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Rahu Mahadasha

What we can expect during Rahu Mahadasha?

So, one of the differences between Rahu/Ketu and other planets is that Rahu/Ketu are not lord of any sign, though they continue to be the co-lord of 2 signs. Rahu is co-lord of Aquarius along with Saturn and Ketu is co-lord of Scorpio along with Mars. That's why, Rahu is known as shadow of Saturn and Ketu is known as shadow of Mars. Another thing is that Rahu/Ketu takes up the character of the planet which is sitting with them.

Now, Rahu gives results during its Mahadasha more on the basis of house it is sitting in rather than the sign it is sitting in. For example : Rahu is in 10th house in the sign of Leo. So, this person will get more results related with Work Environment, Fame and Social Status (10th house related things) than results related with Leo related things.

Rahu represents illusion, obsession, medicine, drugs, foreign things, fame, movies, TV, Online world, Cheating, Alcohol etc.

So, now it depends on which house Rahu is placed and what time Rahu Mahadasha is going on. Like, if Rahu is in Upachaya Houses (Houses # 3, 6, 10 and 11) and person is going through Rahu's Mahadasha during his teenage then its effects may not be too good unless there is some other benefic aspects, because Upachaya Houses improve with time and start giving good results in 30s. But if he goes through same Rahu's Mahadasha in 30s then person will get better results. But in both cases, person will be obsessed about the things related with the house where it is placed.

So, Rahu will basically make a person obsessive about the things related with the house in which it is placed. Like in 5th house, the person may be obsessed about Sports and Creativity, in 3rd house it makes a person very action oriented, this person cant sit quietly, in 10th house person wants to achieve fame and social status.

Rahu also represents cheating, so under Rahu Mahadasha there is a great possibility that people related with the house where Rahu is sitting may cheat you. Like in 10th house, people of your work environment may cheat you, in 9th house, your spiritual gurus may turn out to be a thug and in 3rd house your close neighbours may cheat you. There is a strong possibility that someone may be under illusion about his life during best part of Rahu Mahadasha as it is an illusionary planet.

Sign wise - Rahu gives best results in earth signs, i.e. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Because here, the obsession of Rahu finds stability of earth and doesn't take wrong path to fulfil obsession.

Rahu gives good results in Air signs, i.e. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Here they become good communicator and famous in Movies/Media world.
Rahu doesn't do too good in Fire signs, i.e. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, as the obsession is now meeting fire and making it double dangerous.
Rahu is not so good in Water Signs too, i.e, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. As obsession is not finding its stability in water, these people flow with their obsessive ideas.

Every planet during its dasha, 1st of all gives the results of things it is karaka of. Rahu is karaka of illusion, confusion, fame, material wealth, obsession, creativity etc. So 1st of all, person will get these results.

Then Rahu/Ketu give results based on the sign they are in, position of sign lord and planets they are conjunct with. So, with them, it can't be a short-cut formula that Rahu is in Taurus, so it is exalted. Hence, it is really good because Taurus lord Venus can be debilitated and it can turn everything upside-down.

Likewise, Rahu is known to explode the results of the planets it is sitting with. Now, if Rahu is with Saturn then it can explode misery, delay or hardship in person's life or if Rahu is with Moon, then it can explode emotions of person. Again, no short-cut formula.

Rahu's position represents the things we need to achieve in this life. The position of Rahu's sign lord gives an indication of how it may be achieved. Like, Rahu is in Cancer in 10th house shows fame through work of taking care of others. Now, Moon's position will show in which area of life we need to take care of others.

As Rahu is naturally malefic planet, there will be some malefic impact of Rahu on person's life during its dasha. The most common impact is some illusion, confusion or cheating in that area of life where Rahu is sitting in chart. It is more true when Rahu MD occurs in early life when Rahu is not matured. As Rahu matures at 42 years, its dasha can have better impact after 42 years of age.

So, as we can see that it is not straight forward to interpret Rahu MD. Lots of things get involved like Rahu's sign/house positions, planets it is conjunct with, sign lord position,the house it co-rules with Aquarius sign and the nakshatra it is in plus the planets in Rahu's nakshatra. If Rahu is lord of Ascendant Nakshatra then also it makes a difference.

So, this is a generic introduction of Rahu MD. More discussion to follow during FB Live sessions.


PS - Mars turned direct today. Venus is about to touch the deepest debilitation sign in Virgo. I have heard few break-up news in this month.  :(

As one of my friend rightly said, relationship is a continuous work-in-progress. You can never think that your relationship is now stable and you can relax in that area of life. Everyday you have to treat that today you have met your spouse/partner for the 1st time and you have to work on your relationship all over again.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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  • MK - knowledge oriented, more you gain and share knowledge, better you will grow.

  • Good evening sir, I want to know about rahu placed in 6th house i.e saggitarius. My rahuahadasha started at 30 yrs of my age. How it will be can you please tell me

  • @ RP - you should be in creative side of work to get best results.

  • Sir, I have rahu in 5th house in the sign of leo. My rahu mahadasha started in year 2007 and my 5th lord is in my 4th house. Please tell me what this means.

  • Yes, sir. Thank you.

  • @ RK - everyone will play its part.

  • Good morning sir. Sir, Saturn 10th aspect on Scorpio rahu.Can the saturn stabilize rahu? Also rahu in anuradha nakshatra.

  • @ SM - no, that depends on other person chart too.

  • Hi Vishal... You have written a very amazing point that Rahu does not cheat in earth signs... Is this also means that he is not cheated in these signs...? Thanks

  • Very good article. Very informative. Some people may have some misgivings about Rahu. You have addressed such things .Information regarding some rare things like "extra marital affairs" , 2nd marriage etc could have been welcome.

  • @ Sudhir - Time for creativity, wealth and romance. Thnks.

  • Rahu in 4 house in purva phalguni rahu mahadasha going on in 20s what the result are

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