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Third House


Now we come to Third House of horoscope, which is not only a very important one but very broad one. The things represented by Third House of Horoscope are as follows -

1. Will Power, Courage, Self-Efforts. 

2. Business, Marketing, Communication Skills. 

3. Younger Siblings, Close Neighbours. 

4. Short distance travels, like going from home to market or home to office or to a nearby city. 

5. Hands, Chest area of human body. 

6. Hobbies, Interests. 

7. Investments. 

8. State of mind.

For someone who wants to run his own business, this house becomes very important as it is house of Business, Marketing, Will Power (ability to take risk in business). Courage and Self Efforts.

Karaka of third house is Mars & Mercury. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • @ ishwar - everyhouse is result of its earlier house. 2nd house is wealth, so wat u will do after having wealth is expenditure. but 3rd house represents expenses in nature of investments.

  • Why expenditure ...for that 12th house is there

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