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Facebook Posts on Planetary Link for different ascendants and chances of Divorce in charts.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 16th May, 2020 

As requested, we will see Taurus ascendant today for the series where we will try to link houses with house lords for every ascendant. I won’t cover the basics as to what each house or each planets represent. Also, it is solely based on the houses involved and connection between them through house lords. We are not going to discuss planetary positions in chart.

As Taurus is the 2nd sign of zodiac, it represents the energy of 2nd house of Wealth. So, when Taurus becomes ascendant, these people are normally seen as wealthy and rich people. There can be few exceptions of course but generally they are wealthy people. They are also good with any work related with wealth and finance. As Venus rules ascendant, they can be very good looking and beautiful. As Taurus remains sign of securities, they like to live a very secured life path. They may not like to take much risks in life. This is their lesson in life that nothing is secured, safe or permanent in life and hoarding things may not help you every time.

Sun rules 4th house/Leo and Moon rules 3rd house/Cancer. As they rule only one house, they don't link it with any other house. Still, we can get some indications from this. It shows that they will get their best authority and recognition while working from home or in private business setup. Likewise, they may want to be in authority in home setup. They can see lots of ego clashes in home setup, especially while growing-up in their childhood. Their parents can have lots of ego clashes within themselves. Mother can also take the role of Father as Leo is ruled by Sun. Mother remains the central figure at home. They can be very calm and cool to talk with. They can speak with lots of emotions and care. Talking with them can bring some calmness to others. They can be in business of teaching, counselling or healing etc. They can find emotional balance away from home land or by working in business setup. It also shows that they are emotionally connected with their younger siblings and nourish them like a Mother. As Cancer is ruled by Moon, they can be emotionally attached with their interests and skills too.

Venus - It rules 1st house/Taurus and 6th hous/eLibra. They can be normally seen in service of others. They have special love towards animals. Normally, serving others who are under-privileged can be their life path. They can also be working in finance related field. Just like Scorpio ascendants, 1st house lord is also their 6th house lord which means that their life can be all about dealing or resolving obstacles or conflicts, either of others or their own. But their obstacles may not be as turbulent as Scorpion’s because the ruler is a benefic planet Venus in comparison to malefic Mars of Scorpio ascendant. Also, Venus can link their life path to legal or medical side of profession.

Mercury - It rules their 2nd house/Gemini and 5th house/Virgo. It shows the link between their wealth and education. They can earn a lot through any education or knowledge based business where they are supposed to teach and counsel people. Again, financial business, stocks and shares can be good source of wealth. They can be good wealth managers, both for themselves and others. They can be perfectionist in matters of love matters and can be very critical to them. They can be equally perfectionist for their children and may try to secure the best life for them. Communicative environment in family can be a necessity for them.

Mars - It rules 7th house/Scorpio and 12th house/Aries. It shows that their business or spouse can have some foreign connection. At the same time, as 12th house is house of losses, it shows that they feel that time they invest in their partner is gone in loss, just like for a Scorpio ascendant person. They usually feel lost in relationship. As Mars remains a malefic planet which represents dominance struggle and rules 12th house which is 6th from 7th house, it can bring conflicts in their relationship.

Jupiter - It rules 8th house/Sagittarius and 11th house/Pisces. They can gain through serving people by their knowledge and wisdom. It links inconsistencies and ups & downs to their income and gains. They can be very rich one day and poor next day. They can gain from sudden events, in-laws and inheritance too. More changes they go through in their lives, better they will gain in life. So, they should not resist any change. Also, they can go through major changes in their belief system. They can be interested in research oriented higher education.

Saturn rules their 9th house and 10th house which links their career or work with matters of higher education, teaching, guiding and interacting with different cultural people. As Saturn represents Law, it again indicates towards career in law. But as it is Saturn, they may have to work really hard in their education and career. They may have to repeat some classes. They can see results or benefits only after mid-30s. They have to be very patient in matters of career. Also, their belief system gets developed with delay. In early life, they can be challenging their teachers, gurus or religions. Later they find their own way. So, it is all about patience, delay, hard work and perseverance again. It would be better not to work in job-setup.

Again, planetary position, dignity and dashas can change many a things here but foundation will remain like this.

Aries ascendant left. Now, Aries people can know how it feels to be a Pisces ascendant. 


Post on 20th May, 2020

Finally, we will see Aries ascendant today for the series where we will try to link houses with house lords for every ascendant. I won’t cover the basics as to what each house or each planets represent. Also, it is solely based on the houses involved and connection between them through house lords. We are not going to discuss planetary positions in chart.

If Libra Ascendant chart is totally upside down then Aries ascendant chart is totally aligned with the original chart, or as they say the chart of Kaalpurush. For Aries people, 1st house has Aries sign which is natural house of Aries only. 2nd house has Taurus sign which is natural house of Taurus only and so on for every house and sign. So in this case, the energy of house and sign are getting aligned with each other. This can also mean that there is double energy of similar kind in every house. So, they are more intense than any other sign. At the same time, if energies are getting aligned then it doesn't mean that everything is well aligned in their lives. Aligned here only means that they approach the things related with the house with the similar sort of energy represented by house. Like, 4th house is Home, Mother & Emotions and sign falling there is Cancer, so they can be extra emotional or caring towards home or mother. 7th house is relationship and sign falling there is also Libra, a sign of relation. So, they can be intensely looking for relationship but at the same time, they may like to have a very balanced relationship as being Aries ascendant, it may be tough for them to accommodate or adjust after a certain limit.

Sun rules 5th house/Leo and Moon rules 4th house/Cancer. As they rule only one house, they don't link it with any other house. Still, we can get some indications from this. It shows that they will get their best authority and recognition through their education and creativity. They can have ego conflicts with their kids, especially the first child. They can also have ego clashes with their love interests. They can be highly emotional in matters to their home and mother. They may find their peace when they are at home, home land or with mother.

Mars - It rules 1st house/Aries and 8th house/Scorpio. So, it connects their life path with instabilities and changes. They can go through major changes in life. Just like Scorpio and Libra ascendants, it is also their life lesson to accept the changes in life and not to expect stability or consistency in life. They must be receptive towards changes in life. They can also be accident-prone and must take care accordingly while travelling and driving. Mars rulership can also make them like a warrior to face all the uncertainties.

Venus - It rules 2nd house/Taurus and 7th house/Libra. So, it links their wealth with other people/masses and business. It shows that their best wealth will come through business. They can be in relationship with someone known in family. At the same time, Venus is maraka planet for them. It shows that relationship and family life has killing impact on them. They lose themselves in these 2 matters. Their relationship can bring instabilities in family.

Mercury - It rules their 3rd house/Gemini and 6th house/Virgo. So, it links their daily work life with business, communication and self-efforts. They should be resolving conflicts and obstacles of people’s lives through their business and communication. Their relation with younger sibling may not be a good one. They can have diseases related with skin, speech and nervous system. So, they need to take precautions accordingly.

Jupiter – It rules 9th house/Sagittarius and 12th house/Pisces. They can travel to far distant lands for their higher education, religious/spiritual pursuits. They can have good knowledge about religion, philosophy, literature and spirituality. Jupiter can expand their knowledge and can bring wealth through it. Likewise, they can have family away from their birth place.

Saturn – It rules 10th house/Capricorn and 11th house/Aquarius. It shows that they grow in career and income very slowly and with considerable delay and hard work. It is better for them that they should not work under others. Fame and Recognition will come after delay, hard work and perseverance. Saturn ruling these two houses can give them issues with knee-joint and shin. They may not be too popular among people they work with. Relation with elder sibling can also be stressful.

Again, it is only the foundation of their chart without considering planets, dignity, dasha and transit. So, there is much more to look for.


Post on 3rd June, 2020 

A common question during relationship consultation is that if I have chances of divorce in my chart?

The common and simple response is that yes, chances of divorce are there in every chart because every chart has 6th house or 6th house lord of disputes, 12th house or 12th house lord (6th from 7th house - disputes with partner) and Ghatni Karaka etc.

Also, if someone is planning to get married then I am sure that they are looking for a long term bond. Now, in this long duration, you will have all sorts of dashas and transits which can activate houses/planets of disputes and conflicts. You can't expect only smooth sailing dashas to go through whole of your life.

So, there will be good or bad times in any relation and the people in relationship need to realize the complexities involved and work accordingly to sustain the relation.



Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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