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Highest Expression of each ascendant

There was a request to write about the highest expression of each ascendant. Person wanted to know why a person takes birth in a particular ascendant and how that energy can be best utilized.

As it is more a spiritual topic, I again take shelter in Osho to explain this concept. Let’s begin –

Reason behind birth – As per Osho, there is only one reason behind taking another birth and going through another life; i.e. unfulfilled desires. If I am left with any unfulfilled desire towards the end of this life then soul would have to take human incarnation again to fulfil those desires. That’s how, we go through many lives one after the other. This is also why Osho always preached that we should live our lives to the fullest and should not repress any desire because that repressed desire will become the reason for next birth and the whole vicious cycle of life & death will repeat. It is because by the end of next life, we would again have some unfulfilled desires which although we might have accomplished in previous lives but we have lost the memory of the same. Hence, we again get entangled in those desires. This is how this vicious circle of life and death continues for lives altogether.

Some Reference Points and Examples - A friend once asked me if we can know that person who has just passed away will take another birth?

Well, it is easy. Just look at the dead body of person who has passed away. In 99% of cases, there will be some twitches in dead-body. Like, hands might have got twisted or face might have turned little bit. These twitches show that person wanted to live more. When the death approached person, ego tried to fight as it still had more desires to accomplish but as body couldn’t sustain anymore, soul moved in search of another body. These twitches are result of that inner struggle of Ego and Death. So, if these twitches are there then it is sure that person will be reborn one way or the other.

Then as Osho says, we take another life to fulfil the unaccomplished desires of this life. Osho gives a very nice example that it is not that Giraffe has long neck and that’s why it can eat leaves of tall trees but it is the other way around that soul wanted to eat leaves of tall trees, so it got the body of Giraffe.

A common question can come up that as per this logic that did we want to suffer all the pains in this life which we are suffering?

Well, nothing comes alone in this life. Human Life is bi-polar in nature. So, if you want good money in life then you may get birth in a Royale Palace but the difficulties or superficialities of Royale Life will be there. We choose next life as per the left-over desire of this life but when we get next life then it is complete package altogether with all its conditions. If you are taking next life to become a best-selling author like Paulo Coelho then you would have to go through the struggle like Paulo Coelho gone through to reach that position.

This we can see in mythology too, where in Mahabharat, Ganga had flown her 7 Sons in river because they needed to go through that experience to get rid of curse and human life (the story of Dhanishtha Nakshatra - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Dhannaksh).

So, one thing is sure that we take birth in this life to fulfil the unaccomplished desires of past-life.

Birth in a Particular Ascendant – From here, we can understand that why a person takes birth in a particular ascendant?

Ascendant shows our life path which we are supposed to follow. This also means that ascendant tells us the path which will help us in getting our desires manifested. At least the opportunities to fulfil those desires will be there. Now, if you again repress those desires due to social pressure or conditioning or fulfil those desires depends on your free will.

Rahu is another planet which represents where we can manifest our desires in this life or the main reason behind taking this birth. So, we can say that Rahu is the desire we need to achieve in this life and ascendant provides the path which can lead towards achievement of this desire.

Highest Expression – Now, every house/planet/sign/nakshatra represents truck-load of things. They can be categorised broadly in three levels; Tamas, Rajas and Sattva or Body, Mind and Soul respectively. So, whenever we are trying to interpret any chart, we should always take Soul level or Sattva level representation of that chart. That will be its highest expression. For understanding, Sattva level representation of any house/sign/planet/nakshatra can be the one by which we can connect and serve the whole humanity.

For example, Body level representation of 11th house is income/gains because you need it for yourself and sustaining your body.

Mind level representation of 11th house is social networking as when we connect with others, mind feels happy.

Soul level representation of 11th house is serving humanity as there the soul evolves to the next level as we are connected with whole humanity and making a difference for all.

Highest Expression of each ascendant – Likewise, we can understand the highest expression of each ascendant which can help us in best utilizing the energy of that ascendant. One common factor would be that we need to work on highest soul level signification of every ascendant sign to best utilize its energy. Like,

Aries – It is the sign of Individuality and uniqueness. So, this person needs to realize his uniqueness in life.

Taurus – It is the sign of stability and security. These people need to bring stability, not only in their own life but also in other’s life.

Gemini – It is the sign of teaching, counselling and communicating. These people are supposed to be a guide or a teacher to others.

Cancer – It is sign of nourishing others. They are supposed to nourish others without any selfish interests.

Leo – It is sign of Kings. They need to become Kings who empowers people and not control them.

Virgo – This is sign of Health Care and Service. These people need to serve others and heal others.

Libra – It is sign of Relationship. These people need to learn how to be in relationship and still value other person’s and their own independence.

Scorpio – It is sign of major changes. They need to accept that change will be an integral part of life.

Sagittarius – They are natural teachers. Hence, they need to share knowledge with others without any bias or restrictions.

Capricorn – It is sign of authority. They need to reach a position of authority and recognition by which they can inspire others to gain same height in their lives.

Aquarius – They are natural humanitarians. They are here to serve people by any means.

Pisces – It is sign of Spirituality. They should serve people spiritually and accept good/bad sides of life as God’s blessings.

This is just a simple one-liner introduction on every ascendant and how we can best utilize their energy. For more elaborate analysis on ascendants, please check articles and videos here - https://www.astrosaxena.in/astrology/category/5/ascendantslagna.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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