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The Law of Attraction Vs Astrology

So, let's close the year 2018 with an offbeat article, i.e. The Law of Attraction Vs Astrology.

I am in field of astrological predictions for last 4 years now and have seen events happening as per the astrological charts, dashas and transits. Sometimes those events took place up to hitting the exact degree, as in events took place on the day when a transiting planet hit exact degree on which it was supposed to give the event. And when these events are happening more often than not, it makes you have profound faith in astrology that it can show us events of the future.

But then there is other school of thinking which says that an event can take place due to profound thinking and conviction of individual. It is called Law of Attraction where a person can attract things or events for him as per his wishes. There are many examples where people claimed that things have happened in their lives as per Law of Attraction.

Hence, I was asked many a times by my friends/clients as to how events actually happen? So, let's deal with this question today as per my little knowledge on these 2 subjects. As always, article is open for comments and people can share their experiences about both fields to reach a more conclusive opinion hence there will be no "conclusion" written in this article. 

Let's analyse this topic on following points -

Occurrence of events as per Law of Attraction.

Occurrence of events as per Astrology.

Limitations of Law of Attraction.

Limitations of Astrology.

Law of Attraction aligned with Astrology

Real Life Example


How events actually happen?

Occurrence of events as per Law of Attraction – I can understand from where this question is raised because Law of Attraction is looking ridiculously easy to have your desires done. It works on simple principles of 3 words, i.e. Ask, Believe and Receive. It means whatever you want from God or Universe; you just need to ask for it from Universe and start believing with conviction that you already have it and then one day you will receive it. So, it looks so easy that whatever I want in my life, I can simply ask for it and I just need to believe in having it already and one day I will have it. To a great extent, this theory satisfies the human ego and desire-oriented mind that we can manage our lives as per our wishes and we can get things/people in our lives as per our desires. Hence, such following of this theory. The most popular book and video on Law of Attraction is The Secret - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3isjlvccc0 .

Occurrence of events as per Astrology – Occurrence of events as per Astrology is little complicated which depends largely on 3 factors again, i.e. your birth horoscope, dasha periods and annual transits. Every stream of Astrology has its different sets of rules and even every Astrologer can develop his own way to predict events. But by and large, every Astrological system uses these 3 factors and they predict event as they see. Now, the prediction only means that there is a possibility of X event happening in coming 1 year time, hence individual should start putting his efforts in that area of life. People like me also say that if you are aligned with your charts and dashas then life can be easy for you. God’s will is always much easier to follow than our own will. If I am going through a time of separation and I am trying for relationship, then I am just increasing my problems and stress. Sooner or later, I have to surrender to God’s will.

Now, let’s see where both topics of discussion have their limitations –

Limitations of Law of Attraction – So, give this a thought –

  • Who asks and believes in this world that he will meet with an accident, loss in business or would have a surgery? But these events do take place.
  • Which parent in the world asks and believes that their child will commit suicide? But many children and even adults do commit suicide due to childish reasons. As an astrologer, I am so used to hearing the threats of committing suicide from anyone going through little bit of rough time that such threats have stopped impacting me.
  • At the time of relation/marriage, who asks and believes that he/she will have separation/divorce but these events also take place regularly.
  • So, Law of Attraction may be working but in a very limited sphere and would be having some pre-conditions to give its full results which we will discuss further.

Limitations of Astrology – Limitations of Astrology are actually the limitations of Astrologers. It is just like if a medical practitioner commits a mistake then we don’t blame the whole medical science. Likewise, if an Astrologer is committing a mistake then we can’t term whole of astrology itself as null and void. I have earlier discussed the topic of believer/disbeliever in occult sciences here and tried to give my logic in some details - https://www.astrosaxena.com/occult-and-ego. Saying that one astrologer committed mistake, hence we don’t believe in astrology, is childish. Humanitarian mistakes can be everywhere in any field. I am perfectly aware of implications of astrologer’s mistakes especially in relationship matters but it only proves my point that relationship/marriage predictions should not be part of predictive astrology. Anyways, back to today’s topic.

Law of Attraction aligned with Astrology – Now, one thing is sure that both theories work in some cases and they both don’t work in some cases. Supporters of both sides can’t claim 100% results and they can’t even be blamed for 0% results. As always, everything in life is grey. So, now we need to see if there are any common themes of Astrology & Law of Attraction where they can work together, aligned with each other. If Law of Attraction can get little guidance and direction from Astrology then we can use both theories simultaneously for our benefits. Let’s see if it is possible –

  • As I understand, the most important part of Law of Attraction is middle part of Belief. 1st part of “Asking what you want” is easy and last part of “Receiving what you want” is easy. The middle portion of “believing as if you have got it” is toughest because how can you believe in having something which you don’t have. It is mere “wishful thinking” or “day-dreaming”. As I understood, when Law of Attraction talks about “believing”, it is more about having a complete conviction over something rather than mere belief and unless you have a very strong mind, such conviction is hard to achieve.
  • Human mind is so fickle. It roams around from one thought to another thought within a second. We can be absolutely certain about doing something at 10 am but by 10.30 am we can give a second thought over it. Such is nature of human mind. In that case, what we can expect from Law of Attraction because we are not attracting the same thing/event with conviction. And here astrology can come as a guidance.
  • As we know that Moon represents Mind, Mercury represents Thoughts and Jupiter represents our beliefs, strength of these 3 planets can decide how well a person can use Law of Attraction in his favour.
  • Also, Mars connection with Jupiter or Moon can show our convictions and our adamant/stubborn thinking about getting anything till we get it. Hence, the person who has these planets or combinations as strong in chart can have better chance of using Law of Attraction in his favour.
  • But even beyond this, even if someone doesn’t have these planets or combinations strong, I feel that he can still use Law of Attraction in his favour by only following and acting as per his dasha and transits. This is what I call getting aligned with your chart’s energy.
  • Suppose if someone is going through a career oriented dasha and transit which can bring great results in his career then he should divert his whole focus or attention towards career motives. That’s when Law of Attraction can work for him in Career matters. Thinking about relationship in that time will be a mere passing thought without any conviction which may not attract anything for him. Basically, that thought itself won’t last long more than few minutes as whole dasha is career oriented.
  • Likewise, if a person is going through a dasha/transit which is not supportive of relation or we may say that it is more supportive of separation then any thought of being in relationship or marriage will again be just a wishful thinking and day-dreaming because again that thought won’t last long. If such person is in relation then time and again thoughts of separation will be in mind as that’s what dasha is supportive off. For Law of Attraction to work in our favour a thought should be strong as conviction and must sustain for a very long time to make it work. Now, whichever dasha/transits you are going through, your thoughts will be as per that dasha/transits and things activated by them. Those thoughts can sustain for a long term as a conviction. Other thoughts can be just travellers.

Real Life Example – And as always, I like to give examples from my own life of what I am trying to convey. So, I am under Jupiter MD from Feb, 2011. Let’s see how dasha and transits kept me focused at different things as per their nature –

  • Jupiter-Jupiter dasha (Feb, 2011 to Mar, 2013) – My Jupiter is in 9th house/Cancer. Jupiter and 9th house both represent religion, philosophy etc and this time was totally dedicated towards studying different religions. I did my bit of research on Mahabharat and was completely blown-away by that story. I made my 1st pathetic attempt to make YT videos on Mahabharat Stories during that time but then settled in writing same stories through a FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/mahabharatstories/ and had a realization that I am better writer than speaker. In the meanwhile, I was getting results at my job and had a promotion/job change too but somehow my mind never got away from Mahabharat and other religious studies. It may sound funny but at my job also, my colleagues were interested in listening stories from Mahabharat during free times. So, Jupiter-Jupiter dasha kept my thoughts focused at religious studies and I attracted those things and results. So, Law of Attraction worked as per my dasha and transits.
  • Jupiter-Saturn dasha (31st Mar, 2013 to Oct, 2015) – Saturn dasha always brings changes and I have Saturn in my 10th house of career, hence I was supposed to have change in entire career, yet again. I remember very well that I watched 1st video on Astrology in last week of March, 2013 and next 2 years were completely dedicated to Astrology. Saturn was transiting through Scorpio and I was having Jupiter return in 9th house. Situations at my job became more and more stressful and I was doing it for namesake. Even at job, I used to keep one tab of astrological videos open with earphones on and rather than work, I was focused on learning Astrology. An awareness soon struck that I am here for a major shift. But again, Saturn AD kept my thoughts focused on Scorpio and 9th house related things and during this dasha only I quit the job and switched to being a full time Astrologers. So, Law of Attraction again worked as per my dasha and transits. Other thoughts of other areas of life still came and went away as quick travellers.
  • Jupiter-Mercury dasha (Oct, 2015 to Jan, 2018) – Mercury is business and it is in my 3rd house of business. It is also 7th from my Jupiter which is again a house of business. So, whole Mercury AD was focused on Business. My whole thought process was focused on how to settle myself in this business as I had taken the biggest risk of my life. So, Mercury dasha never allowed any other thought to come in my mind for a substantial time. Again, just before entering Mercury AD, Osho entered in my life to change my whole mindset and hasn’t he proved helpful in my business. So again, thoughts, beliefs and convictions in my mind were as per dasha active and again other random thoughts were nothing more than travellers.
  • Jupiter-Ketu dasha (Jan, 2018 to Dec, 2018) – For many people, it may be a shock that I don’t read much of Osho now. I have still got 2 books of his to be read and I try to finish them but now it is not a regular thing for me to read Osho. Whatever I post on Osho is what I read during Mercury AD, nothing new. And this isolation/separation from reading Osho occurred just a week before starting Ketu AD. As Ketu AD was about to start there was a clear separation from reading anything new, not only from Osho but from anyone. It was not that I don’t like Osho now but it was just a feeling of exhaustion that I have read him enough for my need in this life or at least for the time being. Ketu represents separation and it was unbelievable that at 1st place it separated me from Osho. And then whole of Ketu AD was dedicated in research, investigation occult and consultations, nothing else. I tried my hand in meditation also as I was almost feeling a pull towards it but as I progressed in Ketu AD, I felt isolated from even meditation. So again, thoughts, beliefs and convictions in my mind were as per dasha active and again other random thoughts were nothing more than travellers. One more thing I practiced during this time is detachment. I remained with everyone but stayed detached from everyone. All Ketu traits and I attracted the results of Ketu nature in my life.
  • So, this is what I am trying to say that if we align our thoughts as per our charts, dasha and transits, they will naturally be more focused & full of conviction and we will attract results as per those thoughts. But if our dasha is indicating towards X event and we are trying to get Y event then 1st of all that thought of Y event may not be strong enough as it is not supported by chart, dasha and transits then we won’t have any conviction over it. It will be mere wishful thinking and day-dreaming.

Belief – Again, back to the basic limitation of Law of Attraction, i.e, belief up to the point of conviction. Here are some additional points which can become blocks on the way –

  • If we are unable to sustain one thought/belief for a long time with conviction then very little Law of Attraction can do for us.
  • Then there are many people involved in one event. What if the other people or even one of them have a different belief conflicting yours and if that person has more conviction then whose thought/belief will attract event?
  • Especially in relationship matters where many people and sometimes 2 families or whole society gets involved. Now, every individual can have conflicting thought/belief/conviction over the same relationship. Law of Attraction has to give due respect to everyone’s belief then what we can expect in such cases?
  • Hence, it is always better to allow thoughts/beliefs as per our chart, dasha & transits and we may get better results of Law of Attraction and Astrology both. And actually, it is not in our hands to allow or focus on a thought as it is also coming as per dashas. So, we will be automatically get these thoughts and focus on it. Other random thoughts will come and pass-away like travellers but we will remain focused of thoughts/beliefs as per chart, dasha & transits.

How events actually happen? – Now finally, how an event actually happens? Through Law of Attraction or through Astrology or any other method? Let’s understand it through the greatest treatise of Karma and Law of Cause & Action in human history, i.e. Bhagvad Geeta. It is where Arjun asks Krishna how a negative event or sin takes place? Who forces us to do anything wrong? As per my understanding of Bhagvad Geeta –

  • This Universe functions through 3 Gunas, i.e. Satwa, Rajas & Tamas. Satwa is considered as creative or good energy. Rajas is considered as an energy of consumption or enjoyment. Tamas is considered as destructive energy.
  • Normally, they say that Tamas is negative energy as it destroys or stops things. But all energies are equally necessary. Destruction or stopping of anything is equally important as it is foundation of something new. Like, if I had not quit my job then I couldn’t have expected to write this article today.
  • So, every event starts with the basic initial thought of one of these energies. That thought can be of Satwa nature, Rajas Nature or Tamas Nature.
  • Now, here is where we have that bit of free-will when we got the initial thought at seed level. At that time, thought and its energy is not strong enough to overpower mind and we can just relinquish that thought then & there if it is negative one and move on to next thought. But even to use this bit of free-will we need a person who is conscious, aware and mindful.
  • But once we allowed that thought to prosper in our mind with time, focus and attention then after a certain time that energy can make us do anything and that’s how actions or events take place in our life. Now, it depends on the Satwa, Rajas or Tamas nature of thought to decide the nature of event.
  • For example, a small study in criminology says that almost everyone in world has thought of committing one or the other crime in life, either minor or major. But not everyone commits a crime. Crimes are committed by those who are unable to relinquish that Tamasic thought from mind and it overtakes them.
  • Like Duryodhan was a personification of Ego, Jealousy and Hatred in Mahabharat. So, he went on executing Tamasic energy throughout Mahabharat without any realization as you can’t be aware when are filled with Ego, Jealousy and Hatred.
  • On the other hand, there was a character of Vidur in Mahabharat, the most learned and most aware. He was awareness personified. There was one incident when Vidur came to meet Dhritarashtra and Dhritarashtra asked him to take his seat.Vidur said that 1st King should take his seat then only he can sit. Dhritarashtra felt irritated and said, why you are so much about following morales and none is in this room besides me to see who has taken the seat 1st and I am also blind? Vidur replied, Besides you, I am also here in the room to see who has taken the seat 1st.
  • This is answer of a supreme aware person who is watching himself all the time. Such person cannot do any wrong act as he won’t allow any Tamasic thought to stay for long. Again, such state of awareness can only be achieved through meditation and mindfulness.

Article open for comments.

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.

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  • @ Mansi - Glad you liked it. You can start by gathering information from different sources. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you need some study material. Thanks,

  • Great article! I totally get the ‘aligning with your chart’ part. Sometime back, even I made a conscious change in my life just in order to align with my chart. I had tried hard to work against against the transits (not dasha maybe), but that never accomplished anything longterm. But when I made that choice (which was difficult but necessary), things fell into place in a few months. Now, I am in Saturn return, (transit in 8th house Capri), and I really want to finally learn astrology. But still not sure whether I should start. (as I am already burdened with my PhD education).

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