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Horoscope of Osho Rajneesh - The Rebellious Flower.

So, just thought about doing a Celebrity Horoscope after a long time. Here, it is Osho​ Rajneesh's Horoscope.

This is the horoscope of Osho available online and this analysis will also show how I like to cover everything in my consultations.

  • First of all, he was born Taurus Ascendant. Ascendant is person's life path and the position of Ascendant Lord shows the direction of life path. Taurus' lord is Venus. Venus is in 8th house of Secrecy, Occult, Research. Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius, which is a sign of different religions and philosophies. Besides his life path, Venus in general shows the love and interests of person. Venus in Sagittarius in 8th house means this person's life path, love, interests are all about researching about different religions and philosophies. As much as I have heard and read him in last 6 months or so, I can surely say that he was a voracious reader who wanted to read almost anything written in human history. It has to be taken in consideration that he was from a time and age where there was no internet and only way to read was to buy a book. In one of his interviews he claimed that his personal library consists of at least 1.5 Lac books and he has read all of them. He also told in the same interview about how much he was emotionally involved with books (Love - Venus). I am yet to know about any other person who has read more than him. 
  • If Ascendant Lord shows the direction of life path, then Ascendant Nakshatra and its lord shows the life pattern of the person. His Ascendant Nakshatra is Rohini. Actually there are 27 Nakshatras, who are considered as 27 wives of Moon and Rohini being the most loved wife among all. Rohini word came from another word "Aarohan" and its symbol is a warrior driving the chariot and reaching his goal/destination. So, these people like to drive their own chariot to reach their destination. It means it is tough for these people to work under others. These people become one of the rebels and if we take the history of last 100 years then it is hard to find a bigger rebel than Osho. We all know about the story how he was working as a Professor of Philosophy and one day resigned after a heated argument with the Principal of College. Rohini's lord is Moon. Moon is again in 8th house in Sagittarius. Moon represents Mind. It shows that not only his life path but also his life pattern and mind was always around things related to religion, philosophy and research. 
  1. Actually, his life was always bound to revolve around 8th house and Sagittarius as he had 5 planets there. Any house of horoscope which has 3 or more planets will always make person focus towards things related to that house. He had Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn in 8th house (secrets and research) in the sign of Sagittarius (different religions and philosophies of the world). So, his life focus was bound to be in 8th house and Sagittarius related things. It is said that 8th house brings miseries and sufferings in life as it is house of accidents and death but in reality, the more planets one has in 8th house, the better chances of him becoming a legend. 8th house planets bring challenges in life and if person is ready to face all the challenges head-on, then he is bound to become a legend. Another horoscope of a legend which I can remind myself right now is Amitabh Bachchan's. He has 4 planets in 8th house. Now, let's see what each planet is bringing in to 8th house in Osho's horoscope as lord of different houses. Moon - Besides being Ascendant Nakshatra Lord, Moon is also 3rd house (Cancer) lord. 3rd house relates to collecting information, communication and speech. It shows that this person wants to collect information about Secrets of Religions and Philosophy and then communicate about it. 
  2. Mars - Mars rules 7th house (Scorpio) and 12th house (Aries). 12th house is Spirituality and 7th house is Masses/Public. It shows that this person wants to put effort (Mars) in the matters related to Spirituality and bring those to public. 8th house is also a house of serving the need of other people. So, his effort was related with serving spiritual needs of other people. 
  3. Mercury - Mercury rules the 2nd house (Gemini) and 5th house (Virgo)for him. 2nd house relates to values and wealth. 5th house is about Education. Mercury in 8th house shows that his wealth came from serving needs of other people. It also shows that his Education was more related to the field of Occult, Research and Religion. 
  4. Saturn - Saturn rules the 9th house (Capricorn) and 10th house (Aquarius) for him. 9th house relates to religion & philosophy and 10th house is mainly seen as a house of Career. So, his philosophy and career mixed together and went into the 8th house of serving other people's needs and research, 
  5. Venus - Venus rules the Ascendant (Taurus) and 6th house (Libra). As I said Ascendant indicates the life path. 6th house represents obstacles. Venus sitting in 8th house shows that his life path was about dealing with obstacles through his philosophies and research and serving people. 

Apart from these things as house lords, every planet is bringing the things it is Karaka (significator) of, in 8th house. Like Moon shows his mind and emotions were involved into philosophy and research. Mercury shows he wanted to gather information and communicate about Occult, Religion and Philosophy. Mars shows he wanted to make effort and take actions in to same 8th house and Sagittarius related things. Saturn shows his biggest challenge and focus in life was to deal with Occult, Philosophies and Religion. Venus shows that his love and interest was towards Occult, Religion and Philosophies.

  • Now, here is the next result of these 5 planets in 8th house. All these 5 planets aspected 2nd house of wealth. Guess what? 8th house = other people's wealth. 2nd house - own wealth. It shows that wealth of other people means masses became his wealth and that can be easily seen from his life when a guy who had no bank account was able to go to USA and stay there for about 5 years, solely on the basis of money of his disciples. Not only that, his disciples purchased a 120 Square Mile Ranch at Oregon State and made it City of Rahneeshpuram. It is said that at one time he was so rich due to his disciples' contributions that he could have purchased the whole state of Oregon. When asked about it, he replied - why only Oregon? Why should we be content with such a small state. We are going to take over the world one day but not with money. With Love. 
  • Now, for many of us Osho's life is Scandalous and Controversial. It also has its root in 8th house. 8th house is also the house of Scandals, Disgrace and Controversies. So, his whole life revolved around one controversy to another and he never tried to shy away from it. He was known for hammering people and societies with his radical opinions. He was once asked "why can't you be little moderate in your approach"? He replied to this effect - "actually, you are asking that why I can't be little manipulative or cunning in my approach. I can't be like that as I am a teacher. A teacher can't be cunning. He has to speak truth. A politician has to be cunning but I am not a politician". He never tried to stay away or hide a controversial part of his life. He actually enjoyed dealing with controversies.
  • Now for me, the most important planetary placement of his horoscope. 8th house lord (lord of Sagittarius) Jupiter in 3rd house exalted in Cancer. 3rd house relates to communication and teaching. This means this person loves to communicate and teach people about all those things which his 8th house represents, i.e. Occult, Religions and Philosophies. 8th house lord exalted also means that no matter how many controversies this person had to face, he was able to come out as a winner from all the controversies. Its biggest proof is that although at one time USA became his biggest enemy but now USA has at least 25 Osho Centers in different cities. So, even his biggest enemy has recognized the worth of his words. 
  • A lot has said about his relationships. Well, just one question from my side. Osho said He got enlightened on 21st March, 1953. A very few people believed it. Osho said, He had multiple sexual relations. It seems everyone believed it. Well, if Osho is so truthful then why people didn't believe his enlightenment? And if Osho is such a liar then how people could believe in the news of his sexual relation? Rather than questioning Him, it is something we need to introspect. One of Buddha's teaching is that - "Do not believe in anything unless it is your experience. No matter who told you that. Even if I told you that." 
  • Now, him creating a different religion altogether. Rahu in Pisces and in mutual aspect with Jupiter. Pisces is sign of Spirituality, Jupiter is Religion and Rahu represents weirdness or uniqueness. Whenever Rahu gets involved with Jupiter and Jupiter ruled signs (Pisces and Sagittarius), it gives a person very unique approach towards religion and spirituality. Such person can't accept the conventional or popular ways of connecting to God. He defines his own Spirituality and in extreme cases like Osho, he creates his own religion too. He went according to his horoscope.
  • I am sure many of you have read about Osho and his books and heard his preachings through YouTube. If you haven't and if you have any closed mindset about Osho then I request you to please give some time to read him or listen him. He will win you over in few hours. There is no contemporary topic on which he didn't speak in his preachings. He was a truly voracious reader who read about every religion of the world, every philosopher of the world and went on to make his own opinion on every subject. He never read to follow anyone. You can find books when he spoke about a particular God's incarnation with complete devotion and respect and then you will find few books in which he completely thrashed and hammered the same God's incarnation with all possible brutality and I love it. :)
  • Last and the least important question. Was Osho God or God's incarnation? I will quote Osho here when he was asked the same question - "My God, there is no God then how can I be God"?

Dedicated to the God residing inside each of us.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer​. 

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  • The horoscope of Osho Rajnish as presented by you is not correct. In the birth chart, the ONLY mistake is that the Laguna (Ascendant) is Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi (Constellation) & not Vrushabh (Taurus). Accordingly the interpretation changes. THANKS 🙏

  • Thanks.. this helped a lot.. please write something about *ashtamamsa planet*.. planet sitting in eight place from birth chart to d9

  • Thanks a lot Sir,I read it,To be honest Sir,i do not want to look at my career path or direction,if i need that i am definitely happy to get your consultation ,but the thing is when i am reading your articles from the beginning i got confusion about those concepts,that is why i want to learn it for all the Lagnas who it is going to affect.anyway Sir i getting knowledge from your articles and STAY BLESSED WITH YOUR SUPER WISDOM!!!!!!!!

  • @ Priyan - please search on site for steps involved in finding career path.

  • Sir, Have you written any article about Life Path,Direction and Pattern?if then so kindly show me the link,Many Thanks,Stay Blessed!!!!!!!

  • Nice explanation...

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