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Concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka - Revisited

As we know that concept of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak is one of the most important and helpful in making correct predictions and making distinction in prediction between your personal and professional life. This concept tells us that how same planet is going to help you in your professional life but same planet can result in troubles in your personal or relationship life. Let’s look at the main reason behind this distinction or differences in results –

• Basic reason is that your career or profession depends on your own efforts. If you put right effort in right direction then sooner or later you will have some benefits or R&R coming to you.

• But your personal/relationship life depends on other people around you too. Your partner, your family and your partner’s family; they all have their own chart. They will behave as per their charts and you will behave as per your chart. You may be willing to continue the relation as per your dasha and transits but other person may not be going through similar relationship supportive dasha and transits or vice-versa. This will create difficulties in relationship life.

• So, same Venus, which can be giving you hike or bonus at work, can also be giving you trouble in relationship matters because your partner behaves as per his/her chart.

• But then someone can say that in career also we deal with different other people. Our Colleagues, seniors or Bosses etc. Even in Business, you are dealing with other people as clients or customers. Then where is the distinction?

• As I see, the main reason which makes the distinction here is the time you spend with other person, whomsoever he/she may be? Let’s understand it one after the other.

• For example, I am in this Astrology Consultancy Business. I also deal with people regularly. Daily, I am talking and interacting with clients. Now, how long is my association with my client? Even if they take overall consultation, the call will be over in 4 hours, maximum 5 hours. Now, after that that person may never contact me again in his life. So, what are the chances that we will have any conflict within 4-5 hours’ time? Very less.

• Now, let’s take another example. Let’s say, I am working in job setup and working at some office. Now, I will be dealing with other people (my colleagues, seniors and Bosses) for much more time. I will be looking at my Boss face for at least 10 hours in a day and he/she will look at my face for similar time period every day. Same is the situation with my colleagues. More time we spend together, more energy exchange and more chances of issues coming in life.

• Now, let’s go into relationship life. Now, I am dealing with my family members, in any possible relationship. Now, the energy exchange between us is almost 24x7. Hence, the possibilities of disagreements or conflicts are also almost 24x7.

• This is why, same planetary position can give you good results or average results in professional life but challenging results in personal/relationship life.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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