Concept of Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti and Bhagyodaya.

In this article, I am covering two small yet important concepts of Astrology. As always, there is much fog around these and other like Astrological Concepts which I continue to clear in light of prevalent conditions we are living in. My only effort is not to curse anyone else’s point of view but only to apply Astrology as per the need of prevailing circumstances. I am bound to say that no matter how important is an Astrological Concept but if it doesn’t fit and help people due to social circumstances of a place then it is of no use for me at least. That’s why I always take the social condition of person in consideration before using my little understanding of Astrology and today’s topics are all about the social factors which end up in having the highest say in person’s life. So, let’s cover these two important concepts under these points – 

Concept of Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti. 
  • Concept. 
  • Biggest Obstacle.
  • Conditioning and Upbringing. 
  • Sun, Moon and Mars position. 
Bhagyodaya or Rise in Fortune. 
  • Concept. 
  • Application. 
  • Real Meaning. 
  • Real Rise in Fortune. 

Let’s cover these points one after the other – 

Concept of Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti – Whenever an Astrological Prediction fails, we are all set to jump on to the conclusion that either Astrology doesn’t work or Astrologer was not good. I have no problem in accepting the 2nd conclusion but it is unfair to conclude that Astrology doesn’t work. It is like a Doctor could not heal me and I am saying that Medical Science doesn’t work. At the same time, there could be another reason which might have become an obstacle in manifestation of prediction, i.e. Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti. 
  • Concept – So, this concept says that the place or country, a person lives in, has a great importance in events happening/not happening as predicted by any Astrologer. They try to make charts of Country which I am not in Agreement. Like, how can you make a chart of India based on its Independence Day knowing that it is one of the most ancient civilizations? Still, I agree with the concept that the place you are living in has much importance or in some matters the most importance in making events happen or not happen. 
  • Biggest Obstacle – If we understand it and apply it correctly then we will realize that many a times it is the biggest obstacle for some people in getting results as predicted. Let’s understand through these examples – 
  1. Suppose there is a Guy at Bangalore with B.Tech. Degree in Computer Science and there is another Guy with same qualification at a small town of India. Now, if I predict for both of them getting a job in certain timeline as per their charts then who will have more chances of getting a job? The Guy at Bangalore, right? Because the place he is living in has much more opportunity than the place other guy is living in. 
  2. I have written enough about social impact on marriage but this is for example’s sake. Suppose I predicted Love Marriage or Inter Caste/Inter Religious Marriage for a Person. But he/she happens to be in a country which is too rigid or may fundamentalist about this approach then even if person has broad mindset and may be willing to get into such relation but he will have no courage to stand against society. Now, Astrologer or Astrology is not wrong, your social circumstances are wrong. 
  3. And this is also the reason or answer behind the age-old question that what if 2 kids take birth at same time and same place then how can they have a different lives? Well, because they are born to different parents, after birth they will go into different houses, different families and different conditioning. One’s father may be a rich businessman and other’s father may be servant of same businessman. You see how our prevailing circumstances can make all the difference? Even twins don’t have same life although they take birth to same parents and in same family. In Article about D-60 chart, we have seen how quickly D-60 chart can change and make all the differences in twins lives.
  • Conditioning & Upbringing – Another thing which should be included in Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti is Conditioning and Upbringing of a person. It happens almost every day that I push people to start their own Business as per their chart but they are almost scared to even think about it because all we hear from our school days is to get a job and life will be safe. I remember that when I planned to quit my job and take Astrology as full time profession then many people reacted as if I am going to starve to death the very next day of resignation. Actually, after getting such initial responses, I decided not to tell my friends and relatives, except those whom I can’t avoid. It was just to keep myself positive. Now, I have told all people after 2 years of quitting the job and many of them realized that I didn’t starve to death. Prime Minister recently asked for a research as to why India doesn’t have Entrepreneurs? LOL. This is funny. Mr Prime Minister, please see School Syllabus of any class up to 12th and please let me know if there is even a paragraph written on “Being an Entrepreneur”? You give foundation to person which is job oriented and now you expect people to become a Businessman. So, that’s what I wanted to say, it is very rare that a person will have courage to break the chains of upbringing and condition since his childhood and it can be applied in any area of life. People remain in abusive marriage because Divorcee is not seen with dignity in Indian Society. So, this is also part of Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti. This person can have excellent chart for Career but somehow ended in abusive relation where spouse is not at all concerned for his/her career. So, despite having a great chart for career, person may not achieve anything in life due to social conditions.
  • Sun, Moon and Mars position – But there are some planetary indications which show that person will be able to come out of his social conditioning and achieve, sooner or later, regardless what his society says about him. There can be many planetary positions indicating such courage but most common are good positions of Sun, Moon and Mars. Sun and Moon are illuminating planets. They throw light at our path in life. If someone has good position of Sun and Moon, without any malefic impact, then person will be very clear about his life path from an early age. If malefic impact is there then he will realize it after a certain delay. Moon in good position gives a strong & clear mind to follow the path and strong Mars gives all the courage to fight for what person feels right? So, based on these and other alike positions, person can break the chains of Desh-Kaal-Paristhiti. 

Bhagyodaya or Rise in Fortune – We have heard this term many a times in our early days while showing our chart and most of the times it is connected with getting married. They say that after marriage, you will have Bhagyodaya or Rise in Fortune, LOL. Let’s see what this really means – 
  • Concept – As I said, this concept normally says that when a person gets married, he/she will have a rise in fortune or kind of Bhagyodaya after marriage. After going through marriage consultations and specially consultations of those who are in not-so-good marriages, I don’t find this concept getting manifested as easily as it is said. Let’s see how?
  • Application – So, if we apply this concept as is then 99% of people in this world marry, then at least 99% population of this world should feel fortunate about themselves. That means we should be living in a very fortunate or almost Utopian World. But it doesn’t look like this. Specially after seeing the problems of married people, I am bound to revisit this concept. So, if I am said that my spouse is going to bring a great luck to me then she should be very lucky person herself. Her luck must be overflowing then only she can share it with me. That means at least she should not be told that her spouse is going to bring luck for her, right? Presently situation is that everyone is told that his/her spouse is going to bring luck. Then I am unable to understand who is the lucky or fortunate one? If we go further deep in this concept then can we say that people like Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam or Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Lata Mangeshkar ji are unfortunate people as they didn’t get married, hence they never had so called Bhagyodaya? Fact is that if we see Spiritually then everyone of us is lucky & fortunate and we need not to depend on anyone else to make us lucky or fortunate. This is the biggest BS they could have created to keep people thinking about getting married in order to gain something from spouse. 
  • Real Meaning – 9th house is house of Bhagya or Fortune. It is also house of God’s Grace. 9th house is directly opposite to 3rd house which is about Self Will. So, real Bhagyodaya or Fortune comes our way then we let go of our own will and surrender to God’s Will/Grace. When we let the God lead our life like Arjun gave the reins of Chariot to Krishna. This is the biggest symbol if we want to understand that we should give reins of our life into God’s hand then whatever happens is our fortune. 
  • Real Rise in Fortune – Astrologically, real rise in fortune comes when we get along into work as indicated by 9th house and 9th house lord. One of the representation of 9th house is people of different ethnicity. So, when you connect with one and all without any discriminating thought, when you accept every individual of this world regardless of any discrimination then God’s Grace falls upon you. Also, planets in 9th house or wherever 9th house lord is sitting in chart, things related to that house will make you feel fortunate. One of the easiest way of doing it is again Business because you get connected to whole of the world. You help them and they help you. It is a symbol of Fortune. I am telling from my own experience. Like, I am giving these consultations from 2 years and I never had taken any formal class or course. So, I never spent a single paisa on Astrological Courses but my clients and friends keep on sending Books and Courses to me as a Gift and now I am sharing those courses with others. So, in one sentence – More you interact with others, more fortunate you will be. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 



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