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Bhrigu Bindu (BB) - Destiny Point.

This is a unique way in Vedic Astrology of looking at someone's destiny in this life. As destiny always correspond with someone's Life Path or Career, this is one of the most helpful way to know the Career of person. In my recent Career Consultations, I have used it repeatedly and found that it works & corresponds with the life path/career seen through rest of the chart. Again, don't depend on one placement or concept to judge anything in your chart. Chart must be analysed as a whole. 

Let's cover this concept on following points - 

1. Concept of Bhrigu Bindu. 
2. Calculation of Bhrigu Bindu. 
3. Jagannath Hora Software.
4. Application of Bhrigu Bindu. 
5. Conclusion. 

As always, let’s deal with all the points’ one after the other – 

1. Concept of Bhrigu Bindu (BB) – As name suggests, I would assume that this concept is from Bhrigu Sanhita or Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish and invention of Sage Bhrigu. Another reason behind this assumption is this concept is based on Rahu’s position in chart and, as I heard, original text of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra didn’t include Rahu & Ketu. But all this is hearsay information, please don’t quote me on that. Main reason behind my natural assumption is the name of Sage Bhrigu is accompanied with this concept. So, this concept says that middle point of Rahu and Moon in your chart is your Destiny Point or Bhrigu Bindu. What does it mean? It means that 1st check where Rahu is placed in your chart (Sign, House and Degree) and then check where Moon is placed in your chart (Sign, House and Degree) and then calculate the distance between these two planets degree-wise and then divide the degree by 2. Now, whatever remainder has come, count the same number of degrees from Rahu. In whichever house it falls, that house will become your Bhrigu Bindu or Destiny Point. It means your destiny will revolve around that house, house lord or planets impacting that house either by placement or aspect. 

2. Calculation of Bhrigu Bindu (BB) – Now, let’s understand this not-so complicated calculation with following three examples – 
  • Suppose for Aries Ascendant, someone has Rahu in Aries in 1st house at 10 degrees and Moon at Leo in 5th house at 20 degree. Now, let’s calculate degree-wise distance between Rahu and Moon. Rahu has 20 degrees to cover in Aries = 20 degrees. Then 30 degrees each of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer = 30 x 3 = 90 degrees. Then 20 degrees of Leo where Moon is sitting = 20 degrees. So, the distance between Rahu & Moon is 20 + 90 + 20 = 130 degrees. Now, divide it by 2. 130/2 = 65 degrees. Now, count 65 degrees from Rahu’s position. Rahu is at 10 degrees Aries in 1st house. So, 20 degrees of Aries/1st house + 30 degrees of Taurus/2nd house + 15 degrees of Gemini/3rd house will make 65 degrees from Rahu. Hence, we will arrive at 3rd house/Gemini as Bhrigu Bindu. This person’s destiny will always revolve around matters of 3rd house, i.e. Business, Communication, Counselling/Teaching, Younger Siblings, wherever 3rd house lord Mercury is placed and whichever planets impact the 3rd house by sitting or aspecting it. 
  • Now, a tough example. Suppose for Cancer Ascendant, someone has Rahu in Scorpio in 5th house at 23 degrees and Moon at Virgo in 3rd house at 18 degree. Now, let’s calculate degree-wise distance between Rahu and Moon. Rahu has 7 degrees to cover in Scorpio = 7 degrees. Then 30 degrees each of Sagittarius to Leo, means 9 signs in total = 30 x 9 = 270 degrees. Then 18 degrees of Virgo where Moon is sitting = 18 degrees. So, the distance between Rahu & Moon is 7+270+18 = 295 degrees. Now, divide it by 2. 295/2 = 147.5 degrees. Now, count 147.5 degrees from Rahu’s position. Rahu is at 23 degrees Scorpio in 5th house. So, 7 degrees of Scorpio/5th house + 30 degrees each of Sagittarius to Pisces/6th house to 9th house + 20.5 degrees of Aries/10th house will make 147.5 degrees from Rahu. Hence, we will arrive at 10th house/Aries as Bhrigu Bindu. This person’s destiny will always revolve around matters of 10th house, i.e. Career, Govt, Law, Status, Rank, Society etc, wherever 10th house lord Mars is placed and whichever planets impact the 10th house by sitting or aspecting it.
  • Now, you can also use minutes with degrees in Calculation. Like for Scorpio Ascendant, someone has Rahu in Leo in 10th house at 24.20 degrees and Moon at Taurus in 7th house at 13.45 degree. Now, let’s calculate degree-wise distance between Rahu and Moon. Rahu has 5.40 degrees to cover in Leo = 5.40 degrees. Then 30 degrees each of Leo to Aries, means 9 signs in total = 30 x 9 = 270 degrees. Then 13.45 degrees of Taurus where Moon is sitting = 13.45 degrees. So, the distance between Rahu & Moon is 5.40 + 270 + 13.45 = 289.25 degrees. Now, divide it by 2. 289.25/2 = 144.45 degrees about. Now, count 144.45 degrees from Rahu’s position. Rahu is at 24.20 degrees Leo in 10th house. So, 5.40 degrees of Leo/10th house + 30 degrees each of Virgo to Sagittarius/11th house to 2nd house + 19.05 degrees of Capricorn/3rd house will make 144.45 degrees from Rahu. Hence, we will arrive at 3rd house/Capricorn as Bhrigu Bindu. This person’s destiny will always revolve around matters of 3rd house, i.e. Business, Communication, Counselling/Teaching, Younger Siblings, wherever 3rd house lord Saturn is placed and whichever planets impact the 3rd house by sitting or aspecting it.
3. Jagannath Hora Software – Now, I can understand if this calculation is little tedious for few. Although, it can be mastered by calculating over 10-15 charts but there is a easy way of downloading Jagannath Hora Software which is available for free online at this link - http://www.vedicastrologer.org/jh/. This software shows Bhrigu Bindu as BB in one of the house of horoscope. So, you need not to calculate it and you can directly try to interpret it. This software also shows BB for Divisional Charts which we can take destiny point where that particular area of life (corresponding to D chart) will revolve. Like, if BB is at 3rd house in D-9 chart of Marriage, it means marriage will prosper if person can communicate well with partner or communications between couple will be foundation of marriage but again we need to check 3rd house lord and planets impacting 3rd house. Likewise, if BB is at 4th house in D-10 chart of Career then it means destiny of person’s career will revolve around working from home or private places or having a home based Business or Career in Real Estate but again we need to check 4th house lord and planets impacting 4th house.

4. Application of Bhrigu Bindu – Generic concept is that whichever house BB is falling into, your destiny will revolve around the things and people connected with that house. But as generally it happens with astrology, this is again half information. Your destiny will not only revolve around things and people of BB house but destiny will also have important association with the house where the house lord is placed and also with the planets sitting or aspecting BB house. Like, if someone’ BB is 3rd house where he has Sun-Mercury-Mars at Capricorn. So, 3rd house signification, 3rd house lord Saturn natural significations, significations of house where Saturn is placed and then natural significations and house ruler-ship of Sun-Mercury-Mars in the chart will have its impact on the destiny of person. Last but not the least, we also need to check the aspects at 3rd house or any yoga which 3rd house planet is forming. 

5. Conclusion – As discussed above and as I said, it is a good way to find someone’s right life path and career but as always, nothing should be used as a quick way to predict in Astrology. So, don’t jump on to conclusion if you see BB in 5th house that person will have career in Creative Field because that person may not go through MD of 5th house during his active career oriented age. So, this is also one of the way to predict things but it is not the only way to predict things. It should be used in combination of other steps of finding right life path or career path as I discussed earlier in http://astrosaxena.com/careercounsultations.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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  • When I will get job is it government job or private birth time -8:10 am Name -Dattatreya Banerjee Date of birth 10/11/2000 Birth place -Cooch Behar West Bengal India Birth time

  • Dear Sir! My BB is in my 5th house Saggi. ( Moola pada 4 ), Jupiter in my 2nd house Virgo ( Chitra pada 2 ) conj. with my Sun and Mercury Libra ( Chitra pada 3 and 4 ). Please tell me whats my destiny? Thank you

  • Very clearly explained. Thank you. Look forward to more such articles.

  • S - in gaining authority and recognition.

  • Sir My bhrigabindu is in 10th house in aquirius and 10th lord saturn in aquirius 10th house itself at 29degrees aspected my mars from 4th house....PLZZ tell where my destiny revolve around

  • Thanks a lot for reply

  • GDS - Destiny in dealing with instability and ups/downs in home/family life and finances. Thanks,

  • Being my tula lagna, my B.B.is in fourth house whereas fourth lord Saturn is in second house in scorpio.Jupiter espects fourth house from twelfth house and Mercury is placed in fourth house itself.Mercury is vargottam as in the same rashi in Lagna and Navansh.Please tell my destiny.

  • Thank you for the reply! Appreciate it much!

  • J - destiny around knowledge, higher education and sharing knowledge with others.

  • Hi SPB, what does destiny revolves around for Leo Asc with BB in 9th house Aries, and house lord Mars in 10th house please?

  • AS - yes please

  • Sir can same method be used for knowing the Nakshatra where Brighu bindu is placed?

  • Sr - Destiny around knowledge sharing and spirituality.

  • Sir my BB is in the 9th house in sagittarius and Jupiter is retrograde in 12th house in purvabhadra nakshatra. Please tell what this indicates.

  • S - good for business and difficult for relationship.

  • Guruji, I am a cancer Ascendant and Brigu Bindu in 7th House - Capricon. Lord of 7th House Capricon is Saturn is in Cancer (1st house) 180 degrees opposite to Brigu Bindu. Exalted Moon in 11th house and Rahu in Libra - 4th house. Is this it bad or Good.

  • SS - BB is at 16 degree in the same house.

  • Sir my Rahu(13°)& moon(19°) in 7th house

  • PT - 6th house. destiny around home, mother, knowledge sharing etc.

  • Virgo ascendant, Rahu 0.46*Aquarius and Moon 0.51*Aquarius. Would the BB be in 12 th house ? Or 6 th house? Lord of 12 th house in in Virgo and lord of 6 th house is in 4 th house. What would be the purpose of life?

  • P - it needs detailed analysis.

  • Hello sir, my BB falls in 7th house 8.24degrees Scorpio, and my Seventh lord(Mars) is in 8th house Sagittarius conjunct with Venus, mercury and Saturn. Please advise my destiny point. Thanks

  • Rp- your partner can be from different culture.

  • Sir my rahu is in 5th at 7.4 degree in leo and moon is at 21 degrees in 2nd house in Taurus. My BB is in the 9th house in the sign of sagittarius. My 9th lord is my darakaraka in the 12th house as well. So can this say something about my spouse.

  • R - destiny will revolve around occult, mysticism, foreign lands and spirituality.

  • Sir, I have brigu bindu in 12th house scorpio with Pluto in it and mars is placed in 7th house gemini with venus and getting aspect from Jupiter in 1st house in sagittarius, what does it mean?

  • @ KH - As I know, it is calculated like this only. Thanks

  • Sir, Rahu moves Retro and you have counted Rahu degrees to Moon in Direct Motion

  • Sir, the Rahu moves retro while in your calculations you have counted Rahu degrees in direct motion. If Rahu is placed in Aries & Moon in Leo, then the degrees should be counted from Aries, Pisces,Aquarius & so on till Moon position in Leo as per your words that Rahu has to complete degrees in Aries.

  • @ Jay -I have no idea.

  • Sir is Sakthi Bindu and BB the same?

  • @ Biswanath - Same. Substract Rahu degree from Moon degree and divide by 2.

  • Nice & informative article. What if moon & rahu sitting in the same house? How to calculate then? Please respond. Thanks in advance.

  • @ MK - it needs detailed analysis. Cant be replied in a comment.

  • Sir I have BB in third house in virgo sign with no planets in the house what is my destiny

  • @ Adi - Career determination needs detailed analysis. please apply for career consultation.

  • hello vishal ji, i have BB in my 5th house with rahu placed in it...5th lord mars is exalted in 7th house.saturn aspecting the BB from 8th house..And i have BB in the 5th house of my D10 as well.what will be my destiny and career please reply..Thanks

  • @KCM - destiny revolving around education, sports, creativity and children.

  • Sir, I am Sagittarius ascendant with Jupiter in sravana 2nd pada , rahu & moon in krittika 1st pada. I think my BP is in 5th house. What does it indicate for me? Thanks in advance

  • @ SJ - it needs a detailed analysis. You can apply under specific consultation through consultation tab. Thanks,

  • Dear Vishal thank you for this precious article on BB...Please guide as a Guru on my destiny point In my birth chart BB lies in 2nd house(Sagittarius) in which Mars and venus are placed and Sagittarius lord is placed in my first house along with the the Mercury and sun.. What destiny has written for me....

  • @ UD - it would need a detailed analysis. Please apply under specific consultation.

  • Hello Mr.Saxena, I am a cancer ascendant with BB in 3rd house (with mars and Saturn- also amatyakaraka). Mercury is in Taurus in 11th. What will be my destiny. My Rahu is in 12th house. I am wanting to reside in foreign and do business. Does this alignment support the configuration?

  • @ IJG - Yes, confirmed.

  • Dear Mr.Saxena, Rahu in Aries is 10 degrees and the Moon in Leo is 20 degrees. Since Rahu is always retrograde it will enter into Pisces after completing 10 degrees and not into Taurus. Clarification needed

  • @ AR - business, other people , masses.

  • Hi sir, My BB is in 7th house. I am Libra ascendant. My Venus is in 12th house. What will be my destiny.

  • @ Pritam - ur destiny may revolve around higher education, teaching, publishing things.Thanks,

  • Dear Vishal Sir, What does it mean if my BB is in the 9th house sign of Virgo. The sign lord Mercury is sitting in 3rd house with sun (not combust) in the sign of pisces for Capricorn ascendant. The 3rd lord Jupiter is sitting in 12th house of Sagitarrius. What area is the destiny leaning towards? Regards Pritam

  • @ Jagan - replied in email.

  • HELLO Vishal, If BB falls in 9th house , virgo sign and 9th house lord mercury in 12th house , then what is his destiny ? No planet in 9th house. Rahu aspecting the 9th house.

  • Thank you very much.

  • @ SM - you should work for yourself in creative fields, interests and passion.

  • Also my 1st n 8th lord ( Venus ) ,is sitting in my ascendant ( libra ).

  • @ SM - destiny revolving around foreign lands and foreign ppl, you can be inclined towards guiding people , u can be very analytical. Thanks,

  • Hello Vishal Sir, My Bhrigu bindu is in 12th house n house lord Mercury is in 10th house in conjunction with Jupiter. Mars, Rahu and Moon (10th house lord) are sitting in 12th house. Can you please tell about my destiny n career. Thank you.

  • @ SS - yup u r right. communicating about your higher knowledge is your destiny. Thanks,

  • Hi sir. I have consulted you before for a specific topic . My BB is in 9th house. My 9th house lord sun is sitting in 3rd house (Aquarius). Does that mean my destiny is to spread spirituality by communicating with others?

  • @ Shalini - Destiny towards teaching and communicating with ppl in matters of higher knowledge. Thanks

  • Hello Sir My BB is in third house Aries. Saturn sitting here and mars in Sagittarius. Please tell me about my destiny. Thanks in advance

  • @ NK - you are supposed to serve people with your knowledge of occult, spirituality and through your business. Thanks,

  • Hello sir. In my Birth chart BB is in 8th house in Pieces. I am Leo ascendent having Moon in First House. Sun Jupiter Mercury Venus are in 3rd House. Mars is with Rahu in 4th House. Saturn is in 6th House. Can you please tell me something about my destiny? Thanks in advance sir.

  • Hello sir, In my Birth chart BB is in 8th house in pieces, I am Leo ascendent, having Moon in 1st House, Sun Jupiter Mercury Venus are in 3rd House(Libra) , Mars is with Rahu in 4th House (Scorpio) , Saturn in 6th House (Capricorn) ...Can you please tell me something about my destiny.? Thanks in advance sir.

  • @ Rahul - it means that you should dedicate yourself to serve humanity or serve a higher cause through your research, business and communication.

  • hello sir , i took your career consultation lat year . i came to know today that my BB is in 11th house , ketu sitting , 11th house lord is mercury sitting in lagna (leo) ,,, kindly interpret for career

  • Thank you very much !

  • @ Luka - Destiny revolving around issues related to home, mother and home based business. Thanks,

  • Hello Sir, i am Pisces ascendant and my BB is in 2nd house in Aries. There are no planets in this house and also no aspects. The lord of the 2nd house (Mars) is in 4th house in Gemini. What does this mean for me?

  • @ vishal - u can be good as teacher or counsellor.

  • Vishal Sir, My BB lies in 12th house and 12th lord mars is in 2nd house(sign capricorn shravan nakshatra) conjunct with sun and mercury.I have saturn and venus in 3rd house.Jupiter and moon in 1st house Sagittarius.Please tell me what does it signify.

  • Vishal Sir, I have BB in 12th house and 12th lord mars is placed in 2nd house(sign capricorn sharavan nakshatra) in conjunction with sun and mercury.I am Sagittarius ascendant with jupiter and moon(both mula) in the same.Saturn and venus are conjunct in 3rd house.Can you please tell me what does it signify?

  • @star - destiny revolves around emotionally connecting and serving others.

  • Hi, I want to know the significance if my BB in 7th house karka rashi pushya nakshatra?

  • Your welcome Jenis

  • thank you so much sir for the reply

  • @ jenis - desiny revolving around knowledge, occult, elder sibling, and profession.

  • vishal sir, my destiny point is in 12th house.. and 12th lord Jupiter is in 11th house in scorpio, and mars rahu in 10th house. can you please tell me what does this signify?

  • @ rinki - destiny revolving around home, mother and transformations related with them.

  • Hello Sir, I am a pisces ascendant and my BB is in 4th house Gemini, aspecting by Jupiter from 12th house. My 4th house lord mercury sits in 8th. Can you please tell what it signify?

  • Thanks Sobani, wish you the same.

  • Vishal Sir,Thank You so much for your prompt reply, I praying for you a long life and good health on this earth to enlighten us.My Pranam!!!!!!!!

  • @ sobani - i consider D-1 chart. ur destiny may revolve around own business and communications. Thanks,

  • Dear Vishal Sir, My Ascendent is Pisces,my BB showing in Rasi Chart in 03 house(House Lord-Ve) with kethu ,aspecting Rahu from 09th House.Sir but in Bhava Chalith Chart it has jumped to 02 house(House Lord-Ma) with kethu aspecting Moon from 08th House, kindly explain this Sir, Thanks for enlightening us from your knowledge. Soba

  • @ Keyuri - Destiny will revolve around education and teaching/counselling others.

  • Hello sir, what does it mean if my BB comes in 5 th house where Jupiter is placed for virgo ascendant and 5 th lord Saturn is in 7 th house.

  • @ Vignesh - Cant say like this. It has to be seen in theme of whole chart, prima-facie it shows distant relation with father, stress in relations, and delays in finding life path and career. Thanks,

  • Dear sir, nice article, if the BB is in 1st house Aquarius asc and Saturn posited in the same house (Aquarius) and is receiving aspect from 7th house sun (Leo) what would that mean for me thanks

  • @ karthik - your destiny may revolve around dealing with ego in relationships. Thanks.

  • Hello sir , nice explanation. I need to know what it could mean if bb is in 12th house for Virgo asc n sun in Pisces ?

  • Thanks Simonche. :)

  • Awesome article Vishalche!

  • Thank you!! :D

  • @ Ganaka - it would show destiny would revolve around self engaged with creativity, education or children etc. It all depends on the planet involved and its dignity. Astrology is all inclusive. Please take conj and aspect in consideration too.

  • This BB topic is great! What it is in ascendant and there is no planet on ascendant But its lord sitting in 5th house? Can we consider it is something related with creative related thinfs? Do we take other planet aspects on this lord as well?

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