Fate Vs Free Will - Revisited Yet Again (Seventh)

It has been a long time since I wrote last on this topic of eternal debate among people at large. I somehow felt since I have already dealt with this topic in detail, multiple times- https://www.astrosaxena.com/articles/FateVsFreeWill, I may not need to write about it again. But human mind doesn’t stop asking or raising questions, hence I am here writing about this topic once again.

During discussions in our ongoing classes, a point came where I happened to say with regards to a chart that ideally person should do X act but if he is not receptive then he can do something exactly opposite too. This led to a question that it means that we have Free Will and it is in contradiction to my recent views on this topic where I say that “Everything is Happening on its own” - https://www.astrosaxena.com/articles/Autonomous.

Prima-facie, it looks like a valid argument because, let’s face it that if a person can do something against the path which he should ideally be following then it shows that person has his own Free Will. Now, let’s dive deeper into it.

As the whole question originated from a discussion on an astrology chart, it would be better to discuss a few things astrologically here before we deal with the main query.

As we know that in an astrological chart, we have 12 houses, 12 signs and 9 planets (excluding outer planets). If we go deeper then we can also get information about 27 (+1) Nakshatras. Also, we know that each of these Houses, Signs, Planets and Nakshatras represent 1000s of things/people in our life.

Just to take as an example, Saturn represents Hard Work, Perseverance and results in long duration. It also represents lethargy, laziness, limitations, stress and frustrations. Same Saturn also represents long distances. It also represents isolation and living a loner’s life because of which it becomes the planet of Spirituality too. Not to forget, it represents service to others too.

Now, the discussion was on a chart where 7th house/Aquarius of native was heavily under malefic planets’ influence and its lord Saturn was also debilitated. Hence, I happened to say that ideally this person should not get into relation but if he gets into it then he may have to persevere a lot in relationship, may have a stressful relation or he may end-up spoiling his life or partner’s life or both.

Here, a question was raised that asked if we have a Free Will to choose any of these results?

This is where we have to go back to the concept of Gunas. As we know that Nature functions through Rajas, Sattva and Tamas Gunas. I have written detailed articles on Gunas here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/articles/SpiritualMusings .

In astrology too, all the representations of any Houses, Signs, Planets and Nakshatras can be divided into these 3 Gunas.

Like, Saturn’s Tamasic representations can be authority, recognition and Hard work (Capricorn).

Saturn’s Rajasic representations can be Serving Humanity and a Higher Cause (Aquarius).

Saturn’s Sattvic representation can be justice for all. (Libra)

Now, among all aforementioned Saturn’s traits, whichever you choose you are choosing Saturn only.

For example, in this matter if I am the native and if I happened to choose –

• To get into relation and I work hard and persevere to make my marriage work then also I am dealing with Saturn’s energy.

• To get into relation and not to persevere in it then also I may get Saturn’s results of limitation, frustration and stress.

• Not to get into relation or my relation breaks due to continuous stress and lack of perseverance then also I will get Saturn’s results of isolation and loner’s life.

• If i decide to keep a long distance relation then also it is Saturn’s results.

So, I may think that I utilized my Free Will but eventually, I am just getting one of the saturnian results only. I may choose any of these options provided by Saturn in relationship matters but the end result is bound to be Saturnine.

Now, even this choice of option selected by me will depend on my level of Gunas. It means that if I am Tamasic prominent person then I may choose Tamasic representation of Saturn here; if I am Rajasic prominent person then I may choose Rajasic representation of Saturn here; and if I am Sattvic prominent person then I may choose Sattvic representation of Saturn here.

So, what I may feel as use of Free Will is also regularized by existential forces of Gunas but only mistake we do is to accept that we are doing something. This creates Karma and Karmic Beggage for which we go through lives after lives, as they say.

This is also where Bhagwad Geeta message is very prominent as Krishna continuously talks about the concept of Non-Doer. Krishna doesn’t make any distinction between Good Karma Vs Bad Karma. For people like Krishna, Karma itself is a negative concept, i.e. the very idea that we are doing something. It is because Krishna knows that there can’t be any Good Karma without a Bad Karma or Vice Versa.

For example – Even if you are running to help an aged person who has fallen on street, you will end-up in killing many insects or small animals on the street in order to help that one person. Even if nations are engaged in fighting Wars, at least it brings prosperity to those homes where people work in Ammunition Factories. The fact that all major inventions have happened during War times itself gives indication that Good Karma and Bad Karma are entwined together.

So, Krishna knows that we can’t do a purely "good" Karma. Hence, it is better to let go of feeling of this Doer and work as a Non-Doer, a tool only.

So, my view stays as is that everything is happening on its own. Our doing is also part of happening and we don’t even have choice of stopping ourselves from doing an act of a particular Guna till we exhaust its energy. At that point, we will automatically move to next Guna related act.

Then where comes the problem again and again? It is in human mind which doesn’t let us accept that things are happening on their own. Because if we accept that then mind has no role left in life. It dies at the same moment. Then person acts while remaining non-doer. Mind lives in this feeling of doer as it gets its pleasure there that I did something, the ego gets satisfaction.

Well again, please go through a day (24 hours) with your eyes wide open and see how many things are happening in your life which you never planned and acted for. Also, see how many things are not happening in your life which you always wished and worked hard for them. This 24 hour time will be enough to destroy Ego/Mind.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


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