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Planetary Positions related with Wealth.

Although this request took a real long time but finally it is there. This is one obvious request from majority of people as to how to look at wealth prospects in chart and I understand. I have always recognized the value of money. Actually, I still remember that when I was a kid of about 7-8 years of age, one day I was coming back from School with my Mother and she casually asked me "tell me what are you scared of most"? She thought that I will take name of any family member or any Teacher from School but I replied - "Poverty". Although I never saw real scarcity of resources in my life and by God's grace all my necessities were always met but now I realize that society around me was impacting me from those days. So, I will be the last person to condemn money. I want everyone to be rich and wealthy so much so that soon they realize the worthlessness of money. But we can realize it only when we have it in abundance. So, following are some astrological points which can make you wealthy -

Best Wealth.
Houses related with Wealth
Signs related with Wealth
Planets related with Wealth.
Nakshatras related with Wealth.

Let's cover all the points one after the other -

Best Wealth - 1st of all, we need to understand that astrology indicates or guides us towards the best ways to live a life. It means your chart shows that where you can have best career, best wealth and best authority in life. Now, if you are not doing anything related to those area of life which can give you best things in life then you cannot complain that you didn't get best wealth or best authority in life. You didn't even walk that path, right? I always said that money is the most natural outcome of any work. There is no work in the world which doesn't pay you the money. But what astrology or chart shows that where you will get the best wealth? If you do those things then you can expect best wealth coming to you. Also, please remember that you can become wealthy only by doing business. You can not expect wealth through job setup. So, if anyone is not ready to take this risk then article ahead is only for academic purpose.

As I have already cover planets through houses and signs, so I am not going to repeat it here. If you want to know how a particular planet will behave in a house or sign then please read relevant article.

Houses related with Wealth - Let's 1st see the houses related with Wealth -
  • 2nd house - 2nd house is the main house of wealth. Planets in 2nd house and position of 2nd house lord will give us an indication from where person is going to get best wealth. Actually, if someone is too much in hurry to know about his career then just look at 2nd house lord position as it will show his source of best wealth.
  • 8th house- I have written in detail about 8th house and its significance here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/8ht. 2nd house represents your wealth and as 8th house is directly opposite to it, it represents other people wealth. So, 8th house has all the wealth of the world. That's why, it is the most important house for a business person because if you are runing a business in 7th house then it is necessary you get something in return from other people by providing services to them. 8th house can also bring wealth through inheritance.
  • 11th house - 11th house is house of income and gains. So, it is another house to look for money. Again, best results of 11th house can be gained when you involve yourself in Entrepreneurship, Serving Humanity and Serving a Higher Cause. Please understand that if you are in job then you are dependent on one employer and one appraisal cycle in whole year to get a hike but if you are a business person, your source of gaining money expands beyond imagination. Anyone in the whole world can come to you and pay you for goods or services.
Signs related with Wealth - Let's see the signs related with Wealth -
  • Taurus - Taurus is natural 2nd sign, so it has energy of 2nd house of wealth and assets. Wherever Taurus falls in your chart, that house can become a source of your wealth. It is also ruled by Venus, a planet of wealth.
  • Libra - Libra is sign of business and it is also ruled by Venus. As I said, business is the main way of becoming wealthy, Libra can also lead you towards wealth.
  • Virgo - In my personal opinion, Virgo is another sign which can bring wealth as it is sign of accounting, audit and financial dealing. Normally, a Virgo strong person is seen as working in financial field or as a Chartered Accountant. So, as they deal with money on daily basis, the chances of them becoming rich is very high especially if they are in stocks and shares.
Planets related with Wealth - Now, let's cover the planets related with Wealth -
  • Venus & Jupiter - Traditionally, Venus & Jupiter are considered as planets of wealth. So, wherever they are placed in your chart, that house/sign related things can bring wealth in your life. They say that Venus is material wealth and Jupiter is Spiritual Wealth. I disagree as I am going through Jupiter MD and I am gaining both kinds of wealth in my life.
  • Saturn - Saturn rules the natural 11th house with Aquarius sign, so many consider that Saturn can also give us wealth. But I differ in opinion here. Saturn is 1st of all most malefic planet. Even if it gives results then it gives results after great hard work and much delay. Venus & Jupiter are natural benefic planets. They can give you wealth easily without much effort. Also, Saturn represents lot other things like illness and misery. So, although it can give wealth after hard work & delay but it can also bring simultaneous expenses which can make it tough to save the money.
  • Rahu - And if at all someone is looking to become super-rich then look where Rahu is in your chart? Rahu represents our materialistic desires and blows things out of proportion. So, whenever Rahu is in Taurus or Libra or with Venus/Jupiter or with 2nd house lord which is a benefic planet, it can suddenly explode wealth out of proportion.
Nakshatras related with Wealth - Now, all the nakshatra related with wealth. If you have a benefic planet placed in these nakshatra then good chances of gaining wealth. It is not that malefic planets don't give wealth but they make it hard to gain the same plus they can also bring the expenses. So, here are they -
  • Venus ruled Nakshatra - Bharani, Purva-Phalguni and Purva-Ashadha are Venus ruled nakshatras. As Venus represents wealth, these nakshatras will also represents wealth.
  • Jupiter ruled Nakshatra - Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva-Bhadra are Jupiter ruled Nakshatra. As Jupiter represents wealth, these nakshatras will also represents wealth.
  • Rohini Nakshatra - Moon feels best in Rohini Nakshatra. It is because Moon represents Mind and Mind wants to feel stable & secured. That security is provided by Rohini through its luxuries. Hence, Rohini can also bring some good wealth to person.
  • Magha Nakshatra - Magha is nakshatra of Kings and Kingdoms. Obviously, a King cannot be a beggar. So, Magha also brings prosperity along with Kingdom.
  • Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra - Uttara Phalguni is nakshatra of Financial dealings and financial agreements. So, it can make you work in financial world and that can bring good wealth.
  • Dhanishtha Nakshatra - If we just split this word into two parts, we will get Dhan + Ishtha. It is clear from name itself that it is wealth (Dhan) giving nakshatra.
  • Revati Nakshatra - Revati's english translation is wealth itself. At the same time, Revati represents Spirituality and Creativity. So, they gain Wealth from their creative or spiritual pursuits.
Conclusion - So, this is how you can see that which planets, houses or signs in your chart can give you wealth but again the best possibility of wealth depends on whether you are following the indicated path by chart or not. Needless to say that all results will be seen in planetary dasha/transits.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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