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Shrapit Yoga

Shrapit Yoga or Shrapit Dosha or Cursed Conjunction.

I won't blame you guys if you haven't heard about this yoga. It is a very new type of dreadful and feared yoga in our astrological world. I came to know about this one because I have it in my horoscope. Some enlightened people and some websites gave me this information that my horoscope is cursed, which in turn means I am cursed. So, let's see what this Shrapit Yoga is all about.

So, as per these enlightened sources, Shrapit Yoga happens when Rahu and Saturn (two of the strongest malefics) are placed in the 10th house of a horoscope. Reason? 10th house is house of person's work environment, father, reputation in society and fame. As they say, Rahu and Saturn in 10th house won't let anyone's career grow, cause defame in society and blah blah blah.

Well, let's see how much of it stands firm :

1. 10th house is original house of Capricorn sign because Capricorn is 10th zodiac sign. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. So, Saturn is in its own house. So, it should give good results.

2. In some books of Astrology, Rahu is said to be the agent of Saturn. In other way of saying, Rahu is actually the shadow of Saturn, just like Ketu is a shadow of Mars. So, agent and principal sitting in same house. I don't think there should be any problem.

3. 10th house is one of the Upachaya Houses (Houses # 3, 6, 10 & 11). Upachaya means they grow with time and start giving results in 30s of a person and Saturn placed in any house, delays the proceedings of that house. So, it can be understood that these people will get success in career in their 30s, but it is not that their career will be doomed. Moreover, all malefic planets do exceptionally well in all the Upachaya Houses.

4. Rahu in the 10th house makes the person obsessive about fame and Saturn's presence there insures that these people will get fame for a life time. Saturn only delays, it never denies. So, if person is willing to put hard work and be patient for fame then Saturn gives them life long fame.

5. Rahu and Saturn combine in a house for 1 and half years, as Rahu changes its sign in 18 months' time. Like recently, Rahu and Saturn remained in Libra for about 18 months time between January 2013 to July 2014. Now, Libra becomes 10th house for all the Capricorn Ascendant people. To say that all Capricorn Ascendant people born in last 18 months were cursed is nothing less that madness.

6. Read the horoscope overall. Nothing is cursed. We all got birth on divine will. God can't make us cursed. Everyone of us is blessed being.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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22 Comments on this post

  • GS - please explore site, written extensively on this,

  • I am born on 12th october 1979 at 09 30 am Pamplemousses Mauritius. I got conjunction of rahu jupiter and saturn in 10th house. I want to know if I am cursed? Thanks Best Regards

  • S - pls meditate regularly.

  • R - need to work on saving your money.

  • Also with Leo ascendant rahu Saturn 1st house...not good times, addiction and schizo behavior...too late for remedies

  • I am Libra ascendant I have saturn and Rahu conjunction in 11th house

  • Not really KM.

  • Does Jupiter aspect on saturn rahu conjunction makes them less malefic? Also does Jupiter reduce the malefic aspects of these planets on other planets?

  • @Vishal S Saxena : You are absolutely true Sir. I too have Rahu and Saturn in 10th house. Always superiors hv a suspicion that I may overshadow them. Now I hv started my own firm

  • @ AM - it is better for you to start your own work as Rahu-Saturn in 10th may not allow you to work peacefully in job setup.

  • I have Saturn and Rahu in my 10th whole house in Anuradha. With transiting Jupiter in Scorpio now - will that help me in searching for a job? I had quit work at the request of my widowed daughter to babysit my granddaughter. Now she is in school all day and I can look for work again. I read about this Yogi for the first time today and it scared me to death so I was happy to see your article.

  • @ David - please apply for marriage consultation. Thanks,

  • i have saturn and ragu in 10 house .what is the effect.now i am 62 years old wife pass away.and have few broken relationship.do i will get married.please advise.birth date 11.nov.56.time 1.05.pm..david

  • @ Gouri - I need to look at full chart to guide u, pls apply for specific consultation.

  • Dear Guruji, In my kundli rahu n Saturn both planets are in leo lagna in my first house so please guruji let me know what will be my destiny pls help me out...because I am suffering so many problems regarding my marraige life n professional life both

  • Thank you sir for that piece of advise. My God people were saying all sorts of things

  • @ ranjan - though i m unaware of ancient shastra, I thank you for comment and appreciation.

  • There is no any dictum in our ancient shastra for this yoga,it is like some other yoga invented by so called new resercher...good post by u

  • @ nikunj - mainly it relates to 10th house.

  • I have rahu and saturn in 12 house. It is shapit yog????? Date of birth 12/01/1991 Time 10 :44 am Surat gujarat 72.50 E 21.12 N [email protected]

  • @ AC - Thanks. Happy to help

  • I just installed this app and found it so good and surely it is a devine time for me that i got this app today. Thsnk you for your contribution. It is true for me that 10th house activates in 30th year a i got job in 30th and Saturn plaec in 10th house in Libra in my chart.

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