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Body, Mind & Soul Level of Representation.

Today, I thought of covering an important but less talked about topic which many a times becomes the reason behind confusion among clients after consultation. I talked about it to a certain extent in a video session - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJYNzIPSoJY but I think it is necessary to write a detailed article about it. So, the topic is about confusion around different things represented by same planet, same sign or same house and how to understand that which representation/interpretation is best for us to follow in life. Let’s cover it in following points –


Different Levels of Representation.

Few Examples.

Which Representation to Follow?

An Astrologer’s Duty.


 Let’s begin to understand this –

Introduction – So, when we visit an astrologer or when we even try to study and understand astrological concepts, one of the basic difficulties we face is that every planet, sign or house represents so many things. It can be totally overwhelming for a beginner to understand or grasp that how so many things can be represented by one planet/house/sign? Obviously, it is also tough to memorize all the representations. Then comes the bigger confusion as to which representation to apply while interpreting a planet/house/sign? As a client also, it can lead to utter confusion when different astrologers are applying different representations to same planetary placements and you are left in dilemma to which one to follow? Today, we will try to resolve this confusion.

Different Levels of Representation – All the representations given to a planet/house/sign can be segregated in 3 different levels. These are Tamas, Rajas and Satwa. In English, same could be understood as Body, Mind and Soul. Let’s understand the difference here -

  • Tamas or Body level of representation is the lowest level of representation as those things we need in life for our own self or survival of our body. In a way, we are not concerned with anyone else at this level and we are living life totally for selfish reasons.
  • Rajas or Mind level of representation is higher than the Body level of representation as at this level we are connected with other people and somehow concerned with them. But those people can be a small group of people like our friends or family or relatives etc. So, this is a little higher representation as we are not living a totally selfish life but it is still not the highest level as we are still disconnected from world at large. We have created a private world within this world of our friends or family or relatives etc.
  • Satwa or Soul level of representation is the highest level of representation where we are connected to people at Universal level. We consider everyone as part of our family and try to serve them without any selfish interests at all. Here, the focus shifts totally from me or mine to Universe at large. As we dedicate ourselves to Universal Cause and service to all, this becomes the highest or best level of representation.

Few Examples – Now, let’s understand it with few examples of different representations of planets/houses/signs –

Planet-wise - Venus – Following are different level of representations for Venus -

  • Venus represents Wealth. This is body level or lowest level of representation of Venus as we need it for sustaining our body.
  • Venus represents Relationship. This is mind level or middle level of representation of Venus as our mind feels good when we are in relationship.
  • Venus represents Service & Devotion. This is soul level or highest level of representation of Venus as when we are providing service to others or devoted to a higher cause then we are connected to the whole universe.

House-wise – 3rd house - Following are different level of representations for 3rd house -

  • 3rd house represents will power, courage or ego. Clearly a body level representation as all these things satisfy our own ego/self.
  • 3rd house represents siblings, cousins and neighbours. People with whom you regularly connect and communicate with which makes mind feel good. This is mind level or middle level of representation of 3rd house.
  • 3rd house represents Business and Marketing. Now, you are connected with whole world. This is soul level or highest level of representation of 3rd house.

Sign-wise - We can see the same thing through Signs too. Aquarius - Following are different level of representations for Aquarius –

  • Aquarius represents Gains and Desires much like 11th house as it is 11th sign. A body level representation.
  • Aquarius represents Socializing with others, Friends, Networking Circle and Large Organizations/MNCs, a mind level representation.
  • Aquarius also represents Serving Humanity or Serving a Higher Cause. It is soul level representation of Aquarius.

Which Representation to Follow? – Likewise, we can understand that every planet/house/sign will have 3 levels of representation. Lowest are those things which we need only for our basic survival. Middle level of representation is those things which make us connect with others. Highest level of representation is those things which make us connect with the Universe at large or people at large and make us serve the whole humanity or a higher cause.

Now, question comes that which level of representation we should follow? The Body, The Mind or The Soul Level? If at the same time, a planetary position indicates about gain through job and gain through relationship and gain through service then which prediction we should work on and put our efforts in? As much as I understand, if we achieve the highest level then the lowest level is always or already covered. If you go for entrepreneurship (highest level of representation for Aquarius) then last thing you need to worry about is gains and socializing with people (the 1st two levels of Aquarius). They will be automatically covered once you are an entrepreneur. So, always look to follow the highest/soul level representation of any planetary placement because other 2 levels are already covered within it.

An Astrologer’s Duty – This is also where we feel that astrologers are making mistake by giving different versions of interpretations for the same planetary positions but actually they are not. Different astrologers are using different levels of representations for same planetary placement. If Venus is in 7th house in good dignity, X astrologer can say that you should serve people through your own business (highest level), Y astrologer can say that you will be gravitated towards relationship (middle level) and someone like me can say that you will gain wealth from partner (lowest level). You may feel that at least 2 of these 3 astrologers are wrong but all are correct. It is just that all are using different levels of representation.

This is where I personally feel that astrologers should always stick with highest level of representation because that is the highest possibility one can achieve in this life. That interpretation will make person utilize his best potential and achieve highest recognition for which he is meant. And as I said, when we are giving highest interpretation to any planetary placement then we are automatically covering the lower levels of representation. So, if there is a choice between gaining from corporate world/large group of people/entrepreneurship (all Aquarian representations), then as an astrologer I should tell the client to be an entrepreneur as other two results are already covered within it. Rest is client’s wish what he wants to follow but at least I should tell him the best possibility for his life.

Conclusion – Finally, this is also where the main problem in following this concept. We are conditioned from childhood to live our life for the 2 least representations. 99% of us are either looking for wealth or for relationship as they are told from childhood that these two things are most important in life. Hence, majority of people don’t feel connected with the prediction if anyone tells them to devote to service of others or humanity. This is where people need to realize that if they achieve the highest level then lower levels will automatically achieved.

This is where astrologers also need to realize that they should tell the client his best possibility of achieving high in life, no matter if 99% of them are not interested in knowing that best possibility. Do it for the rest of 1% who are going to understand because even if 1% of people understand their path and devote themselves to serve others then it will be huge service to humanity.

We can take a leaf out of the book of all the spiritual teachers who continue to preach and guide people to follow spiritual path. Do you think that all people who come to listen to them will take this advice? Not even 1% take such talks seriously and apply in their lives but these spiritual teachers are still speaking for that 1 person who can understand this and start following the spiritual path as they know that even that one person can contribute a lot to humanity. Likewise, astrologers should always tell the clients their best possibility to grow in life which will also be beneficial for whole of humanity and let them decide the rest. Let that one person understand it.

Let’s close it with a story –

"When Buddha got enlightened, Gods requested him to share his knowledge with others. Buddha replied that none will be able to understand what I am saying? Gods said that we understand that majority of people won't understand but still speak for those who are able to understand, may it be only one person. Let that one person be benefited". 

Likewise, we are supposed to guide people towards the best/highest possibility for their lives & lives of others and hope that some people will understand and follow it.

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Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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