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Maraka Dasha Series – Pisces Ascendant.

Today, let’s see Maraka Planets for Pisces Ascendant. Please go through the introductory article on Maraka Dasha Series (https://www.astrosaxena.com/Killer1) here. 

Maraka Houses and Maraka Lords – As we know that 2nd house and 7th house are Maraka Houses. For Pisces ascendant, 2nd house/Aries is ruled by Mars and 7th house/Virgo is ruled by Mercury. So, Mercury-Mars become their Maraka Lords or Maraka Planets.

Planets in Maraka Houses – Likewise, if someone has planets in 2nd house/Aries or 7th house/Virgo, those planets will also be considered as Maraka Planets as their dashas will also activate Maraka Houses.

Nature of Maraka Planet – Now first of all, we need to check the nature of Maraka Planets involved –

  • Mars – Mars is a malefic planet by nature.
  • Mercury – Mercury is a neutral planet which changes its nature as per the nature of planets it is conjunct with or as per the nature of planet is whose sign it is in.

Lords of Other Houses – Now, these maraka planets would also rule some other houses –

  • Mars – Mars also rules 9th house/Scorpio which is a Dharma House.
  • Mercury – Mercury also rules 4th house/Gemini which is a Kendra Houses
  • So, if we compare these planets then Mercury is not as difficult as Mars because Mercury is a neutral planet plus it rules 2 kendra house whereas Mars is a malefic planet. So, a Pisces ascendant person needs to be more careful with Mars dasha than Mercury dasha.

Nature of Planets in Maraka Houses – Likewise, we need to see the nature of planets which are in maraka houses. Like, if they are natural benefic/malefic or functional benefic/malefic or Dushthana Lords etc. The more malefic nature these planets keep within them, higher the chances that their dashas can be difficult for person and he needs to be more cautious during their dashas.

Dignity of Maraka Lords – The most important factor is in which sign Mars-Mercury are placed in a Pisces Ascendant chart as it will decide its dignity and strength.

  • Mercury in own/friendly/neutral/mool trikon/exaltation sign means that person can manage to go through a maraka dasha with some positivity and can even gain during its dasha if it is turning into a benefic planet due to conjunction/rulership and it is in good dignity in these signs. But if Mercury is in enemy/fall/debilitated sign or sitting with malefic or under yogas like Paap Kartari Yoga which further weakens the planet, then it shows that person needs a lot of awareness and caution at disposal while dealing with its dasha. For ex, if Mercury is in 1st house/Pisces, then person can have lots of issues in his health & relations as Mercury impacts 7th house and 1st house. It means that they need to be extra careful about the health/relationship matters and they should be taking care even before start of maraka dasha to safely sail through this dasha.
  • In case of Mars, it is necessary that it should be in own/friendly/neutral/mool trikon/exaltation sign as it is still a naturally malefic planet. A malefic planet is bound to bring some challenges in life. Real trouble will be when Mars is in enemy/fall/debilitated sign or sitting with malefic or under yogas like Paap Kartari Yoga which further weakens the planet. That’s where person needs to be very cautious during Mars dashas

Dignity of Planets in Maraka Houses – Likewise, we need to check the dignity and strength of planets that are placed in maraka houses. Again, better the dignity, higher the chances that person will sail through maraka dasha without much damage. But if dignity is poor then an extra care is necessary. For ex, Venus in 2nd house/Aries is not of much worry because it is in neutral planet but if Venus is in 7th house/Virgo where it is debilitated then person needs to be cautious during maraka dasha.

How Dashas will activate Maraka Houses? – Now, Maraka Houses for Pisces Ascendant can get activated during dasha of Mercury or Mars or any planet which is in 2nd house/Aries or 7th house/Virgo. Also, the dasha of lord of sign/nakshatra in which Mercury or Mars is placed will activate them and maraka dasha. For ex, if Mercury is in Libra/Chitra then Venus dasha or Mars dasha can also activate Mercury and maraka houses. Likewise, for planets in maraka houses, their sign/nakshatra lord dasha can bring maraka results. Finally, we need to take into consideration dashas at all 3 major levels, i.e. Mahadasha/Antardasha/Pratyantar dasha. Overall, we need to be inclusive in this matter as it can be matter of even life or death. As I see, the most difficult dasha a Pisces ascendant person can go through is Mercury-Mars or Mars-Mercury dasha. Not only because they both are maraka are planets for Pisces ascendant people but they are also great enemies to each other. 

Annual Transits – Likewise, I don’t think that we should wait till annual transits of planets start giving us results after activation of maraka houses through dashas. As I said, we need to be cautious, careful and aware even before the beginning of maraka dashas, so that we will have enough time in hand to safeguard ourselves. As always, awareness is the only remedy.

Maraka Planets Impact – Now, following things can cause actual death, metaphorical death or death of other things due to maraka planets –

  • As usually, 2nd house/7th house are related with family life, relationship or wealth matters. So, these things can bring a death-like situation to person.
  • With Mars, things can become more difficult as it is a malefic planet. Mars represents accidents, blood-shed, violence and surgeries. So, they need to be careful against these events to safeguard themselves.
  • As Mars represents brothers and male-friends, these people can bring a death-like scenario for them.
  • As Mars rules 9th house/Scorpio, their teachers or Guru can bring death-like situations for them. It also shows that person can get into problems due to his belief system which can bring death-like situations for them.
  • It also means that they should be careful while travelling, else it can bring death-like situations for them.
  • As Mars also represents real estate, the fights or conflicts related with properties can bring death-like situations for them.
  • As Mercury represents business, communication and siblings etc, these things or people can create a death-like circumstances for them.
  • As Mercury represents travelling too, it shows a kind of symbolic death to person because he is always away and family members feel his loss.
  • Likewise, Mercury’s nature of collection of information and representation of business can keep person so busy that others may feel a loss of the person.
  • As Mercury rules 4th house/Gemini too, the representations of 4th house like Mother, Home life & Real Estate Matters can make a person feel that he is going through an experience like death.
  • Mercury represents diseases related with skin, speech or nervous system disorders. These health issues can bring a death-like situation for them.
  • Then it depends in which house Mercury-Mars are placed and in what dignity they are? If they are in good dignity, then person can eventually gain through those death-like situations. If they are in weak dignity then person needs to show lots of caution and awareness to avoid such death-like transformative circumstances.
  • Finally, we need to check the planets sitting in maraka houses. The things/people they are karaka-of and things/people represented by the house ruled by these planets will bring death like circumstances to person. Like, we discussed about Venus in 7th house/Virgo which is their 3rd house/Taurus & 8th house/Libra lord. So, their relationship partner or younger siblings or partners in business can bring death-like scenario for them.

Conclusion – This is how maraka houses, maraka planets or maraka dashas may impact the life of a Pisces Ascendant person.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 




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