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Arishta Yogas


There was a request to write about Arishta Yogas.

Arishta Yogas are mainly known as the yogas which cause certain difficulties in life. It is believed that these yogas can also cause illnesses or even death of native at a specific time. In a way, they are considered by many as yogas of misfortune. Let’s try to understand these yogas in theory and practical both –

So, we have 12 houses in a horoscope. These 12 houses are divided in many different ways. Simplest division is as follows –

Kendra Houses – 1st house, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house.

Trikon Houses – 1st house, 5th house and 9th house.

Dushthana Houses – 6th house, 8th house and 12th house.

Dushthana Houses are considered as malefic or trouble-giving houses because of the portfolio they carry. Like, 6th house represents illnesses/disputes/debts, 8th house represents surgeries/accidents/sudden changes and 12th house represents losses/expenses.

A normal human mind wants to live a convenient/smooth sailing life, hence these houses are considered as Dushthana or Malefic. But a more matured mind would know that nothing meaningful comes in life without facing challenges and troubles in life. No Pains, No Gains. So, Dushthana Houses are also important in our life and carry their own significances.
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Arishta Yogas are caused when any of the house lord is in any of these Dushthana Houses. For example – if 1st house lord is in 6th house or 8th house or 12th house then it is Arishta Yoga, if 2nd house lord is in 6th house or 8th house or 12th house then it is Arishta Yoga and so on.

So, we can say that there can be 12 types of Arishta Yoga as we have 12 house lords which can sit in these 3 Dushthana houses. Out of these 12 Arishta Yogas, 3 yogas will be auspicious when 6th house lord is in 6th house or 8th house lord is in 8th house or 12th house lord is in 12th house. It is because in these 3 yogas, they are also creating Vipreet Raj Yogas.

Other 9 are considered as inauspicious as energy of Kendra/Trikon or 2nd house/3rd house/11th house are going in Dushthana Houses. So, person will face some troubles related with those houses. Like, 2nd house lord in 6th house can show that person is losing money due to illness or litigation. Likewise, 3rd house lord in 8th house can show that immediate younger sibling can cause some instabilities in life.

So, with each of these 9 Arishta Yogas, there will be some troubles coming up in different areas of life as per the corresponding house lord coming in Dushthana Houses. If we see from other way around then lords of 6th house/8th house/12th house sitting in any of Kendra/Trikon or 2nd house/3rd house/11th house would also create Arishta Yogas as they again create the same energy exchange.

Then there are Balarishta Yoga, Madhyarishta Yoga and Yogarishta Yoga. They are based on Moon’s position in 6th house or 8th house or 12th house. They say that Balarishta Yoga can cause death before 8 years of age, Madhyarishta Yoga can cause death before 22 years of age and Yogarishta Yoga can cause death before 32 years of age.

This is the theory of Arishta Yoga. Now, let’s see practical applicability of this Theory.

The best chart which I can refer here is Osho’s birth chart - https://www.astrosaxena.com/osho.

I am taking Osho’s chart for two reasons.

1. He had 5 planets in 8th house which makes it an ideal chart for this study.

2. After Osho’s birth, when his chart was made by an Astrologer, it was told that this child will see death in 7th year of his life. It sounds like Balarishta Yoga.

The obvious interpretation by family members was that in 7th year of his life, he will go through some major illness which can bring either death or death-like circumstances.

But what happened in reality was this; at the age of 7 years, he saw death for the first time when his grandfather passed away. Then after 7 years, at the age of 14 years, he had his first out of body experience, which is another way of seeing yourself as dead. Then after 7 years, at the age of 21 years, Enlightenment; the ultimate death.

This is where I always feel that we should be careful in interpreting astrological/mythological text as Death may not mean literal Death. It can be going through situations where person may feel that it is like a Death.

Now, first of all. Osho left the body at 58 years of age. So, we cannot see the generic or literal results of Balarishta Yoga or Madhyarishta Yoga or Yogarishta Yoga. One of these yogas were present in Theory in his chart as he had Moon in 8th house but results didn’t come in experience as people might have interpreted.

Then, as he had 5 planets in 8th house, it is like a huge energy accumulation in 8th house. These were Saturn, Mars, Moon, Mercury and Venus.

It means lords of 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house, 5th house, 6th house, 7th house, 9th house, 10th house and 12th house were in 8th house. This creates 9 Arishta Yogas. We can also see that he had a quite a unique controversial and unstable life. Then what made him come out of all these troubles and still become a legendary figure in his field, especially after his passing away.

This is where I always say that at the end of the day, everything depends on dignity of planets. In Osho’s case, Mars and Moon were in friendly sign, Saturn was in neutral sign and Mercury-Venus were in enemy sign in 8th house/Sagittarius. But most importantly, Jupiter is the lord of his 8th house/Sagittarius and Jupiter is exalted in 3rd house/Cancer. This was the most important position in his chart. It shows that person had seen all the difficulties caused by 8th house and all these Arishta Yogas but had the will-power and courage to overpower all those obstacles and come out as winner.

The real trouble would have happened if he had all these planets in 8th house and lord of 8th house Jupiter was debilitated in 9th house/Capricorn. Then it would show that person faced difficulties of 8th house and Arishta Yogas but couldn’t handle them.

So, you may have any number of good or bad yogas in your chart but what matters is the dignity of the planets in a particular house causing the yoga and dignity of that house lord.

So, this is my understanding of Arishta Yoga.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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