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Reasons behind Frienship and Enmity of planets

Reasons behind Frienship and Enmity of planets -

So, normally we hear these things from Astrologers that this planet is that planet's friend or this planet considers that planet as its enemy and we are left wandering as to the reason why a particular planet is friendly to other while keeps enmity to others?

Well, in most of these cases, the reasons are in our mythological stories. Let's see the reasons behind some of the enmity between planets -

1. Sun and Saturn - This is the biggest and real enmity of all time. No ifs and buts. Their enmity is such that if Saturn sees Sun is on death bed and taking some last breaths, Saturn will still take rocket launcher out and shoot Sun to make sure he dies as soon as possible. Such is the "Love" between the two. Reason is mythological story of Saturn being bullish child of Sun and unnecessarily troubling his siblings. In return, Sun tried to discipline him through many ways and that created an enmity between two.

2. Jupiter - Venus - Though both are benefic planets and many may argue for hours if they are enemy to each other but the basic reason behind their enmity is their nature. Jupiter is Spirituality, while Venus represents Material Desires and Gains. Actually, if we see philosophically then we would realise that reason behind all our sorrows and pains are our desires. This creates a kind of enmity between Jupiter and Venus.

3. Jupiter - Mercury - The reasons behind their enmity is two-fold -

  • Mythological - Jupiter is Brihaspati. He had a wife named Tara. Tara ran away with Moon. At the threat of Gods, she came back but till that time she was pregnant and the child born was Mercury. Jupiter as the Great Moral Guru accepted the child and nourished him but could never forget that Mercury was not his own child. This is the basic story behind Pushya Nakshatra, which is a Nakshatra of people who take care of others without any desire.
  • Nature wise - Jupiter is Knowledge and Wisdom, while Mercury is a Business Man. So, when Jupiter and Mercury come in contact, Mercury receives all the knowledge from Jupiter and when Jupiter is exhausted after giving all the knowledge, Mercury says that now you can go away as I will do business of the knowledge you gave and make money out of it. Now, Jupiter feels cheated. That's why, Jupiter and Mercury are enemies.

4. Rahu/Ketu and Sun/Moon - The mythological story where after Samudra Manthan, RahuKetu, a demon, sat in the group of Gods disguised as God and when Sun and Moon complained about it to Lord Vishnu, he took his Sudarshan Chakra out and cut off the neck of RahuKetu to make him two separate beings, i.e. Rahu and Ketu. This made Rahu and Ketu furious towards Sun and Moon and that's why to keep and show their enmity, they always eclipse only Sun and Moon (they don't eclipse any other planet).

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  • You re interesting

  • It’s a such a nice writing and explanation

  • @ kumar - not that i m aware of. may be.

  • I think stories are one of the best way to remember planets friendship/enmity. Is there any mythological story behind below logics? 1. Budha being enemy for Kuja 2. Kuja is enemy for Shani 3. Chandra is enemy for Shani

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