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Maraka Dasha Series - Introduction

It’s time to start a new series and I think it is perfect time for me to write about Maraka Planets and their impact on our lives. It is perfect time for me because I am going through one Maraka Dasha right now and because of the global conditions where all we can see around us is Death. Also the things I got to read recently were all surrounding the concept of Death and I was even teaching few of my friends on Maraka Planets. So, these continuous events made me feel that may be these are omens from Universe that I should right about Maraka Houses, a topic which I didn’t touch so far. I will try to cover all concerns in following points, as I know that it can be a sensitive topic –

Maraka Houses and Maraka Planets.

Why they are called Maraka Houses?

Important Points.

Do they really kill?

Series by Ascendant.

Concerns & Consultation.


Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Maraka Houses and Maraka Planets – In an astrological chart, 2nd house and 7th house are known as Maraka Houses. Planets ruling these two houses and Planets placed in these houses can be called as Maraka Planets.

Why they are called Maraka Houses? – Normally, we see 8th house as house of Death and Re-birth. But 8th house is also a house of Longevity. Now, 3rd house is 8th from 8th house. Hence, it becomes Bhavat Bhavam of 8th house, i.e. another house which can be seen for Longevity. Now -

  • 7th house is 12th from 8th house. So, it becomes the house of Loss of Longevity, i.e. The Death.
  • Likewise, 2nd house is 12th from 3rd house. So, it becomes another house of Loss of Longevity, i.e. The Death.

Important Points – But as always, things are not so simple in astrology and only because maraka houses are active as per dasha, it doesn’t mean that someone is going to die. We need to keep these important points in mind –

  • Nature of Planets involved – First of all, we need to see the basic nature of planets which are activating maraka houses. We need to check if they are benefic or malefic. We also need to see if they are functional benefic or functional benefic for a particular ascendant, along with being its maraka planets. This will make difference in final outcome.
  • Rulership of another house – Besides Sun & Moon, all other planets rule two houses each. So, even if a planet is activating a maraka house during its dasha, we need to see which other house it is ruling. If it is ruling Kendra/Trikona Houses or it is ruling Dushthana/Upachaya houses. This will make difference in final outcome.
  • Dignity of Planets – Then as always, the most important point is the dignity of maraka planet. If that planet is in neutral/friendly/own/mool trikon/exalted sign or it is in enemy/fall/debilitated sign. As per my experience in dealing with such questions, this is the most important point.
  • Dasha Activation – Then we need to check when these maraka planets are activating as per dashas.
  • For example, I am Scorpio ascendant person and I am in Jupiter-Venus dasha. Jupiter is my 2nd house/Sagittarius lord and Venus is my 7th house/Taurus lord. Venus also sits in 2nd house/Sagittarius. So, I am under the complete impact of a Maraka Dasha.
  • Now, the planet sitting in the maraka houses activate these houses during their dashas. Like, Moon is in my 7th house/Taurus. So, Moon MD or Moon AD will also activate my maraka house, i.e. 7th house. So, it is not necessary that only planet ruling 2nd house and 7th house will activate these two houses.
  • Annual Transits – And finally, as dashas activate maraka houses for a specific time, majority of annual transits should also impact either maraka houses or maraka planets. As I said, I am in maraka dasha now and majority of transiting planets are right now either transiting through my 7th house/Taurus or aspecting it. So, I should be careful about my health right now.

Do they really kill? – But then bigger question is if a maraka dasha really causes death of a person? We can understand Death here in different ways –

  • Actual – Yes, a maraka dasha can actually cause someone’s physical death in the sense in which we understand but for that to happen, neither dasha should support the person nor the transits. Like I remember that when my grandfather passed away last year, on that particular day, neither his dasha was of strong planets nor any of the major transiting planet was going through a strong transit in a favourable sign. So, it can cause physical death but it has many pre-conditions attached with it. So, as always, we are not supposed to jump to a conclusion and freak-out just because one requirement of either dasha or transit is met. There are many check boxes to tick here.
  • Metaphorical – Then there are other types of deaths too. 2nd house is normally seen for Family Life and 7th house is normally seen for Relationship. 1st house represents Self or Ego. So, this is another reason why 2nd house and 7th house are called maraka houses, that if you want to get benefits of family or relationship life then you have to kill your ego or self. Your family and your partner should become more important than you or your personal desires. As I always say, either you can keep your ego or you can keep your relationship. This is like death of self or death of ego.
  • Death of other things – But then there are many non-living things are there in our lives and a maraka dasha + transit can cause death of those non-living things too. Here are two examples –
  • Again, my maraka dasha of Jupiter-Venus-Moon caused the physical death of my maternal grandfather but along with this event, something else also died. It was the connection with our family lineage. My grandfather was the last reason why I was little bit connected with my family lineage from North India and with his passing away, there is a total disconnection from my other distant relatives of North India. So, it is death of my connection with my family lineage (2nd house again).
  • This example may explain it better. One of my friends is Aries ascendant. For them, Venus is maraka lord as it rules 2nd house/7th house. For them, Venus was sitting in 4th house/Cancer. They went through the dasha of Venus-Moon and they got the US Citizenship. So, what did maraka dasha did for this person? It KILLED their connection with their home land as Venus was in 4th house of home land.
  • So, it is not necessary that maraka dasha can only bring physical death. It can bring some good news too, like in this last example it happened.

Prediction – But can we really predict Death? Personally speaking, I don’t think so. Even if person is going through maraka dasha of planets which are natural/functional malefic, dushthana lords, debilitated and transits are also not supporting the person from anywhere, even then I can only say that Time is Critical. I cannot give a judgment that person is not going to survive. I cannot play A God.

Series by Ascendant – So, I will be making these posts on how to interpret maraka dashas for every ascendant and at what times one should be careful about his health? As always, awareness and pro-active measures are only remedies we have.

Concerns – I can understand that there can be some people who are not desirous to look into this dark side of astrological studies. I respect their feelings and I request them to completely skip this series for their own benefits. I will make posts with the title “Maraka Dasha Series”. So, they can clearly skip all these posts/articles on site/facebook page. Others, who are willing to learn whatever little I know in this matter, are welcome to join.

Consultations - I have provided such consultations in past but only for terminally ill people. So, if anyone is thinking to take this type of consultation from me then please contact only under extreme circumstances.

Conclusion – I would like to conclude this article and begin this series with this quotation from Osho –

Human Life on Earth is Bi-polar in nature. With Life, Death will always exist. With Prosperity, Poverty will always exist. With Peace, Violence will always exist. If you want one pole to exist then it’s exactly opposite pole will always and automatically exist. You can't expect only Happiness to exist and Sorrow not to exist. Those who talk about World Peace, Utopian World and Prosperity to all have no idea about Polarities of Life".

Hope this helps. Thanks, 




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