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Seventh House

Seventh House -

So, we enter the Seventh House arena. For majority of population, it is most important as it is the house of Marriage and Spouse but this house holds many other important portfolios with it. Now, as we are coming directly opposite to the houses we have already covered (i.e. House # 7 is opposite to House # 1 and so on going forward), we will see exactly opposite portfolios. Let's see, what are these portfolios and how this house became the house of Marriage -

1. First House is Self, so Seventh House becomes the house of Masses, the other people. Other People mean anyone beyond your family and friends. So, anyone roaming in market or any beggar standing near temple is also a person of seventh house for you. 

2. Mainly, this is house of market place, where merchants sit and do business and try to have the best deal possible. Business is normally done in partnerships, so this house also became a house of partnership. As Marriage is also a partnership between two individuals, this house further took the final shape of house of marriage and spouse. 

3. First House is east direction, so Seventh House becomes the house of west direction at 180* opposite. Hence, this is one of the house we can look for foreign travels because it is far from self (1st house). 

4. As it is house of business, it becomes the house of career for those who want to pursue business as career. 

5. Not only it is house of other people but it also shows how we deal with other people.

6. And obviously, as it became the house of marriage and spouse, your marriage, timing of marriage, spouse and your future relationship with spouse is seen from this house.

Venus is the Karaka of this house.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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