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Arudha Lagna.

So Vedic Astrology, as deep as it is, not only comes with different Divisional Charts (from D-1 to D-144) and uncountable techniques for calculations & predictions but it also has different Lagnas or Ascendants for seeing different things in life of a person. One such Lagnas we are covering today is Arudha Lagna.

Arudha Lagna

Arudha means Illusionary and Lagna means Ascendant. So, Arudha Lagna means Illusionary Ascendant. It means that this is an ascendant in your chart which gives an illusionary picture about you to the world. When people see/meet you, and don't know you closely, they have an illusion about you as per the nature of this Lagna. Examples will clarify more.

Ex. 1 - Suppose someone is Cancer Ascendant in birth chart with Cancer's lord Moon placed in Scorpio in 5th house. So, Ascendant Lord is 5 places away from its sign. All you need to do is that you need to then calculate 5 places from Scorpio and reach Pisces in 9th house to find Arudha Lagna. Pisces will be this person's Arudha Lagna. As Pisces is sign of Spirituality, this person will be seen as a Spiritual Person in Public. Now, he may be or may not be Spiritual, but that's what people will think of him as a person till they don't know him closely.

Ex. 2 - Suppose someone is Libra Ascendant in birth chart with Libra's Lord Venus placed in Leo in 11th house. So, Ascendant Lord is 11 places away from its sign. All you need to do is that you need to then calculate 11 places from Leo and reach Gemini in 9th house to find Arudha Lagna. Gemini will be this person's Arudha Lagna. As Gemini is sign of Communication, Business & Counselling, this person will be seen as a very Communicative Person in Public. Though, it might be the case but person might be very introvert in his private life.

Exception - As always, rules have their exceptions. So, if Ascendant Lord is in Ascendant itself or 7 places away from Ascendant then counting process, as stated above, will lead you back to Ascendant, which should not be the case. In such cases, we count 10 places away from Ascendant or 7th house as the cae may be. Like, if someone is Scorpio Ascendant in birth chart with Scorpio's Lord Mars placed in Taurus in 7th house. So, Ascendant Lord is 7 places away from its sign. Now, you can't calculate 7 places from 7th house as it will be back to 1st house. Now, you need to calculate 10 places from 7th house and reach Aquarius in 4th house to find Arudha Lagna. Aquarius will be this person's Arudha Lagna. As Aquarius people are natural Scientists of Zodiac, this person will be seen as a very Scientific, Innovative and Humanitarian type of person in Public. Though, he might or might not be.

Besides giving illusion about the person, Arudha Lagna is also seen for timing of Fame or even Defame of person through annual transits of benefic and malefic planets respectively through Arudha Lagna.

Hope this helps and is understandable.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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  • G - Other people may see you as a balanced person.

  • What does Libra Arudha lagan mean? Rahu and Retrograde Jupiter sit in Libra in 4th house.

  • P - it needs a detailed analysis. cant be done in a comment.

  • Lagna is Sagittarius jupiter is in 12th house so 12 th from scorpio is Libra (Arudha Lagan) Ketu owns lagan Saturn (exalted) owns Arudha lagan What does it suggest

  • J - ppl can see him as a perfectionist person and healer.

  • What about a person who has arundha lagna in 11th house where Moon is placed in Hasta nakshatra(virgo) sign?

  • my ascendant is in aries and its lord is in the 4th house, which means my arudha lagna will be libra IN THE 7TH house. how do people see me.

  • @ Guru - yes, if sun is in 1st house/Leo.

  • In the exception case you cited, 10 houses should be counted from the first house to reach AL as Leo.

  • @ Leti - 7th house only.

  • My ascendant is taurus, and Venus sits 4th house... my arudha lagna would be 7th house (scorpio) or I should count +10 (leo)?

  • @ wendy - as per mean nodes Aug 18. as per true nodes sep 9th. i feel it started showing its impact. Thanks,

  • SIr rahu ketu transit is on aug 18th or sept 9th? From which date it will start to give real effect?

  • @ Hirosh - Mars represents Courage and in Pisces, people will see you as spiritual and courageous person.

  • Vishal sir for the cancer asc exp given above, if mars is on the arudha lagna pisces.........does that means people will see me as a coward or timid person? Some people does see me as spiritual type but not sure if mars will add on other illusion

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