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8th House & Treasures Involved.

As there is still some time in packing my begs & shifting to new place and there is still some time left in starting Conjunction Series, I just thought of covering few topics in the meanwhile as I got little free time. Basically, I don't want to start a series and then leave it in between due to shifting to a new place. So, I just thought that it is better to cover few important topics in the meanwhile rather than being completely silent about Astrology. 

So, today I just thought of writing about 8th house. Let's cover it on following points - 

Traditional Definition of 8th house. 
8th house & Scorpio sign. 
Other Representations of 8th house. 
8th house & Treasures. 
Business & 8th house.
Legends & 8th house. 
Secrecy & 8th house. 

Let's cover all points one after the others - 

Traditional Definition of 8th house - 8th house is generally associated with most gloomy representation among all houses. This is known as the house of Death & Re-birth, Sudden Events, Accidents, Transformation/Changes, Occult, Mysticism, Secrecy, Confidential Info, Scandals and Controversies etc. And all this is true, I am not denying it. But in Astrology, everything is in addition and positive representation of 8th house are normally not talked about. Basically, 8th house is of Secret Things/Events. That's why, it is so scary because everything is secret. We don't know what may come up when we are under 8th house or 8th house lord dasha or some important transit is indicating at 8th house. 

8th house & Scorpio sign - And things are as-is for Scorpio. Scorpio is 8th sign, hence it represents 8th house energy. So, 8th house & Scorpio are almost identical in nature. Both bring changes in life and both bring fear, for the simple reason that we all are afraid of changes in life. We want a smooth sailing ride in life but 8th house spoils our plans. That's why, it is almost scary to talk about 8th house and Scorpio. Especially, in this day and age where majority of people are looking towards Astrology or Astrologer to gain consolation, which they treat as positive thinking or optimism. 

Other Representations of 8th house - But there is much more to 8th house then only these deadly things. 1st of all it is not really the house of death, as many people think. 2nd house & 7th house are houses of Death, that's why they are called Maraka Houses. 8th house is house of Death & Re-birth. It means that 8th house/Scorpio dasha or important transits can bring you circumstances in which you find yourself completely changed from your past. It is like death of old you and re-birth of new you. Like, when I was under Saturn AD and Saturn transited in Scorpio in 2015, I quit my Corporate Job and took Astrology as full time profession. So, it was my death as an employee and re-birth as an entrepreneur. Other important representations of 8th house are Inheritance, Insurance, In-Laws, Marriage Benefits, Sexual Intercourse, Taxes, Audit, Lotteries & Stock Market (along with 5th house) etc. 

8th house & Treasures - But what I feel is least talked about 8th house is that it is the biggest treasure of wealth in world and reason is here. 1st house is Self and 2nd house is Wealth. Whose Wealth? It is Wealth of Self. Likewise, 7th house is Other People & Masses and 8th house is Other People's Wealth as it is 2nd house from 7th house. So, your wealth is in 2nd house but wealth of everyone else in this world is in 8th house. Such a huge treasure it is. If you utilize your 8th house well enough, you can gain from other people's wealth. 

Business & 8th house - That's why, it is the most important house when you are a Businessman or Entrepreneur as it shows that how much wealth you are going to earn from other people. You can utilize 8th house only by providing services to people and in return they pay you through wealth. So, by utilizing your 8th house, you can actually gain from other people wealth which can make you wealthy far quicker than in any job. Let's face it, if you are in job, you only have one employer to give you pay check but if you are in Business, you have whole population of world to pay you money. Now, your resources have increased manifold. That's why it is said that none ever became rich by doing job. All businessman utilize their 8th house. Even for profession like Astrologer, 8th house becomes most important as it is not only house of occult & mysticism but also house of service & wealth of other people. 

Legends & 8th house - And 8th house makes a person legend in field of his work. One, who has 3-4 planets in 8th house, is traditionally been made to scare by people about continuous ups/downs in life but guess what? It is the same ups/downs in life which makes him very strong individual and he is on path of being a legend. May it be Mr Amitabh Bachchan or Osho Rajneesh, they are all legends in their field because of their 8th house. Also, service to other people is a very broad term. It includes service in any field, from entertainment to sports to spirituality. Only Jobs can't be included in 8th house as they are matters of 6th house. Here, I am not belittling the importance of those people who are in job. No way, I have no business to do that. Everyone has a destiny to follow and surely some people are meant to be in job in this life. I am only saying that 8th house can be interpreted in positive ways too and 8th house can give you great wealth in life. 

Secrecy & 8th house - Last but not the least, 8th house is and will always remain the house of Secrecy. It means that none can decode it perfectly well. If someone says that he has interpreted 8th house perfectly well then how come it remains the house of secrecy? What I mean to say here is that if you are going through dash which is activating 8th house/Scorpio, you can try to get indications as to the kind of events may happen but you cannot perfectly know the exact event until it unfolds. This house has best possibilities of research but still something will always remain secret. 

Conclusion - Another reason, which made me to write about it, is the recent consultations I have done of people who are about 50 years old or 50+ and they have been fired or laid-off by their organizations at this stage of life after giving their best 25 years of life to the same organization. At 50+ and with experience of 20+ years, they are finding it hard to get a new job. I won't want this situation to come in anyone's life. So, please utilize your 8th house. Start your own business simultaneously in area of your interests. If you can't start in your name, due to job terms & conditions, then start in name of your family members. All I am saying that work towards making an alternate source of income before it is too late. You never know, in this mad world any mad person can become President/Prime Minister and make you suffer at his whims and fancies. You have every right to safeguard yourself and work towards safety zone. Utilize your 8th house. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Great ,my dear friend, and thank you.

  • Beautiful insights. Thanks. Happy shifting 🙂

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  • NP - happy to help, thanks. All the best,

  • You are awesome. You allayed my greatest fear(8th house). I have heeded your advice. I have started my own business. You are a great teacher. Thank you very much.

  • V- career determination needs a long time.

  • Hi sir I am cancer ascendent I have mars and rahu in 4th house and Saturn in 8th house I have recently quit my job with dissatisfaction, but I have strong desire to do a job and earn money on my own but I am confused with what to do please reply.

  • @ Nanda - all these questions need detailed analysis. It cant be answered in a comment.

  • Sir please reply, tula asc, 4th house (sun+venus+mercury), moon in 2 nd house(scorpio), jupiter in 9th house, saturn in 11th house, mars in 10th house . Ketu in 6th house. what are the benefic aspect of moon

  • This is has to be the best analysis of 8th house I have ever come across.

  • What a great analysis, fantastic sir, keep it rocking sir

  • @ Anil - From the information available, most probably Yes.

  • i am tauras ascedent and have 4 planet in 8(sagitarius) house -sun ,mars,mercury,venus and in 10 house saturn is placed(dhanista nakshatra). my interest is much in occult like astrology.do i take this as business?

  • @ Sudesh - Yup. It should.

  • Sir, do business suits if 8th lord(mars) is in 2nd house(libra) n 2nd lord (venus) in 8th(aries) conjucting saturn in 8th... 11th lord(moon) in ninth...

  • @ RK - you can do well in occult or spiritual field.

  • Dear Sir, Kindly reply. I have Moon in 8th house( Pisces ) from Leo Asdnt( 1st house, Mars+Venus, Mercury), Sun in 2nd house, Saturn in 3rd, Jupiter and Ketu in 4th house, Rahu in 10th . Is there any beneficial aspect from this positions, Is moon benefit ?

  • Dear Sir, Kindly reply. I have Moon in 8th house( Pisces ) from Leo Asdnt( 1st house, Mars+Venus, Mercury), Sun in 2nd house, Saturn in 3rd, Jupiter and Ketu in 4th house, Rahu in 10th . Is there any beneficial aspect from this positions, Is moon benefit ?

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  • @ vamshi - it will give success with delay and hard work.

  • Sir, iam cancer asc i have saturn in 8th house aquarious at 27° and sun in aries 10th house 18° sitting with ketu 11° and my satrn is aspecting sun it creates bad results in my cereer?

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  • Yes Pravesh

  • Sir! Does 8th house also represent profession releted to minerals like:- coal mines,oil refineries,natural gas etc?

  • @pravesh - u may be interested in occult related studies in this time. Thanks.

  • Sir! Leo accendent,sun in 8th house,jupitor-jupitor-saturn is going on

  • @ varsha - by traditional definition, Yes. But dasha, position of lord and conjunction are important. Rahu in Sagittarius in 8th house means person can be obsessed about higher education of occult and mysticism.

  • Sir, Does Rahu is in 8th house create "sarpa dosh" for a Taurus ascedent and moon sign horoscope ?

  • @ yogesh - yes, it does. Thanks,

  • Very interesting article .. I like the article a lot.. What a great interpretation of 8th house!! I am Capricorn ascendent and have Sun and mercury in 8th house in Leo.. Does it support astrology studies and business?

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