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Eclipse Season - My little understanding of Eclipses.

As I said, I have very little understanding and information about the Eclipses. So, there is every possibility that you may find this article having incomplete information. That’s why, please research more on the subject as none can ever have full knowledge of Astrology. What I am writing here is my own experience and of people whose lives I observed during Eclipses. So, this article will tell more about experience than theory part. Let’s try to understand this confusing subject of Astrology through following points – 

What is Eclipse?
How to see Eclipse in Transits?
Confusing Times. 
Effects at Global Level. 
Effects at Individual Level. 

Let’s cover all the points one after the other – 

What is Eclipse? – Eclipse means something that Grasps/Covers as its Hindi/Sanskrit word is Gruhan. Traditional definition of Eclipse is when while moving in its orbit, Moon comes in between Sun and Earth, it is Solar Eclipse as from Earth it looks like Sun is covered by Moon. Likewise, while moving in its orbit, Moon comes behind the Earth and Earth is between Sun and Moon, it is Lunar Eclipse as from Earth it looks like Moon is covered by the shadow of Earth. I can understand that it can be confusing to understand this phenomenon as to when Moon will be in between Sun and Earth or when Earth is in between Sun and Moon. This is where nodes help us in understanding eclipse time easily during transits. 

How to see Eclipse in Transits? – So, take out the chart of the day and see in which signs nodes are? Now, whenever Nodes will be joined by both Sun and Moon at either or both ends of the nodes, it is Eclipse Times. For normal understanding, this is the time when nodes eclipses Sun and Moon. For example – From Jan, 2016, Rahu is in Leo and Ketu is in Aquarius. So, whenever Sun transits into Leo or Aquarius, it is the start of Eclipse Season. Now, during those 30 days, when Sun is conjunct one of the nodes, Full Moon (Purnima) will be Lunar Eclipse and New Moon (Amavasya) will be Solar Eclipse. Now, it can be a situation like we have right now when Nodes are about to change signs. In this case, eclipse can happen in 1 sign before the actual sign of Nodes. Like, we have Lunar Eclipse on 7th Aug, 2017in Capricorn although Ketu is in Aquarius. It is because Ketu is right at the edge of Aquarius and ready to switch into Capricorn and Full Moon is happening in Capricorn. But Solar Eclipse will be in Leo on 21st August as Sun will be in Leo by that time and New Moon will be in Leo. Now, one can say what about another Lunar Eclipse next month in Aquarius when Sun is still in Leo? But by that time, nodes will not be in Leo/Aquarius axis. So in the beginning, it can be very tricky to find the Eclipse Season but with practice, it can be very easy too. 

Confusing Times – Now, is it confusing to understand Eclipse Season? Well, it will be. For the simple reason that Rahu/Ketu are involved. They represent Illusion and Confusion. So, this is what generally you will read about eclipses that it is a confusing time. Like, it is impossible to decode all the secrecy of 8th house, likewise it is impossible to get a correct idea about what an eclipse season can bring to human life. One of the main reason behind this confusion is that Sun and Moon are getting eclipsed by nodes. Sun and Moon are two illuminating planets. They illuminate path of our life at every moment. When they are getting eclipsed by nodes, it shows that we find it hard to see the light in our path as both illuminaries are eclipsed. This causes illusion and confusion. And this confusion during eclipse season will remain as long as humanity remains. Also, eclipses effect us from 5 days before to 5 days after the eclipse. That’s why, they take the whole month as Eclipse Season and tell us to be careful during the whole month of Solar/Lunar Eclipse as it is better than telling the exact dates before each eclipse. It is about having an inclusive approach. So, we need to be very careful in August Month as both eclipses will occur in this month. 

Effects at Global Level – Now, if depends on in which country the full impact of eclipse is falling. That country will be most impacted. Like, Solar Eclipse is on 21st Aug in Leo. Now, on 21st Aug, wherever Leo sign is over whichever country, that country will be most effected. As Countries also have their Charts as per their independence day, so whichever house has Leo in it, that house will be impacted. Likewise, Sun-Leo both represents Govt and Authority, so Govt and Authoritative Figures will be impacted by eclipse. Leo is sign of Celebrities. So, impact on some big Celebrity is possible. One of the common after-effect of eclipse season is Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods and Cyclones, i.e. Natural Disasters. It happens 99% times after eclipses. 

Effects at Individual Level – A common result of eclipses is that people will feel that things related to Sun/Moon are being taken away or eclipsed. Now, effects of eclipse season at individual level can be seen as follows – 
  • Sun – Sun is karaka of Health, Career, Father and Authority. So, people may have issues related with these things during Solar Eclipse. 
  • Moon –Moon is karaka of Mother, Mind, Emotions and Peace of Mind. So, people can have issues related with these things during Lunar Eclipse.
  • Houses Sun/Moon rules – Then person will get results of the houses where Leo/Cancer falls as per his Ascendant. Eclipses of Sun/Moon can also eclipse things related with these houses. 
  • Solar Eclipse – Solar Eclipse can happen with Sun/Ketu or Sun/Rahu conjunction during Eclipse Season. Sun-Ketu will represent the eclipse in which we decide to leave or let go something which is very important for Self. Sun-Rahu will represent the eclipse in which we start something new in our life. So, coming solar eclipse will make us start something new related to the house where it is falling. They also say some new truth comes to fore after Solar Eclipse, but I never found it happening whenever I tried to observe the time after Solar Eclipse. So, I can’t say if that happens or not. 
  • Lunar Eclipse – Lunar Eclipse can happen with Moon/Ketu or Moon/Rahu conjunction during Eclipse Season. Moon-Ketu will represent the eclipse in which we find ourselves isolated with mind & emotions. It means that we won’t be in a positive emotional or mental state. It is not a good time to take any major decision of life. Moon-Rahu will represent the eclipse in which we find ourselves highly emotional. During this time, Emotions will be blown out of proportion. Again, not a good time to take any major decision. We should be in balanced state to decide anything major in life. 
  • Signs Falling – Likewise, we will get results of the houses where those signs are falling in which eclipses are occurring. Like, now wherever Capricorn & Leo are falling in your chart, things related to that house are impacted by eclipses. If these signs are your Ascendant, Sun or Moon signs, then impact will be more. 
  • Dashas – Someone under Rahu-Sun, Sun-Rahu, Rahu-Moon, Moon-Rahu, Sun-Ketu, Ketu-Sun, Moon-Ketu and Ketu-Moon dasha can feel results of eclipses with most intensity. 
  • Nakshatras – Last but not the least, we will get results of the nakshatra in which eclipses happen. Like, coming Lunar Eclipse is in Sravana Nakshatra and Solar Eclipse is in Magha Nakshatra. So, we will get results of Moon again which rules Sravana and Ketu which rules Magha. Sravana is about listening and connection to others. Magha is about sitting on throne and being the King. So, people will work towards connecting with others and working towards gaining authority in their lives after this eclipse. 
Normally, eclipse season/month can be troublesome or challenging on various fronts, as discussed above, but its good results are seen over the next 6 months. So, if you feel that you are going through a hard time in current eclipse season, then analyse this time in Jan-Feb, 2018 when we will have next eclipse season. By that time, you will find some positive events coming out of this eclipse season. 

Conclusion – This is how eclipses impact our life in general. Although, it is always a challenging time but as I said, positive outcomes can be seen in around next 6 months from now on. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have. 


Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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