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Planetary Positions to do Business.

So, there was a request for writing about the planetary combinations which can make a person do Business. Honestly, there can be 100s of such planetary positions which indicates that a person should work for himself/herself or nurture his/her talents, interests and hobbies and make a career in those skills. I can not write down all such placements, but I can write what are most common placements. 

Throughout this article we have to remember that 10th house relates to Career, 7th house relates to Business, 1st house & 3rd house are related with Self Efforts, 3rd house & 5th house relate with Skills, Interests and Hobbies, 4th house is Home, 8th house relates to Other People Wealth, 9th house is Dharma & 11th house is Serving Humanity. Let's cover all important placements house wise - 

1st house - 1st house lord in 1st house, Rahu in 1st house or 3 or more planets are in 1st house then person should work for himself as his ego won't let him work under others. 

2nd house - When 2nd house is connected with 1st house or 3rd house through lordship, conjunction or exchange, it shows someone earns through his own efforts. Rahu in 2nd house will also push someone for Business as Rahu in 2nd house of Wealth means lots of Wealth, which you can only get in Business, not in jobs. 

3rd house - 3 or more planets in 3rd house or Saturn in 3rd house limits the ability of person to work in groups or teams. He has all the will-power and courage to take upon Business. 1st house lord in 3rd house or vice-versa is a big indication that person's life path is getting attached with self-efforts.

4th house - If 10th house/7th house lord is in 4th house of Home,it means someone works from home, which is usually a scenario with Business Person. 

5th house - They say always follow career indicated by 5th house as it is house of Happiness. If you follow 5th house, you can have a happy career. 5th house represents all the hobbies, interests and talents one can have. So, if 5th house or 5th house lord gets connected with 7th house or 10th house, your hobbies and interests can turn into Career. 

6th house - Although, it is house of service/jobs but not to forget that this is also house of Litigation or Health Care. So, Professions like Lawyer & Doctor can be seen from 6th house which are like own Business as they don't practice under others if this house gets connected with 10th house or 7th house. Also, it is a house of Social Service, again working on your own. 

7th house - 3 or more planets or Rahu in 7th house can make someone gravitate towards Business and dealing with Other People, i.e. Customers. Moon alone in 7th house, if not debilitated, is enough to make someone a Business Person as such person will get peace of mind only after he deals with other people. 

8th house - The most defamed one but the one which can give you great wealth as it is house of Other People Wealth. So, my wealth is in 2nd house and wealth of everyone else is in 8th house. Such a huge treasure 8th house is. So, when 8th house is connected with 10th house or 7th house, it shows that person gains in career through other people wealth. 

9th house - 9th house is house of Higher Education and Dharma. When 9th house gets attached with 10th house or 7th house, it shows that person is sharing his knowledge and education through career or business. Normally, it indicates a Teacher or Counselor. 

10th house - 10th house is main house of Career. So, whenever it or its lord gets linked with any of the houses discussed above, it indicates someone earning through self efforts. So, you can see that there can be 100s of situations when a person is involved in Business. Another way of saying it is that Universe has given one or the other skill to everyone by which he can earn for himself/herself. 

11th house - 11th house is house of Serving Humanity. It means doing such thing which serves all. So, when it gets involved with 10th house or 7th house, it shows someone makes a significant contribution to others and it makes his career. Like developing Facebook or Whatsapp is great contribution towards Humanity to connect with others. So, such acts also show that someone works for himself as doing such things are not possible in jobs. 

12th house - Whenever a person involves in Spiritual Career or in dealing with Foreign Trade, then 12th house gets involved with 10th house or 7th house. These people will also work for themselves as you can't make Sadhguru or Osho Rajneesh to work for others. 

Whenever I said involvement of this house to that house, it includes conjunction of lords, aspect, exchange or any other yoga forming between the two houses. 

Again, you can have many of these alignments but you may be in Job as these houses may not be active as yet as per dashas to make you gravitate towards business. 

Also, if Upachaya Houses (Houses# 3, 6, 10 & 11) are getting involved, it shows that realization of doing Business can come after mid-30s when these houses start giving more positive results. 

Dedicated to all those people who want to become rich and famous but don't want to leave their current job. None ever became Rich & Famous by doing jobs. Take out the list of top 10 rich & successful people of any field and you will find that all of them are Entrepreneurs. 

Also, follow that thing as your Business which is your passion because then even if you are going through a downtime in Business (which is bound to come as human life is always full of ups & downs), you will still follow your passion as it gives you happiness. This is the biggest difference between Job and Business. Anyways, 90% people don't like their jobs (rest of the 10% are Managers of these 90% people) and then if you have a rough time in job then who the hell wants to continue in same job. But if you are in Business, even in downtime, the activity itself is enough to give you happiness as it is your passion. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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4 Comments on this post

  • @ Ravi - delays in gaining wealth.

  • What if 8th and 11th house lord is in the 2nd house conjunct with saturn?

  • @ AC - i have to look at chart to say anything. 6th, 8th or 12th house related planets can bring obstacles in business but no case of denial of business. Thanks,

  • Hello sir. I have a question. If if any yoga is formed by position of concerned houselords in 6, 8, ,or 12 th than can this ruin possibility of business? I have seen a chart that is of cancer lagan. 7th lord saturn in 6th and 10th lord mars in 12th. Can he do a business?

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