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Important Yogas

This section has information about different important Yogas of Planets in Astrology and their impacts on human life. 

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  • Hello sir can you explain what are sakata yoga and arishta yoga.

  • S - there is no dosha and nowhere it is formed.

  • What is pitru Dosha and how it is formed

  • @ N - I dont follow or recommend any remedy or gems.

  • How to know my lucky stone and career stone and life stone as per astrology

  • @ Vibek - i consider them in D1 only.

  • Can you please tell that do planetary aspects happens in navamsa (d9) chart or is only in d1 chart?

  • @ Ramya - There is, involving 7th house and 10th house.

  • Is there papakathri yog in my horoscope.. Dob 5th May 1992 ..place udupi..Tob 2.10pm

  • @ Titu - sorry my work is in english only. Thanks,

  • -Can give us these details in hindi. - can you provide our astro chart with yoga - can you suggest astro in detail ( about native)

  • @Nithesh - please read articles on career.Thanks

  • Businesses or job how to see in kundali? If there business yoga means for him which business he or she to start? This all how can see in kundali?

  • Nice work SIR

  • @ RAN - Ctrl F - Home , or Legal in list of articles and you will get them.

  • Please tell me housr purchase yoga for me ?And land case will favour us?

  • @ Bunty - pls apply for consultation. Thanks,

  • Mere government job legege ya nahe.legege to kab or kaise legege.shadi kaise ladki se hogi. Abhe tak to life me sub kuch ulta he ho reha hai

  • @ Soumya - pls check this - http://astrosaxena.com/ulagna

  • Please briefly explain upapada lagna chart..i am curious to know about it..

  • @ Bhaskar - please check here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • Sir how much do you charge for consultation?.

  • @ DS- please apply for consultation here - http://astrosaxena.com/consultation. Thanks,

  • I want to know my horoscope yougs and my lucky stone. My date ot birth-8/2/1998 Time-5.45pm Basirhat,westbengal

  • @ Wadher Astroler - download jagannath hora software,

  • I wants to find deep of astro software.

  • @ Varsha - There are many. I will write an article soon. Thanks,

  • Hi Vishal sir, Please explain widow yoga & divorce yoga in your important astrology yoga column...

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