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I was just doing a research on Uranus-Neptune-Pluto and their impact in Vedic Astrology. It is fascinating, really awesome. When I start putting their impacts on my horoscope, my chart made much more sense to understand some of the things. I know it will take a long time to complete this but here is what I understood so far -
As per Ernst Wilhelm, outer planets (Uranus-Neptune-Pluto) are nothing but the Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, so there cant be any reason why we should not consider them in Vedic Astrology. Prima-facie, I have found there roles as follows -
1. Uranus (Brahma) - Uranus works like Rahu. As Rahu is unique, original and creative, we need to be uniquely creative for the things related with the house where Uranus is placed. We have to achieve those things in a unique and creative way. Like Rahu, it can explode changes if we are not willing to work as per Uranus ways.
2. Neptune (Vishnu) - If Uranus is like Rahu, then Neptune works like Ketu. We need to seek spirituality and oneness in things related to the house where Neptune is placed. Like Ketu, Neptune is also blind for the things related to the house where it is. Like in 7th house, it is ready to overlook the apparent flaws and cheatings of the partner so that relationship may not break. But when it eventually breaks, Neptune (like Ketu) go deep inside to seek oneness and realizes that it is not the individual but the feeling of love, which is more important. Individual may survive or not, but the feeling of love must survive and therefore we must learn to love others for no reason.
3. Pluto (Mahesh) - Pluto is the destructive incarnation of Lord Shiva. Wherever Pluto is, in that area of life we face lots of destruction and rebuilding.
Again, this is primary learning. Need months more to say anything with any authority. Hope I can do Uranus-Neptune and Pluto through houses some day.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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