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Eclipse Month, Oct-2022

Normally, I don’t write any specific article on Solar or Lunar Eclipses every year unless I see that something highly troublesome is coming-up. Coming Solar Eclipse on 25th Oct, 2022 is one such eclipse which is looking like a troublesome one.

For generic information on Eclipses, please check this article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/eclipses . Current article is specifically about Solar Eclipse on 25th Oct, 2022.

So, why this solar eclipse is troublesome? Let’s understand that –

Sun – Solar Eclipse means Sun is going into Eclipse. Sun represents Overall Health, Soul and Career. In Health Issues, it represents Heart and Brain related health issues.

Sun in Libra – Around 25th Oct, 2022, Sun will be in Libra which is Sun’s weakest dignity. Sun is debilitated in Libra. So, it doesn’t matter whether it is eclipsed or not, it is anyways weak in Libra. Moreover, it will be around 7-8 degrees in Libra on 25th Oct, 2022. Sun’s deepest debilitation is at 10 degrees Libra. So, it would be very near to its weakest point. Needless to say that it will be in Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu.

Sun with Ketu – Then this is Solar Eclipse of Ketu-end. Sun will be with Ketu in Libra and Swati. As we know that Rahu & Ketu only keep enmity with Sun & Moon and Ketu is planet of letting-go. So, Ketu end of eclipse can bring situations in life where we may need to let-go of something or someone.

Saturn aspecting Sun – Then Saturn is also aspecting Sun in Libra from its transiting sign Capricorn. This is 10th aspect of Saturn on Sun which is telling us to take responsibility in Sun related matters; i.e. Health and Career.

So, if we see then we may realize that Sun is getting impacted from many angles. It is anyways debilitated/weak as per sign/nakshatra/degree, then it is conjunct with Ketu and then it is aspected by Saturn (both strong enemies of Sun). I guess, we can’t get a weaker Sun.

Only positive thing I can see with this Solar Eclipse is that it is on Deepawali day.

One can say that Sun will get some support from Venus in own sign Libra. Well, it could have been but as I see, Venus is highly combust and actually Cazimi (within 1 degree of Sun) on Solar Eclipse Day. So, I don’t see much help coming from Venus either.

Results - This means that we can see some troublesome situations during this eclipse month (mid of Oct to mid of Nov, 2022) in Health and Career matters.

Precautions – Following are a few preventive measures we can take -

  • In Health Matters, I would suggest people to go through a thorough full-body check-up ASAP and confirm that all parameters are completely under control. Especially those parameters which can bring Heart and Brain related ailments. I said ASAP because if any parameter is not in control then we still have about 15-20 days’ time to bring it under control by taking proactive health-care measures.
  • In Career Matters, especially if you are in job setup and working under others, please look to just sail through this one month. Just limit yourself to your work and avoid any controversy/scandal/ego clashes as much as possible. This is not to say that you should be a mute spectator to any abuse or manipulation. I just meant to say that avoid any tussle as far as possible. Just look to sail through this one month.
  • Even Business people may find their businesses going slow during this one month time as Libra is also sign of Business. Please keep patience as there will be better times in future.
  • As Libra is also sign of Relation, Ego Clashes can bring relationship troubles too. As I always say, Ego and Relationship can’t stay together.

Energy Accumulation in Libra – Last but not the least, there will be a huge energy accumulation in Libra sign from Mid-Oct to Mid-Nov, 2022. We have already discussed the impact of Sun-Ketu in Libra and Saturn’s aspect on Libra. Along with it, Venus-Mercury will also join Sun-Ketu in Libra. This means that 5 planets will be impacting Libra sign. This makes House where Libra falls in your chart as very important and we need to focus and be extra-careful in that area of life. Especially, if that house is also a Dushthana or Upachaya House then we need to be extra careful in matters of health, finance and relationships. 

More generic results or preventive measures you can find here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/eclipses .

Have a good eclipse month with all the proactive and preventive care.



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