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Steps involved in finding the right Career Path.

So following are few steps which I follow in finding the right Career Path of my clients. Hope it is helpful. 

Ascendant and position of Ascendant Lord - Ascendant shows the life path of a person and Ascendant Lord’s position shows the direction of life path one needs to take. 

Ascendant Nakshatra and position of Nakshatra Lord - If Ascendant lord shows the life path, then Ascendant Nakshatra and its lord shows the life pattern one would go through.

3. Position of 2nd House and 11th House Lord - Whatever we do in life, it should give us some money in return to live a good life. 2nd house is house of wealth and 11th house is house of income. So, to see about money matters, we look at these houses and their lords. 

10th House and position of 10th House Lord - 10th house and position of its lord show the work environment we should work in.

House of  Horoscope which has 3 or more planets there - Whenever any house of horoscope has 3 or more planets in it, that house becomes the area of life focus for person.

Various Yogas – Analyse different yogas in horoscope. 

Rahu’s position - Rahu is the reason why our soul incarnates in this world. Rahu represents the incomplete actions of our last life, which we are here to complete.

5th House and 5th Lord – 5th house is house of happiness. So, this house and house lord position shows what makes us happy. It is always good to follow what makes us happy as a career as it gives us a Happy Career. 

Sun’s Sign and House position – Sun is natural karaka of Career for all. Its sign and house position gives an indication about the kind of career one should have. 

Venus’ Sign Position – Venus represents our love, means what we love to do.
4th House from Saturn – Saturn is our actions and 4th house is mental peace. So, this position shows what actions can bring peace of mind. 

12. 4th House from Moon – Peace of mind. 

3rd House from Mars – It represents skills of person. 

Bhrigu Bindu (Destiny Point) - There is an Astrological Software named Jagannath Hora. It gives information of something called Bhrigu Bindu. It refers this as person’s destiny point. It means whichever house of horoscope is mentioned as Bhrigu Bindu, person’s destiny will always revolve around things related with that house.

Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka – Atma Karaka is your destination of life, which you are meant to reach and Amatya Karaka will help you reach your destination.

Mahdashas/Antardasha - Now comes the most important thing. The time period of particular planets. So, a horoscope can show tremendous promise as a whole but those promises will not come as result unless person goes through Mahadasha of the planet important.

17. Divisional Charts – Then confirm your finding from D-9 (Righteous Path in Life) and D-10 (Career). 

It might look like lots of indicators and what if these indicators are giving different indications, but it never happens. They all point towards one career, always. 

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer. 

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  • @ Jacky Consider D1 as the main chart for any analysis.

  • Hye, I used that software and saw that BB in d1 was at 1st house and BB in D9 is in 9th house, so how do I determine the purpose of my life?

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