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FB Posts on Career, Cancer disease, Jupiter-Saturn, Bhrigu Bindu, Rahu-Saturn, Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 

Post on 18th Oct, 2018 

The quickest way to find someone's career (when person is not willing to give much time) is to see the 2nd house, planets in 2nd house and position of 2nd house lord.

2nd house is house of Wealth. So, planets in 2nd house and 2nd house lord position will tell about source of person's wealth. From where his money is coming. The planets involved, their basic nature and dignity will tell about the field of work one can get wealth from. Like, Jupiter being 2nd lord can mean person gaining wealth from sharing knowledge and Moon being 2nd lord can mean gaining wealth from works like teaching or medicines.

Important thing to remember here is that it is only one trick and it can't replace the importance of full-fledged career consultation which is necessary for important matters of life like career. We can only say that it will give a clue or an idea about person's career but other factors like 10th house, 10th house lord or dashas or Atma/Amatya Karaka can change the scene. Also, if Saturn is involved in 2nd house or as 2nd house lord then same career can be achieved but with delays in life.

Likewise, 2nd house is house of speech. The more malefic impact on 2nd house or on 2nd house lord, then more a possibility that person can speak lies. They can also use foul language in moments of anger or even generally. Malefic planets like Mars and Rahu impacting 2nd house gives tendency to eat non-veg food or drink alcohol a lot.

As 2nd house is house of speech, it is also important for career like Astrologer or any career where ability of clairvoyance is needed. If 2nd house lord is well-placed and there is no malefic impact on 2nd house then it shows that things person speaks come out to be true.

Now, before people start asking about their career based on 2nd house only, please check this link - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/posts/2118581378422275?hc_location=ufi .



Post on 22nd Oct, 2018 

https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/photos/a.1487950021485417/2206253449655067/?type=3&theater - This is the 2nd case where I could help a person who got wrong diagnosis of Cancer and it was found in 2nd diagnosis that the 1st diagnosis was not done correctly and person got saved from unnecessary therapy, surgeries and treatment.

This is why I say that knowledge is knowledge. It is neither positive nor negative. If it is helpful to others then it is positive. About 6-7 months back when I posted that what planetary placements can cause Cancer, one or two people didn't like it. They thought I am spreading fear and such negative information even a novice astrologer won't post. One person even challenged if I can post it publicly and I obliged him by writing this article on website - https://www.astrosaxena.com/nppp .

Well, what they have to say now? If this information had not been there then this lady would have gone through Chemo Therapies unnecessarily. I again say that ignorance is not bliss. Knowledge and awareness is necessary so that you can avoid getting into such situations. So, I post the rule again for everyone's awareness -

Planetary Placements that can cause Cancer

Rahu is karaka of Cancer.

Whenever Rahu-Saturn-Mars impact one house together either by sitting or aspecting then person "CAN" have the Cancer of the body part related with that house. Like if they are impacting 5th house then Stomach area or if they are impacting 6th house then Intestines etc.

As always, only planetary placement is not enough. Person has to go through MD/AD/PD of Rahu-Mars-Saturn in any order like it can be Saturn-Rahu-Mars or Rahu-Saturn-Mars too. Then during annual transits also these 3 planets should impact the same house again.

So, as always Chart + Dasha + Transit = Event.

Here in this case, lady had no such joint impact of Rahu-Saturn-Mars on 1 house. So, I was doubtful if this diagnosis was correct or not. And then the most important thing that they got the diagnosis done in Eclipse Season. As eclipse season is about illusion or confusion as luminaries Sun & Moon go through eclipse, I told the person to have next diagnosis when there is no eclipse season on. It may give the correct picture. And it worked. 

So be informed and aware. This is the only remedy or gemstone.

This is the reason which makes me to keep Health Consultations Free of Cost.

Thanks, _/\_


Post on 24th Oct, 2018 

So, there was a request to write house-wise results of Rahu-Saturn conjunction.

I discussed this topic in some detail recently through https://www.astrosaxena.com/saraconj , https://www.astrosaxena.com/fbpostsep1 but I can understand that there is so much fear around this conjunction that people may want to know more and more about it and there is no harm. As I always say awareness is the only remedy. So, let's have another look on how we can handle this conjunction better -

So as we can understand that Saturn is our troubles in life and Rahu explodes things. So, Rahu-Saturn generally explode those troubles. Now, in whichever house it is placed, troubles would be related with that house. One thing we can say that in life before 40 there can be huge problems in that area of life where this conjunction is happening. Normally, 35 is taken as age of Saturn but as Saturn is with Rahu here that delay is also exploded. Rahu gravitates us towards those things and Saturn restricts us. So, it remains situation of great frustration as person wants to get things related to that house due to Rahu but Saturn puts a block anyhow. This continues till mid or late 30s. Good thing about this conjunction is person is workaholic and we can rarely find him sitting idle. In relationship matters, this conjunction is defamed but as I always say that I am yet to see a good chart for relationship and anyways relationship depends on both person. We can't judge only on 1 person's chart. So, if both person are accommodating or flexible then things can still work for them. And I again say that it is for any chart which may or may not have this conjunction. It can't be said that people with only Rahu-Saturn conjunction see break-ups and separation. At least I can't say that after seeing 2000+ charts and listening to people's lives. So relationship wise, every chart has its issues and require co-operation of both partners to make it work. It is kind of unfair to defame only one conjunction or one planetary position like Ketu in 7th house as the position of separation because if it is so then why other people are going through separation who don't have such placements? Relationship is difficult for all and as we move ahead in time, it is only going to be more and more difficult as we are becoming more and more independent. So, this post is only about Rahu-Saturn and what challenges it can give in every house -

1st house - Person may find his right life path in his 40s. Life and Career will grow gradually and results will be reaped in 40s. I actually have a friend who has Rahu-Saturn in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house. He is married for last about 10 years. The only separation I see in his case is that he is too busy with his work and has only 1 day to give to his family. So, not necessary that Ketu in 7th will lead to separation. Better to stay away from your place of birth.

2nd house - This position can give financial troubles in early life and money can grow very slowly. It is better for person to stay away from his family. Saving wealth becomes a challenge.

3rd house - Realizing true potential, courage or ability becomes the big challenge but sooner or later person has to rely on self-efforts and business. He may not be happy in job setup. He may realize his potential in his 40s.

4th house - Better to stay away from home land. Better not to have real estate on person's name. Stressful home environment in early life. Relation with Mother becomes the biggest challenge.

5th house - Love matters depend on maturity of both partners. Person can have very limited association with children. Completing basic education can be a challenge. Counselling may not work with this person.

6th house - This person can have serious and long term health issues or litigation or they can be in health care or legal field of work. Dealing with obstacle remains a challenge in early life but as they deal with so many obstacles, they become good at it. Working in job setup may not be beneficial for them.

7th house - Relationship matters again depend on maturity of both partners. Getting into business and dealing with other people become the biggest challenge. As always, they learn it through life experience and become better at it. They can get recognition among masses but with delays due to Saturn impact.

8th house - Challenge here may be dealing with in-laws. They may get very limited inheritance and even for that they may have to work really hard. As it is also the house of relationship, again maturity of both partners is required to have a stable relationship. In 2nd house, 7th house and 8th house, Saturn can give very long life.

9th house - Completing higher education can be a challenge. Likewise, majority of teachers they get in early life can be very rude or harsh. They can have real issue in understanding the religious or philosophical side of life. They can pose themselves as Atheists or one who questions the religion etc.

10th house (my position  ) - Dealing with authority figures can be the biggest challenge. Distant relationship with Father. Lack of support from authority figures or Govt. They may not like working under others. Fame, Authority and Recognition can be there but delayed and with great hard work and perseverance. Always at work.

11th house - Income and gains may be delayed in life or person may not get proper R&R for his hard work in early life. Income will improve very gradually. Later in life person may be inclined towards entrepreneurship. Can have a distant relation with elder sibling or they can have very limited group of friends. Their friends can be more foreigners.

12th house - Developing a balanced spiritual view can be a challenge. They may not be spiritually inclined in early life. It is also advisable to avoid foreign travels or foreign settlement in early life else things can be stressful there. Saving money can become a challenge as it is house of losses and expenses.

As always, dignity doesn't matter with Saturn. It can be worse in signs like Aries, Leo and Scorpio but it can never be good, especially in early life. Hence, house placements are enough to judge this conjunction. It doesn't mean that sign placement won't have any meaning. We can apply same rule of challenge with representation of every sign. Like, Rahu-Saturn in Taurus = challenge & delays in hoarding wealth, Rahu-Saturn in Leo = challenge & delays in creative pursuits, Rahu-Saturn in Capricorn = challenge & delays in dealing with authorities.

Again, the only remedy available with me is awareness. Get aware of your chart and you will be able to deal with in a better way.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.


Post on 26th Oct, 2018 

Bhrigu Bindu. (BB)

So, here is the requested post on Bhrigu Bindu (BB) - https://www.astrosaxena.com/bbdp.

It is one of the newest prevailing concept which helps in finding the Destiny Point of a person. In short, it means in whichever house BB is falling in your chart, your destiny can revolve around things related to that house. But again, it is just one of the concept of astrology, not the whole of astrology.

Finding BB - If you have Jagannath Hora Software or if you download it then you can find BB written in a particular house of any chart. That is Bhrigu Bindu of that particular chart. If you like to calculate manually then count the difference between degrees of Rahu to Moon and divide it by 2. Now, count the degree which came as quotient from Rahu. Whichever house it falls in that house will become BB. Like, if Rahu is at 16 degree Aries and Moon is at 10 degree Cancer then distance between Rahu and Moon is 14 remaining degree from Rahu degrees (Aries) + 30 degree (Taurus) + 30 degree (Gemini) + up to 10 degree of Moon (Cancer) = Total 84 degree. Divide by 2. 42 degree is quotient. Now, count 42 degrees from Rahu's position in Aries and you will reach 28 degrees of Taurus. So, the house where Taurus falls in chart is person's BB.

Now, not only the house where BB falls in your chart but its house lord and the planets there are equally important to interpret person's destiny correctly. Here, we have to keep in mind the kind of house it is, the nature/position/dignity of house lord and the nature/position/dignity of the planets sitting there. Accumulated impact will be seen as destiny of person.

Like, my BB is in 3rd house of business and communication, so one can say that it looks like my destiny as I am in communication based business but as 3rd house lord is Saturn, this realization took place with delay. I came into this field at 35 years of age when Saturn matured and this realization came under Jupiter-Saturn dasha. Likewise, Sun-Mercury-Mars in my 3rd house also play the role in my destiny as I like to communicate in writing due to Mars (Hands) there. Sun-Mars with Mercury in 3rd house also gives me a blunt approach to communicate with people. So, everything played its part.

Hence, when we are trying to judge BB, we need to see -

Type of House - Dharma/Artha/Kama/Moksha, Upachaya, Dushthana etc. Like, Upachaya house can delay the realization of destiny.

Planets in House - Nature/Position/Dignity of Planets in the House where BB is falling. If it is benefic/malefic, its strength and the result of their conjunction, all matters.

House Lord - Nature/Position/Dignity of House Lord. If it is benefic/malefic, its strength and the house it is in, if it is conjunct another planet, all matters.

Dashas - Most importantly, when dashas and transits are going to activate that house which will make you realize your destiny. Understand that delay can also be part of same destiny. If you are destined to know your destiny after a certain delay then things will manifest or unfold with delay.

Although the request was to explain BB house-wise but for the above reasons it can't be done that way.

If someone is interested in knowing his BB and its effect then rather than commenting your details here, please feel free to apply under Specific Consultation option through this link - https://www.astrosaxena.com/consultation.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 29th Oct, 2018

Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka.

This is what I was trying to explain in FB Live Session yesterday.

Any planet in any dignity in any house will at least give the results of non-living representations of that planet and house. Problems only come with living representations.

Sun in Libra is considered as debilitated. Now, Sun is Authority and as it is weak in Libra, it shows that person may not get good support from authority figures, Bosses and Father. But it means that he needs to become his own authority. Libra is sign of Business, hence his authority is coming through his own Business. Sooner or later, he needs to start his own work. Actually, by giving him troubles with authority figures, Planets are trying to tell him that it is better to become your own authority.

Hence, it is not that Sun in Libra person cannot get any authority in life. His authority, career or recognition lies in Business. So, he can get good results of Ajeeva Karaka or non-living representations like Business but he may not get benefits of Jeeva Karaka or living representations like Bosses or Father.

Likewise, if Venus is in Virgo then also it is debilitated but it doesn't mean that this person can't have any wealth in life. Venus in Virgo is actually the most prominent position for Chartered Accountants, Bankers and Stock Brokers. People who deal with wealth 24x7. So again, person is getting results of non-living representations of Venus, i.e. Wealth. At the same time, Venus in Virgo can give troubles in relationship as your partner is living representation of Venus.

Even with planet like Saturn also, this concept works as is. Saturn in 5th house can give troubles with love/romance or child birth (living representations of 5th house) but person can be focused on creativity or education (non-living representations of 5th house).

Now, the reason behind the concept is simple.

The living representations have their own chart. Your father, boss, sibling and partner will have their own chart and if their chart energy is not getting aligned with your chart energy then it is bound to result in friction. Even if one person is ready to adjust but another person is adamant or stubborn then how long one person can drag any relation? Hence, living representations can give troublesome results.

But your business, your vehicle or your home doesn't have its own chart. Only one person and his chart is giving results there, i.e. you. If you are running your own business then no question of listening to any boss. Then you just need to work continuously till people start recognizing your efforts which usually happens sooner or later. Hence, person always gets results of non-living representations in any condition of any planet because it depends on only 1 person efforts.

This is also the reason why we see that someone can be doing really well in wealth factor but family life may be suffering. Well, it is same 2nd house matter, i.e. wealth and family. Then why separate results? It is because of this concept of Jeeva Karaka & Ajeeva Karaka - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jkak.

It is the most useful concept in matters of career determination of person.


Post on 31st Oct, 2018 

Back to our posts on planetary conjunctions, today Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jusaco.

One of the way of interpreting any conjunction can be to see what all things planets conjunct together share with each other and what all things they don't share.

Jupiter-Saturn both represent Law. So, this conjunction can be very good for legal education or law related career. Barack Obama Chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/bohoro) can be the best example whohad this conjunction in ascendant and he began his career as a Lawyer and then a Law teacher. So, this conjunction can be very good for any career related with Law and Higher Education.

But then what they don't share?

Jupiter represents Family Life, i.e. marriage, children and husband for a girl. Saturn has nothing to do with married life. As they don't share this representation, person's family life can be troublesome. As Saturn is a cold planet, this conjunction can make married life very cold. As Jupiter represents husband & children for a girl, this impact can be more visible in girl's chart rather than guy's chart. For a guy, Venus is representation of wife. For him, Saturn-Venus conjunction can lead to similar situation. Again, Lady Diana's chart (https://www.astrosaxena.com/BG2) is best example where she was living in palace but felt like that her married life was not moving anywhere. It again shows the effect of Jeeva Karaka and Ajeeva Karaka in her life. Jupiter with Saturn still gave her wealth as she was married in a Dynasty but it gave her troubles with her Husband.

Also, one of the consolations given is that if Jupiter is impacting a house or planet then it takes away the negative impact of that house or planet. It will be great for all of us if we start accepting the fact that Saturn is the Big Boss. Whichever house or planet is under Saturn's impact, it remains under Saturn's impact. None can take away or reduce the effects of Saturn in our chart. So, better be aware of this and deal with those things in a Saturnine way, i.e. with practicality and realistic way. Like even here with Jupiter-Saturn conjunction a person can have an average married life if he is realistic or practical about his marriage, spouse and relationship.

So, this conjunction can be excellent for higher education and career in academics and law but married life can remain the struggle.

Please comment if you want some other topics to be covered.


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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