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Paradoxical Chart

There was this unique request to write about something which I decided to call Paradoxical Chart. It is when a person has Moon in 7th house. Now, why this is Paradoxical Chart and why it is so unique or special that this article is needed for this? Let’s cover under following points –

Two ways of interpreting a chart – Most commonly there are two ways of looking and interpreting a chart. These are through Ascendant Sign and through Moon Sign. In this post - https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsjuly1, I have tried to give reasons behind looking at charts from these different perspectives and what is their respective importance? In short, I prefer looking at chart from Ascendant as life events happen from Ascendant Sign. From Moon sign, we can see our mental reception of those events. For example, suppose someone got a job offer as per dasha and transits from ascendant but how he will feel after getting the job can be seen from dasha and transits from Moon sign.

Paradoxical Chart – Now, Paradoxical Chart is one where Moon is in 7th house. For any ascendant, if Moon is in 7th house then we can call it as Paradoxical Chart. Best example I can give here is my own chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer) where Ascendant is in Scorpio sign and Moon is in 7th house/Taurus.

Why it should be called as Paradoxical Chart? – Paradox means Contradictory. Now understand that in a chart where Moon is in 7th house, chart from Ascendant and chart from Moon Sign are opposite to each other or upside down. For example, 2nd house from Ascendant is 8th house from Moon, 3rd house from Ascendant is 9th house from Moon and likewise for planets too. Person can have Sun in 4th house from Ascendant but the same Sun can be 10th house from Moon etc.

Hence, if you interpret any event from Ascendant and then look at the possibility of same event from Moon Sign then it will show exactly opposite possibility of that event or at least opposite mental reception of that event.

It looks difficult to interpret such a chart and even more difficult to go through such a life which looks so contradictory.

How to understand a Paradoxical Chart? - This is where Osho again can be of some help to all of us. If you have followed Osho even for some time then you would know that He has talked a great deal about Paradoxes and Contradictions. That’s why; I preferred to call it a Paradoxical Chart. As per Osho, “Whenever you come across any contradiction, watch very closely. There is bound to be something of great significance. Never avoid contradictions because life is contradictory. Life exists through the tension of contradiction. So whenever you come across a contradiction you are very close to the source of life.”

Understand this basic thing that all contradictions are somewhere connected with each other. We may feel that Life and Death are opposite to each other but with every moment of life, we are just moving towards death only and Death is nothing but doorway for the next life. We may feel that Light and Darkness is opposite or contradictory to each other but Darkness is nothing but absence of light. We can see at white letters only on the background of Black Board.

So, the houses or signs which look contradictory are actually supplementary to each other. This is why; the paradoxical chart which looks like giving opposite or contradictory indications, actually indicates the supplementary nature of houses/signs.

For example, if 5th house gets activated from Ascendant and person starts pursuing some educational or creative pursuits then this is also 11th house from Moon and it can be person’s desire to pursue such things. So, person is going towards those activities from ascendant to manifest the desires from Moon position.

Like this, we can see for every planet, house or event. It largely depends on that individual chart.

Rahu-Ketu – Now, question comes as to Rahu and Ketu as we understand that they are opposite energies. Again, they are opposite poles of the same energy. Always remember that it was the one demon only which was divided into Rahu-Ketu. So, Rahu-Ketu can never be separate or opposite. They are supportive of each other. You have to be separated from something in order to go towards the other thing. So, Rahu-Ketu are also supplementary to each other.

For example, I have Rahu in 10th house and Ketu in 4th house from Ascendant. This shows an ambitious person who wants to gain fame and recognition in world. Now, same Rahu comes in 4th house and Ketu in 10th house from Moon. This shows that mind wants to work from home or private offices and feels isolated in working under others.

In nutshell, it represents a person who can gain recognition through own work. As I said, it largely depends on the individual chart and if we look at things little closely then we will find that every contradiction is supportive of each other. They just look contradictory but they are not.

Obviously, it will require time and practice to understand the common themes between opposite houses/signs, then you may find the connections between the two perspectives; i.e. from Ascendant and from Moon sign.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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