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Ms Priya Chandel - The Henna Alchemist

Hi All,

As I continue to meet occultists and healers of different expertise, I am happy to let you know about a unique healing practice I came to know on this Solar Eclipse Day.

Ever heard of Healing through Henna/Mehndi?

So, one of my friends Priya Chandel provides this unique service. As I understood, this healing is result of combination of a few things like Specific Crystals, Essential Oils, Lunar Charged Water along with Henna which creates a paste. This paste can be utilized in giving the healing experience to client.

Again, this is what I understood. For any clarity on services, process and methodologies, please contact Priya through -



I strongly suggest to check these links and follow her pages and take services if you like.

Needless to say that Priya also possesses good occult knowledge of various subjects like Astrology and she can ably help us through her occult knowledge too.

Every good idea deserves good luck. All the best Priya.


Swami Premanand Bharti

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