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Gandanta Point or Gandanta Degrees.

This is another unique concept mostly used in Vedic Astrology only. This is a concept where a planet sitting in particular Degree or, more appropriately I should say, in a particular Pada of a Nakshatra can give certain results involved with the Planet, Nakshatra and Sign.

Let's first understand what Gandanta means?

Gandanta means the Knot at the End or I would like to say the Link. It is also known as Drowning Point, for the reasons I will explain later. Gandanta Point or Gandanta Degree is the link between two different elements of Zodiac Signs which are between Water Signs to Fire Signs. As we know that 12 Zodiac Signs are divided into 4 different elements making it 3 zodiac signs for each element. These are - 

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 
Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. 
Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 
Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. 

A question can be asked that where is the 5th element of life? Why Ether is not represented through any Zodiac Sign? Well, it is because Ether/Sky is watching us and all Zodiac Signs. Hora Shastra starts when it describes the Zodiac Signs as the Limbs of God (Lord Vishnu), so I would like to say that Ether is the element which connects all zodiac signs representing other 4 elements. May be that's why, whenever we talk or think about God, naturally we look up over into the Ether/Sky, regardless of our religion. 

Anyways, back to the topic. So, change of one sign to another sign clearly shows change of element and energy within it. Like from Aries to Taurus, it is a change from Fire to Earth element. Then from Taurus to Gemini, it is a change from Earth to Air Element. Then from Gemini to Cancer, it is a change from Air to Water Element and like this it goes on. 

So, change of element is happening with the change of every sign. But there is another minute change which happens when a Water Sign is followed by a Fire Sign. Now, what is that?

Every sign has 2.5 nakshatra working underneath it. It means that in majority of cases, although Signs and their respective elements change but the nakshatra involved works like a bridge between two signs. Let's see through examples – 

Aries has Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika Nakshatra. 
Aries ends at Pada 1 of Krittika Nakshatra and Taurus starts with Pada 2 of Krittika Nakshatra. So, Krittika works like a bridge between Aries and Taurus. 

Then Taurus has Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashira Nakshatra. 
Taurus ends at Pada 2 of Mrigashira Nakshatra and Gemini starts with Pada 3 of Mrigashira Nakshatra. So, Mrigashira works like a bridge between Taurus and Gemini. 

Then Gemini has Mrigashira, Ardra and Punarvasu Nakshatra. 
Gemini ends at Pada 3 of Punarvasu Nakshatra and Cancer starts with Pada 4 of Punarvasu Nakshatra. So, Punarvasu works like a bridge between Gemini and Cancer. 

Now, we come to the point where Cancer has Punarvasu, Pushya & Ashlesha Nakshatra and Cancer ends at the last pada and degree of Ashlesha only. So, Ashlesha and Cancer end at same degree. This means that there is no nakshatra as bridge between Cancer to the next sign Leo. Leo starts with a brand new nakshatra Magha. Now, Cancer is Water sign and Leo is Fire sign. And this happens at each change between Water sign to Fire sign where there is no nakshatra working as Bridge. After Cancer to Leo, Water Sign Scorpio ends at Jyeshtha’s last pada & degree and next Fire Sign Sagittarius begins with Mula Nakshatra. Finally, Water Sign Pisces ends at Revati’s last pada & degree and next Fire Sign Aries begins with Ashwini Nakshatra. 

So, it means that when sign changes from Water to Fire element, there is a change of Nakshatra too, which makes it a more transformative. Also, even normally speaking, the point where Water and Fire would meet, it would automatically create steam, which represents transformation of both Water & Fire. So, Gandanta Point is the last pada of a Water Sign and first pada of Fire sign. It means last 3.20 degrees of any water sign and first 3.20 degrees of any fire sign are Gandanta Point. 

Any planet at these degrees in water/fire signs are known as planets at Gandanta Point or Gandanta Planet. When it is in the last pada of any water sign, it has reached the deepest level of Water and when it is in the first pada of any fire sign, it is full of fiery energy within. Now, it can be any planet, even the nodes. Also, if your Ascendant Nakshatra falls under these padas, your life will be impacted by Gandanta Concept. 

Now, the impacts – 
  • As I said, it is also called a Drowning Point, it is because if a planet is in the last pada of Water Sign, it is considered as in the deepest water. Now, this can be a literal or emotional drowning. It means either the MD/AD of planet, in last pada of Water Signs or Nakshatra Lord, will bring actual drowning like situation or it will be a situation where the person will be drowned due to emotional losses. In first case, person must avoid going near Water Resources during such MD/AD. 
  • Now, the transformation is from Emotional to Spiritual because 1st nakshatra of every fire sign is ruled by Ketu, i.e. Ashwini, Magha & Moola. So, it is an indication that emotional drowning of person will lead him towards Spiritual Awakening of person. 
  • Transformation can be related to the planet involved, nakshatra lord, sign and house. 
  • If it is Ascendant Nakshatra, then whole life path/life pattern can be transformed. 
  • As all water signs, i.e. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, are by nature Intuitional and all Ketu’s nakshatras lean towards Mysticism, Occult and Spirituality, Gandanta planets can make a highly intuitive and mystic person. 
  • As all water signs end at Mercury ruled nakshatra and all fire signs start at Ketu ruled nakshatra, this can also make someone very creative, imaginative and intuitive person. 
  • Overall, the MD of planets sitting in Gandanta Points or Nakshatra Lord will bring transformation in life, either physically or emotionally. 
Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • Great blog here! Also your website loads up very fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol help refuges

  • V - you may feel you have drowned or lost everything in relation/finance in your life , like you are losing everything and now trying to recover yourself.

  • I really hope you still check these comments, this was helpful! I have venus at 0 degrees magha (4th house) in birth chart, and at 0 degrees in ashwini (2nd house) in d9. I am trying to understand the puzzle/purpose of my venus, any insight would be helpful. Thank you!!

  • G - depends on each planet, its nature, karaka , house/sign dignity.

  • How each planet become at Gandanta point? How important is that planet placement ?

  • Sr - you may feel a sense of losing your authority and recognition.

  • Sir my sun is in gandanta at 29 degree in cancer in the 4th house. Sun is also my atmakaraka. Please tell what does this mean.

  • @ Shan - only they can say about info on their site. Thanks,

  • Thank u sir. Many people publish on their websites the gandanta point ends on Nov 8, so this is not right sir?

  • @ Shan - The day it crosses 3 degree Sagittarius.

  • sir, what is the exact date that jupiter transit in gandanta point ends?

  • Thanks sir, for the excellent explaination, especially the bridge concept and minute change that happens when water sign is followed by fire sign.

  • Thanks Samiksa

  • This is so clear and helpful! Thank you so much for your systematic and logical approach to Jyotish. I have three gandanta points in my chart and it is as you described - major transformations followed by spiritual awakenings (multiple times). Namaste

  • @ Jayant - It can give you issues related to skin, speech and siblings.

  • Sir in my lagan chart planet Mercury is placed in the 3rd house in the sign of pisces at 29.23 degrees and the nakshatra lord is revati pada 4. What kind of gandanta effect can be ascertained due to this placement and will the fact that mercury is debilitated have any bearing on overall effect.looking forward to your insights. Regards

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