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Paap-Kartari Yoga

Now, last of the series of Yogas on which lots of misconception is spread is Paap-Kartari Yoga. And it is actually the only one yoga which gives some hard time to individual, but this is a yoga of real hard-working people. God tells them I will give you everything you desire but only after you work your heart out.

So, Paap-Kartari literally means Paap = Malefic and Kartari means Scissor, means scissor of malefic planets.

Malefic planets are Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars. Paap Kartari Yoga happens when one house of a horoscope is surrounded by malefic planets on either side. Like in the picture given, 2nd house has Rahu and 4th house has Saturn, so these two malefic planets are surrounding 3rd house in between. So, these two malefic planets will now work as Scissor and cut off the results of 3rd house (which are communication, marketing, business or younger siblings etc). If there is a planet sitting in 3rd house, then these two malefic planets will reduce the result of that planet too. But in actual sense, this yoga means if this person wants to achieve success in business then he has to put the real labour to get any kind of result in his business. So, this yoga actually makes a person very rough and tough as they come to realise that nothing comes easy in life.

Effects of this yoga can be reduced to a great deal if benefic planets are sitting with these malefics. Benefic planets are Jupiter, Venus and waxing Moon. So, if in this horoscope Rahu is sitting in 2nd house with Jupiter and Saturn is in 4th house with Venus, then the malefic results of this yoga gets reduced considerably. Similarly, in this horoscope, if Jupiter aspects at 3rd house then it can save the house from malefic impact of Rahu and Saturn Scissor. Last but not the least, if person is going through Jupiter Mahadasha, he won't feel the impact of Paap Kartari Yoga that much. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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14 Comments on this post

  • GM - lots of frustration, pls meditate.

  • Sir I have PKY in two houses (2nd and 4th), as Saturn, Ketu and Mars are placed in 1st, 3rd and 5th houses respectively. All my benefic planets are also placed in 2nd and 4th houses only. What would be the impact and what remedies can I use.

  • K - you have paap kartari yoga. I dont follow or recommend any remedies.

  • Plez check on to mu details and let me know the remedies Khushboo 12/10/1986 Time-20:00pm Place- Rajkot, gujrat

  • @ left7- Sun can be treated as one which creates pky.

  • And sun?

  • @ Siddhesh - I prefer D-1 only.

  • Namaste sir. How paap kartari yoga works in d9 and other divisional charts?

  • Alpesh - results of foreign lands and bed-pleasures can reduce to minimum.

  • Hello sir. what happen when 12th house and 12th house lord both is in paap kartari yoga? (Sun in 11th house in gemini and mars in 1st house in leo. moon in 2nd house and Rahu in 3rd house)

  • @ VSR - 1st of all it is Paap Kartari Yoga, not so-called Paap Kartari Yoga. Then Rahu and Mars are making this yoga. Saturn is not making it, rather Saturn is within it. Then when we have confusion about something in astrology then we can only clarify things with experiences. Let this person go through life and we will know if he is getting results of PKY or not. thanks,

  • But sir saturn, rahu, mars are making this so called paap katri yog so how it is possible saturn itself come in this yog. i write one proverb "if a gangster sitting in the group of the gangsters,so there is no problem for everyone.

  • @ VSR - Yes to both.

  • sir if in makar lagan saturn is sitting in 1st house and rahu in 12th house and mars in 2nd house, then we can say saturn in paap katri yog?? can we say sun is also making paap katri yog?

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