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Mental Reception of Event

There was an important request to write about – “Many people go through difficult life events but not everyone gets traumatized. Can you bring some astrological perspective to this?

As I understood the question, person wants to know that what makes the difference between two persons facing same traumatizing event. For example, two kids got kidnapped by same kidnapper on same day and were later rescued on the same day again then why one child finds it hard to forget that event whereas the other one will move-on with life after a few months?

As I see, there are two reasons; one we can see in person’s chart but other we can’t see. These two reasons are; a. Moon’s Position and b. The evolution level of victim.

I don’t know if fortunately or unfortunately, I know many crime stories as I am habitual of watching them. Those crime stories are obviously traumatizing ones for victims. Sometimes, even as a viewer, we feel the impact of these stories on ourselves. Now, What I have realized that after that trauma, victims act in three different ways;

a. There are some victims who close themselves down and don’t ever talk about the event with others.

b. There are some victims who are ready and willing to share their story to others; in order to bring awareness to others.

c. Then there are a few others who become activist in the same matter and they become warrior against the same trauma.

As I see, there are mainly two reasons behind these different responses to the same event –

• Moon’s Position – As always, Moon remains the most important planet among all planets in our chart as Moon represents Mind. At the stage of evolution most of us are at, our body and mind are same. Our mind rules our body. We have no experience of any state of beyond mind. Under these circumstances, we do what our mind suggests us to do. Hence, Moon’s position is most important. If Moon is in good dignity in chart with no malefic impact then person will try to see every event of life optimistically. If Moon is well placed and working fine then person will take even the most negative events of life in an optimistic way and may come out of problem. On the other hand, if Moon is not in good dignity or is under malefic impact then person may even invite troubles for himself. So, as I see, Moon’s position is most important.

• Evolution Level of Soul – Second reason, which we can’t see in chart, is person’s evolution level. If person is at higher evolution level and spiritually inclined then he may take every event of life as blessing in disguise and if person is at lower evolution level then he may take every event of life as biggest misfortune.

• For example, I recently posted chart of Ram Dass - https://www.astrosaxena.com/RamDass. An important event in his life was when he got paralysed after a stroke in his 60s. Ram Dass’s reaction was “Universe is telling me to take rest now. It is giving me a chance to take rest”. Any other person in place of Ram Dass would have said that “Ohh I prayed to God whole life and this is what I got in return!!!!”. So, it is all about evolution level of person.

• Can we link Moon’s dignity with someone’s evolution level? Not at all as Ram Dass had Moon and Mars debilitated. Dignity of no planet can be the deciding factor about someone’s evolution level. There are people who Thank God for giving no food as they got a chance to fast and there are people who curse at God for giving them digestive troubles because of over-eating.

• So, a horoscope and evolution level has no connection with each other.

• Someone may say that Dashas of a person can also be a reason behind how a person reacts to a particular event? Well yes, but Dashas are also decided by Moon’s placement in chart. At least the Vimshottari Dasha which I follow.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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