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Exaltation & Debilitation of Planets.

Now, we will see one of the most important portion of understanding the strength of a planet. This is called Exaltation or Debilitation of planets. So, in our horoscope, every planet is placed under a house and a sign. Its like you are living in a home. Now, inside environment of home will effect your feelings, like if home is neat and clean or filled with filth. Likewise, planets feels happy in some sign and sad in some sign. Exaltation means planet is at its most powerful stage or over-joyed/happy and can give extremely positive results. Debilitation means a planet is at its weakest point and depends on other planets to give him strength for giving good results. Debilitation doesn't mean that planet is dead. It only means that planet is not feeling great and depends on other planets for help. Exaltation is like you were sitting in your home for years and suddenly you got an opportunity to go on a holiday trip at a destination of your choice and all expenses are paid by someone else. That is exalted/over-joyed.

Another thing is that there was a reason why a particular sign was allotted as exaltation or debilitation sign. It was not randomly done. So, we will see the reasons too.

So, lets see in which sign, planets feel exalted or debilitated.

Sun -

Exaltation - Sun is exalted in Aries and Debilitated in Libra. Sun is our ego. Aries is sign of self. Our ego satisfies ourselves. For our self-identity it is very important that our ego and self esteem is recognised by people. So, Sun becomes exalted in Aries.

Debilitation - Sun is debilitated in Libra. Same reason. Sun is ego. Libra is the sign of relationship. For maintaining relationships with other people, many a times we have to let go of our ego. That's where ego or self esteem gets hurt. Hence, Sun is debilitated here.

Moon -

Exaltation - Moon is mind. Mind needs to feel relaxed to work properly. Mind feels relaxed when everything in life is convenient and all the needs are properly served. Taurus is the sign of wealth and convenience. So, Moon is exalted in Taurus.

Debilitation - Again, Moon is mind and it is afraid of any surprises or shocks. It wants to relax and don't want to dig deep into any issue. Scorpio is the sign of sudden events, surprises and research work. Hence, Moon becomes debilitated in Scorpio.

Mars -

Exaltation - Mars is a soldier, who wants to take action but it is necessary that every action taken should be as per law and order. We don't want people who act as per their own whims and fancies. Capricorn is the sign which represents Law and Order. So, Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Debilitation - Again, what will happen if a soldier will take action or fight against anyone because of his own emotions rather than under the law? It will lead to a chaos. This soldier will not be lesser than a terrorist. What is the sign of emotions? Cancer. So, Mars is debilitated in Cancer.

Mercury -

Exaltation - Mercury is logical thinking and analysis. Virgo is the sign of critically analysing things, going into details and logically finding out the root cause of problem. So, Mercury is exalted when it is placed in Virgo.

Debilitation - Again, Mercury is logical thinking. When does our logical thinking take rest? When we start talking about spirituality, imaginations, other worlds etc. Pisces is the sign which represents these things, hence Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces because logical mind is not at work any more.

Jupiter -

Exaltation - This is very easy to understand. Jupiter is Teacher, Guru. Who is the first teacher of our life? Its Mother. Cancer is the sign which represents Mother's love and emotions. So, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.

Debilitation - Again, as Jupiter is teacher, a teacher is at his best when he teaches without any limitations. If a teacher comes in class and tells "Alright, I am here for next 45 minutes, ask me whatever you want to ask. After that I won't be available". Well, is he teacher or general? This teacher is forced to work under rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are again Capricorn's portfolio. So, Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn.

Venus -

Exaltation - Venus is love and happiness. Ideally, we should be happy for no reasons, because if we are happy for a reason then our happiness will be over as soon as the reason is over. So, be happy for no reason, love without boundaries. Pisces is the sign of no boundaries as it is sign of spirituality. That's why Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Debilitation - Venus is convenience of life. Virgo is the sign of analysing things, daily routine life, facing our enemies and obstacles. That's where convenience gets lost. That's why Venus is debilitated in Virgo.

Saturn -

Exaltation - Saturn is Judge. Judge wants to be in between people, where he can decide who is right and who is not? Libra is the sign of other people. Hence, Saturn loves when it is placed in Libra.

Debilitation - Again, as Saturn is Judge, he wants to remain between people to provide justice. What will happen if you make him a King and put him into a palace to enjoy the royal treatment. He will feel suffocated as he doesn't want to be there. That's why, Saturn is debilitated in Aries, a sign which is more about your self rather than people.

Rahu and Ketu are never exalted or debilitated in any sign.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • @ ST - Thanks. May be.

  • Sir one interesting point to note, Venus gets exalted in Pisces, a sign ruled by Jupiter, a house owned by enemy sign. Maybe becuase two benefic, though opposite energies combine with each other. Likewise, Mars gets exalted in Capricorn, again enemy sign. Two malefic energies (Saturn and mars) combine to form a benefic energy. On the contrary, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, all get exalted in signs ruled by friends and debilitated in signs owned by enemies

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