing with people and avoid circumstances of letting-out our anger/frustration at others. We can redirect the same energy in some physical activities like sports, dancing or exercise/jog/walk or as I said, we can choose to serve people going through troubles in life anywhere in world.


4. As Mars represents accidents and bloodshed and it is in Saturnian sign, we need to be careful against any type of accident or injury. Especially, if Mars is transiting Dushthana houses, 1st house, 3rd house or 4th house.


5. So, best utilization of Mars in Aquarius transit is when we redirect our energy towards serving others or serving some higher cause. If we utilize the energy in fulfilling the base desires then it can be a frustrating transit.


Then there are a few joint impacts created by Mars’s transit in Aquarius which are as follows –


a. Not only Mars will be in Saturnian sign Aquarius but Saturn will also join Mars in Aquarius towards the end of April, 2022. This will make stress, frustration and hard work more prominent for all of us, especially in matters related with house where Aquarius sign falls into chart.


b. Mars-Saturn-Rahu will all aspect Leo sign. This again shows lots of frustration in matters related with the house where Leo falls into chart and need to put an extra effort in that area of life.


c. Likewise, Ketu will aspect Mars-Saturn in Aquarius sign. This shows that house axis of Leo-Aquarius signs can have lots of stress and frustration in next 45 days as all the malefic planets are impacting these 2 signs.


d. Needless to say that Kaal Sarp Yoga created by Rahu in Taurus/Aries and Ketu in Scorpio/Libra is still in force. Hence, it is the time to be careful overall.


e. Jupiter-Mars both will aspect Virgo sign. So, wherever Virgo falls into your chart, we can see major instability due to Mars aspect but Jupiter aspect also shows that we should be wise enough to deal with that house related thing and then we can expect benefits coming out from the house where Virgo sign falls in chart.


f. Mars in Aquarius and Rahu in Aries also create Paap Kartari Yoga for Jupiter in Pisces. Hence, we may feel limited or restricted results of Jupiter during this time.


Last but not the least, as I said before,


March-April, 2022 are months where lots of transits are taking place simultaneously. Like, True Nodes are changing signs in March, 2022, Mean Nodes will change the signs in April, 2022, Jupiter will move into Pisces in April, 2022 and Saturn will also make next transit in Aquarius in April, 2022. Whenever such situations happen during transit, such months can be very unstable or unsettling for most of us. It is because lots of planetary energy is shifting into different house/sign energy. Understand it like you are going through a renovation or relocation of home. Hence, expect March-April, 2022 to be very unstable months of 2022.


We are already seeing the results of March, 2022 transits where most of the countries are going through a tumultuous times; i.e. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Us-India relation over Ukraine War and of course Ukraine, Russia and China etc. As majority of transits are happening in April month, we can be seeing some major instabilities in coming times and it looks like a difficult Solar Eclipse for all of us on 30th April, 2022.


Final event will always depend on overall chart, dashas and transits.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti



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