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Is My Chart Good or Bad? - 2

We can consider this article as sequel of my earlier article titled “Is my chart good or bad”? (https://www.astrosaxena.com/goodbad) where I said that there is no astrological chart which is either good or bad. Every chart is perfect. My chart is perfect for living my life and your chart is perfect for my life.

Then the obvious question comes into mind as to if our charts are perfect then why our lives are not perfect? Why we are suffering in our lives?

Well, our lives don’t look like perfect because we have some criterions towards life. We feel that X/Y/Z things or people should be there in my life then only I can call my life as perfect. But Life itself has no criterion. Universe or God has no criterion for life. For Universe, Life is Perfect because of very different reason and the reason is that Life is all there is. There is nothing else to compare Life with. When something is unique, it is bound to be perfect. As Life is Unique and there is nothing else to compare Life with then Life has to be perfect.

But if it is too deep to understand then let’s understand from a different perspective.

Our Astrological Charts are Perfect but how many of us are living life as per our Astrological Charts. IT Boom swept across the Globe in late 1990s and early 2000s and the whole generation went towards becoming Software Developer or IT Professional. Can we say that Astrological Charts of whole generation (of millions of youngsters) were indicating career in IT field?

Obviously, some of them were supposed to become Healers, some of them were supposed to become Musicians, some of them were supposed to become Sportsperson and of course, some of them were also supposed to become IT professionals. But due to a social trend of becoming an IT Professional, they all went in same direction.

Now, Astrological Chart is showing some other direction and Native is following some other path. So, after some time, he is bound to feel stress, frustration and suffering as he is going against the energy. This is the only reason behind our suffering that we are in resistance or conflict with Divine Will.

We can see the same thing in other areas of life. Suppose someone’s chart is not showing even an average relationship life and it looks like if they get into relationship then they will only spoil their life, time, energy and peace.

Do you think that they will listen to any such advice from even best astrologer of the world that they shouldn’t marry? My experience of dealing with people says, ABSOLUTELY NO.

This is where Ego/Egoistic Desires and Social Conditionings overpower the individual and he goes against the path shown by chart because person feels that “how can I accept that I am not supposed to get married or how can I accept that I am not supposed to have a child or what will I tell in society why I didn’t marry or have a child”?

This is why, all Spiritual Gurus have always said that 99% of problems in this world are self-created by humans only.

Our astrological chart shows that how our life should be ideally rather than showing that how our life would be?

Because in between this "should be" and "would be", we are standing with whole of our ego, egoistic desires and conditioning. We are not ready to surrender our ego and egoistic desires to follow the path shown by planetary positions in chart.

And when we are ready to follow our ego to walk a wrong path then we can't complain that things promised in chart never happened. Well, we never followed that path.

Universe wants to guide us to our best potential and purpose but it still respects our free will and doesn't interfere with it.

Because of these reasons, person follows a wrong path and then he invites his own suffering. But then, he commits even a bigger mistake by saying that my chart or planetary positions are not good that’s why I am suffering.

Now, why person reaches this conclusion?

Because it hurts the human ego to accept that I am at mistake and I need to change myself. So, we project our suffering on world at large, God, Destiny or on Astrological Chart. We start saying that my chart or planets are not strong. Then as one thing leads to another, this only leads us into the clutches of those who want to sell the remedies and gemstones in the name of strengthening planets/chart. But at no point of time, we are ready to accept that we committed a mistake by following the wrong path.

So again, it is all about living consciously or unconsciously. If we are living consciously then we would be able to follow the right path but if we are living unconsciously (in mind or in ego) then we would take wrong path.

It is better to at least accept that we are on wrong path rather than trying to prove that chart or planetary placements are wrong.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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