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Saturn in Sagittarius.

Today, Saturn in Sagittarius.

A thing to remember here is that these posts are strictly meant for the particular planet position. Like, today we are looking at Saturn in Sagittarius, so the description given here may change for you if your Saturn is although in the sign of Sagittarius but in conjunction with or aspected by other planets. --

Saturn is all that which we don't like in our life. Saturn is delay, frustration, restriction, limitation and anxiety. It is hard-work and labor. It is people of authority, like boss at your work place or father-figure at home. Saturn is Master and Servant both (depends on who uses Saturn in what way). Saturn is our Karmic debt from life. Saturn is the things we didn't treat too well in our past life. Saturn is our challenges and lessons of life. Saturn is old-age, teeth in human body, diseases, transformation etc. Saturn is discipline, organisation, structure, government, law & order etc.

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of zodiac belt, hence it represents many things related with the 9th house of horoscope like Religion, Knowledge, Wisdom, Higher Learnings, Gurus, Teachings from your Father etc. Besides it also represents Coaching, Universities, Professors and Preachers, Higher Wisdom, Written Law of the Land etc. Sagittarius has next set of 2 and half nakshatra which are Mula, Purva-Ashadha and Uttara-Ashadha. Sagittarius' lord is Jupiter.

So first indication which naturally comes into mind with this position is Lawyer. Planet of Law & Order is in the sign of Written Law. So, it makes someone very much interested in Law and one who wants to serve people through Law. Even if this person doesn't go into Legal Field, whichever field he will be, he will always work for Justice and Equality. Couple of example on top of my head is of Preacher Martin Luther King and Osho Rajneesh. So, even if they go into religious and spiritual area of life, their effort is always to bring justice for all.

But guess what, it is again Saturn which delays the impact of Sign it is sitting in. So here, the belief system or higher learning will come into person with delay. It means they will not believe in any religious study just like that. Saturn questions things and here in Sagittarius, person questions religion or religious views of people. They are the seekers rather than believers. They will seek answers to their questions rather than believing in anything. Again, after mid-30s they will have better idea about their belief system. Also, their higher education needs complete dedication. 

Again, impact of Saturn's effect in Sagittarius will be controlled by the various nakshatra Saturn might be in. Like, if Saturn is in Moola nakshatra, its lord Ketu's position will effect Saturn. If Saturn is in Purva-Ashadha nakshatra, then Saturn is in nakshatra of Venus and we need to check Venus position. If Saturn is in Uttara-Ashadha nakshatra, then its lord Sun will impact Saturn.

Sign lord wise, Saturn is in Jupiter's sign, so Jupiter will have the highest say on working of Saturn.

Tomorrow, Saturn in Capricorn.

Vishal S Saxena, Astrologer.

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