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Reasons behind Saturn's Exaltation

Let’ try to understand why Saturn gets exalted in Libra sign and in Vishakha Nakshatra. Let’s see what these energies represent –


Saturn - It is all that which we don't like in our life. Saturn is Delay, Frustration, Restriction, Limitation and Anxiety. It is people of Authority, like Boss at your Work Place or Father-Figure at Home. Saturn is our Karmic Debt from past-life. Saturn is the things we didn't treat too well in our past life. Saturn is our Challenges and Lessons of life. Saturn is Old-Age, Teeth/Bones in Human Body, Diseases, Changes etc. Saturn represents our Step-Relations, it means that wherever Saturn sits, people related with that house give us Step Treatment. Saturn is Hard Work, Efforts and most importantly Perseverance etc. Nothing comes easy and in one go with Saturn. You have to work hard continuously over the longest possible period of life. Saturn makes a person Legend as Legends have one thing in common that they choose one field and work hard in it for whole life.

Vishakha - Vishakha is nakshatra of counselors and guides. It is also nakshatra of split or partition or different direction. For more information on Vishakha Nakshatra, please check this link - https://www.astrosaxena.com/vishnaksh.

Libra - As Vishakha is a part of Libra, Libra sign and its representations also become important. Libra is the 7th sign of Zodiac Belt, hence it represents the energy and things related with 7th house of horoscope, i.e. Market Place, Business, Partnerships, Relations etc. Libra is sign of Balance, i.e. striking the Balance between 2 parties/ideologies or even at personal level between our own dilemmas. It is sign of Peace and Diplomacy. And this is what we are seriously looking for after the conflicts and disagreements of Virgo, i.e. Peace to prevail. At personal level, Libra is seen as sign of Relationships. Libra is consisted of 2 and half Nakshatra named Chitra, Swati and Vishakha. Libra's lord is Venus only.


Please go through the introductory article - https://www.astrosaxena.com/exdeb .

Reasons behind exaltation of Saturn in Libra – Saturn is basically a Judge. He is given the role or responsibility of Lord of Justice among Gods. He is the one who decides who should get what and when? In professions too, Saturn is the main karaka of Career in the field of Law. Libra is sign of Balance. The symbolism of Balance for Libra shows the concept of Justice and equality of everyone in front of Law. So, it is very clear that The Lord of Justice Saturn gets the best environment of administering Balanced Justice in the sign of Libra. Another reason can be that Saturn represents Serving Others and Libra is the sign of Masses & other people. So again, Saturn gets the best environment in Libra to serve other people and masses.


Reasons behind exaltation of Saturn in Vishakha – Again, Saturn is Justice. What a Judge is supposed to do? He is supposed to decide a matter justifiably within 2 conflicting sides. Now, what is the meaning and symbolism of Vishakha? Two Branches or Forked Branches going in separate directions. So, Vishakha represents conflicting sides or opposite directions. Hence, Saturn-The Judge again gets the best environment in Vishakha to decide between conflicting sides.


Reasons behind exaltation of Saturn at 20 degree – It is mainly because Vishakha begins at 20 degree of Libra only.   


Conclusion – As I see, these are the reasons why I feel Saturn is exalted in Libra sign and Vishakha Nakshatra at 20 degree. 

Hope this helps. Please post any comment or query you may have.


Swami Premanand Bharti


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