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Understanding The Metaphor - Rohini Nakshatra


As Most of you may be aware, the mythological story of Rohini Nakshatra is quite a weird and chaotic one. Again, anything can be interpreted in many different ways and it all depends on the evolution level of interpreter and his vocabulary as to what meaning he wants to take out of any story or text.


So here, I will try to state different interpretations of this chaotic story of Rohini Nakshatra which I came across through my studies and research. It is upon readers as to which interpretation they want to adopt.

Mythological Story of Rohini Nakshatra It is a story where Rohini is daughter of Lord Brahma and she was the most beautiful celestial lady. Now, when Lord Brahma thought of creating Universe and life, he wanted to create people as beautiful as Rohini. For that to happen, Lord Brahma wanted to have incestuous relation with Rohini. As story moves from Rohini Nakshatra to Mrigshira Nakshatra to Ardra Nakshatra, we come to know that Brahma tried to pursue his desire but was stopped in his actions by Lord Shiva through His destructive Rudra incarnation.

Various Interpretations – Now, as we can see that this story is quite chaotic one and can be interpreted at many different levels (from mundane to spiritual), let’s see what different interpretations can be given here –

a. First interpretation is very generic or basic one where people say that as Brahma wanted to create people as beautiful as Rohini then Brahma had no other option to have incestuous relations with Rohini and then only such beautiful people can be created. Hence, Brahma tried to have incest with Rohini. 

b. It is quite clear from this interpretation that people who gave this interpretation didn’t think much deep and took apparent meaning of the words from story. As always, your interpretation of something only gives indications about you. So, basic mundane interpretation only means that people who gave this interpretation were basic mundane people who couldn’t think any deeper. 

c. Second interpretation goes little deeper which says that if we are not able to utilize or redirect our energy in higher pursuits of life and remain limited to base materialistic desires then we are bound to fall from our position just like Brahma fell on Earth from his position towards the end of story in Ardra Nakshatra. 

d. This is a courageous interpretation which indicates that even Lord Brahma, The Creator, can get hit from weapon and fall from his position if he diverts his energy in not-so higher deeds. So, if even Lord Brahma is not immune of his actions then what to say about people like us. 

e. Third interpretation is from Osho. In one of his preachings, Osho spoke about this story in one of his preaching and said that basically Brahma is creator and wanted to create something. So, this story actually shows that if you are creative person and you desire to follow your creativity then no hurdle should stop you. You should be able to break all barriers to pursue your creativity.

f. As I see, this interpretation is more relevant in this day and age where we see so many people who are very creative and talented but they are fearful of following their creative interest as they fear that it may not be able to give them enough money to live a good life.

So, people can take inspiration from same story and this interpretation and can go all out for their goals in life.

We can see that same story is interpreted in different ways by different people as per their own evolution level. We will always interpret things as per our understanding. We can see what we are!!!!

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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