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Is My Chart Good or Bad?

During Astrological Consultations, Teachings and even generic studies, the most common question asked to an astrologer is that – “I have this or that placement in chart, is it good or bad”? Or “Is my chart good or bad”?

From past many years, I have tried my best to convey that every planetary placement has something good in store and the same planetary placement has something troublesome in store. There is nothing totally good in this world and there is nothing totally bad in this world.

Actually, we can see things in contrast only. Good can be seen only in background of Bad and vice-versa. For example, if you say that -

X Country is very peaceful then there has to be a Y Country which is full of violence. Violence in Y country makes you realize the peace in X country and vice-versa. If there is no violence in the world then even the concept of peace will be lost. Likewise, if you say that 2022 was a very good year for you then there must be some year in your life which was not good. In comparison only, you can decide that it was a good year for you.

All I am trying to say that Good and Bad have parallel existence. At no point of time in your life, you can only have good results in something and no bad result at all.

But there is another way by which we can understand that there is nothing good or bad in this existence. Things are only there AS IS. Idea of Good or Bad comes from Mind. Existence allows everything and judges nothing. Here, everything has a place to exist. That’s why; it is called Existence.

So, another way to look and respond at such questions is that your planetary positions in your birth chart are coming out of three information. Your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. Now, Universe/Existence/God decided these three information for you that you will take birth at this date/time/place. Universe/Existence/God cannot decide anything wrong for you.

Your chart is perfect for your life and my chart is perfect for my life. Your planetary positions are perfectly placed in your chart to live a meaningful life. You are supposed to best utilize it for those purposes.

So, if we look from this perspective then there is nothing good or bad with any chart or planetary placement. They are just perfect for your path in this life.

Then from where the trouble comes?

The trouble comes from the fact that we have some other criterions to live our lives. We don’t want to live our lives as per Divine Will. A person is supposed to become a Musician as per his chart but his Society doesn’t provide a conducive environment for becoming Musician. Society may even say that Music is anti-religion or immoral. Then Society may push the native towards some other career where he is not supposed to be or he pushes himself to follow an incorrect path.

Now, the person feels frustrated as he is not following the path he is supposed to. Now, he feels that there is something wrong in my chart or planetary positions.

Well, only wrong is that you never followed your chart or your planetary positions. This is where I have said time and again that Chart or Planetary Positions are just potential, real thing is native who is going to utilize it.

No chart or planetary position is good or bad on its own. Your use or misuse of chart makes it good or bad.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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