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Planets in Different Degrees.

A confusing part of interpreting planets in a chart remains as to how to understand planets in different degrees? Especially, how to understand planets which are in very high degrees (like 27.00 to 29.59) or which are in very low degrees (0.00 to 3.00 or 4.00 degree). I will try to explain this with my best ability here but as Astrology remains the vast ocean of knowledge, there will be some additional information which we may need to keep researching and studying about.

So, let's discuss this concept on basis of following points -

Understanding Planets as a Person.
Planets at 0 Degree.
Planets at 0 to 1 Degrees.
Planets at 1 to 5 Degrees.
Planets at 6 to 17 Degrees.
Planets at 18 to 25 Degrees.
Planets at 25 to 29.59 Degrees.

So, here we go.

Understanding Planets as a Person - First of all, a generic rule is that if you are trying to understand a planet then understand it as a person. It means that expect all the things from that planet at that degree which a person will do at an equivalent age. Like, you have any planet at 2 degree. Understand it as a child of about 5 years of age. A child at that age will be full of energy and enthusiasm but that energy will be directionless. Similarly, the planet at early low degrees in chart is full of energy and desire to act but it is directionless. It doesn't know where to act or where not to act? It needs guidance and direction. This guidance and direction comes from a planet which is at higher degree. Now, we come to the opposite pole of this concept. What if a planet is at 27 to 29 degrees? Well, understand this planet as Wise, Old Grandfatherly person you have in your family. What an old person does is supposed to do in family? They are supposed to guide/advise you with their life experiences. Likewise, a planet with the high degree is support and guidance that is needed for planet with the low degree. So, let's understand planets at different degrees based on this concept of looking at them as a person of equivalent age.

Planets at 0 Degree - It is like a new-born child. Completely dependent on others. This planet starts with 0 power and gains strength as it goes through life. Normally, these planets give best results in 30s. If person goes through its MD earlier in life than promise of that planet or MD may not manifest, unless there is a support of other planets.

Planets at 0 to 1 Degrees - This is like an infant child. Still dependent on other factors of horoscope and will give results based on other supportive factors of chart.

Planets at 1 to 5 Degrees - This is a growing kid. Full of energy and enthusiasm. It wants to do a lot of things but as I said, directionless. It needs guidance of other planets at higher degrees. If planets at higher degrees are conjunct or aspect this planet at 1 to 5 degrees, then the energy of this growing kid will get direction and can be utilized positively.

Planets at 6 to 17 Degrees - It is an adolescent person. Ready to take up the challenges of life. It has the fire power and direction too. But where it lacks is Experience. Its like a teenager who is eager to play Test Cricket and suddenly got the opportunity to play. Now, it can be make or break. Lack of experience may result in failure here. So, this planet will also depend on planets at high degrees for experience and guidance.

Planets at 18 to 25 Degrees - It is a matured state. A middle-aged person, who has seen life and knows how things go in life. It is best to have majority of planets in this group of degree as it has blend of experience and energy.

Planets at 25 to 29.59 Degrees
- These are the old and wise people we need in our life to get guidance from. These are the planets which guide the planets in lower degree through aspect or conjunction. Like, if I have Mars at 2 degrees, then my energy, action or aggression may be directionless but if Mars is with Sun at 25 degree, then my Father, Boss or Authority Figure in my life will give guidance to me which will channelize the energy of Mars. So, this is the way we can see planets as people. Another example is Jupiter at 2-3 degree at Capricorn. We can say Low Morales as Jupiter is debilitated but if Jupiter is with Saturn or Mars in high degrees, which creates Neech Bhang Raaj Yoga in itself, then relations represented by Saturn or Mars, like Father Figure, Uncle or Brother, will guide the person towards high morales in life.

Hope this is useful information.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer 

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