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Karmic Connection Series - Osho Rajneesh & Maa Aanand Sheela

So, we start with this series of looking at Karmic Connection between two souls towards each other. Please go through the introductory article here - https://www.astrosaxena.com/kcs. First article in series would have to be on the charts of Osho Rajneesh and Maa Anand Sheela.  So, let’s begin –


Birth Details – Following are their birth details available online –

Osho Rajneesh was born on 11th Dec, 1931 at 17.13 pm at Kuchwada, India.

Maa Anand Sheela was born on 28th Dec, 1949 at Vadodara, India. Her exact time of birth is not available online but for this analysis, we only need planetary positions in a sign. We don’t need ascendant anyways. So, we are fine with the information we have.

Chart Introduction – Following are their chart details –

Osho was Taurus ascendant with Jupiter in 3rd house/Cancer, Ketu in 5th house/Virgo, Sun in 7th house/Scorpio, then stellium of Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn in 8th house/Sagittarius and Rahu in 11th house/Pisces.

Sheela has Saturn in Leo, Mars-Ketu in Virgo, Sun in Sagittarius, Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in 9th house/Capricorn and Moon-Rahu in Pisces.

Here are common points in both charts –

1st thing which takes my attention is that they were born almost exactly 18 years apart. Osho was born in Dec, 1931 and Sheela was born in Dec, 1949. It means that they had identical axis of Nodes. They both were born with Rahu in Pisces and Ketu in Virgo. Pisces is sign of Spirituality and Virgo is the sign of Conflicts/Obstacles. And together, they got involved in Spiritual matters and then in conflicts. As their nodes are only 10 degrees apart in Pisces and Virgo, this 1st point itself shows that they had huge karma towards each other.

Then Sheela also had Moon with Rahu in Pisces and Mars with Ketu in Virgo. This creates further karma from her side towards Osho and she had taken some huge tasks for him. Relocating the whole commune of 5000+ people from Pune, India to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon is no fun and joke. Actually, relocating only Osho is no fun and joke. :)

Then stellium of 5 planets of Osho’s chart in Sagittarius falls directly over Sheela’s Sun in Sagittarius. Now, Sun is Soul and Sagittarius is sign of religion, philosophy and Gurus. It shows the impact which Osho had on Sheela’s soul and till today, despite all the controversies & disagreements between them, she has considered Osho as everything for her. In her book Don’t Kill Him, she has always mentioned Osho as “My Khidr” which means a righteous servant of God possessing great wisdom or mystic knowledge who works like a Guide to others who have lost their way.

Then Osho’s exalted Jupiter is in direct opposition to Sheela’s Saraswati Yoga in Capricorn. This again indicates that knowledge and spirituality was the main link between the two. Osho’s exalted Jupiter placed him as teacher for Sheela who could just receive all the knowledge from him directly. Important point to note here is that Sheela has Jupiter-Venus in Sravana, the nakshatra of listening, and her love towards Osho was connected with listening to his preaching and voice.

So, we can see that almost all planets of both charts are impacting each other and this will be the key throughout this series. If two charts have planets in identical sign positions or in opposition to each other, then it shows a huge karma between the two souls but understand that when so many planetary positions in two charts are pushing each other then karma cannot be a pleasant one. Sooner or later things will go sour between the two like it happened between these two. But another thing is that no matter how ugly such relations go, it is equally hard to let-go of the connection. Like, even in the worst days of Oregon Controversies, Osho had appreciated Sheela for all the contribution she had made for Commune and likewise, Sheela is still devoted to teachings of Osho and lives her life accordingly.

Association – Now, it is equally interesting that direct association between Osho and Sheela also lasted for about 18 years, just like their age difference. Although Sheela knew Osho from her early childhood as her father was disciple of Osho and Osho used to visit their home on invitations whenever He is preaching in their city but it was only in 1972, when Sheela decided to leave her career and future in USA and took Sannyas from Osho. And their direct association remained till Osho passed away in 1990. Although, they were not in direct communication with each other after Oregon controversy but it was difficult to separate them from each other in physical world till one of them passes away and that’s what happened. And I think in future too, their names will always be taken in one breathe. They will remain inseparable till eternity. So, we can say that their association began and ended with exact same nodal transit in Cancer/Capricorn axis where they both have their respective Jupiter. It again indicates that religion, philosophy and spirituality behind their connection & disconnection.

Conclusion – Lots of theories and conclusions had been given by many people over the years behind all the controversy between Osho and Sheela. I can also add a few here but is it necessary? Suffice it is to say that - “When the curtains come down at the end of a drama the hero and the villain step out hand in hand and the audience applaud both.

Life is nothing but a drama, don’t take it so seriously. – Osho.

I always loved this conversation between Osho and Sheela –

It was when Sheela had already been initiated in Sannyas by Osho and Osho suggested that her husband Mark should also be initiated in Sannyas. Mark had shown reluctance. Osho said – “Seela, please seduce Mark into Sannyas”. :)

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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