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Karmic Connection Series - OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

This is last article in series of looking at Karmic Connection between two souls towards each other. Please go through the introductory article here 


Today, we would look at difficult karmic connection between a husband-wife where husband was accused of killing the wife. Let’s look at charts of 

OJ Simpson (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O._J._Simpson) and 

Nicole Brown Simpson 

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicole_Brown_Simpson).  So, let’s begin –


Birth Details – Following are their birth details available online –

OJ Simpson was born on 9th July, 1947 at 8.08 am at San Francisco, California, USA.

Nicole Brown Simpson was born on 19th May, 1959 at 2.00 am at Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. 

Chart Introduction – Following are their chart details –


OJ Simpson was born as Leo ascendant person with Jupiter in 3rd house/Libra, Ketu in 4th house/Scorpio, Moon in 8th house/Pisces, Rahu-Mars in 10th house/Gemini, Sun-Venus in 11th house/Gemini and Saturn-Mercury in 12th house/Cancer.

Nicole Brown Simpson was born as Aquarius ascendant person with Ketu in 2nd house/Pisces, Mercury in 3rd house/Aries, Sun in 4th house/Taurus, Mars-Venus in 5th house/Gemini, Rahu-Moon in 8th house/Virgo, Jupiter in 10th house/Scorpio and Saturn in 11th house/Sagittarius.



Association – Now, if someone doesn’t know about these two individuals then here is a small introduction. OJ is one of the most successful and renowned sportsperson and media personality of USA. Nicole Simpson was his wife. They got married in 1985 and separated in 1992. Their married life was full of instabilities where Nicole reported abuse from OJ many a times.  Unfortunately, Nicole and her boyfriend Ron Goldman were killed on 12th June, 1994 at Nicole’s residence. OJ was made accused of this crime. After due trial, he was Acquitted from the charges by court but popular view still remains that OJ killed Nicole & her boyfriend Ron Goldman and got away with it.

This analysis is not to know if he did it or not but to know why they had such a difficult relation.

Pressing Points - Here are common points in both charts –

OJ is Leo ascendant person and Nicole was Aquarius ascendant. As 1/7 relation was there, there has to be initial attraction between the two which made them to like each other and marry.

But then Leo is ruled by Sun and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn-Rahu. As Sun and Saturn-Rahu are mutual enemies, their relationship soon turned into enemy where Nicole had to suffer a lot of abuse and physical violence from OJ.

OJ had 7th house/Aquarius lord Saturn and Darakaraka Mercury in 12th house/Cancer of losses, which made him feel loss in relationship. As 12th house is also 6th from 7th house, it led to long-term conflicts in relation.

OJ’s Ketu was over Nicole’s darakaraka Jupiter in Scorpio. It definitely shows some past-life karma between the two.

Nicole’s Ketu was over Oj’s Moon in Pisces.

OJ’s Rahu-Mars were over Nicole’s Sun. Rahu-Mars together makes a person extra aggressive. OJ’s Rahu-Mars falling over Nicole’s 7th house lord Sun shows relationship dominated by aggression and violence.

OJ’s Sun-Venus were over Nicole’s Mars-Venus in Gemini. Same Venus position shows the reason behind their initial attraction and the reason why Nicole continued the relation despite abuse for about 7 years.

As ascendants were receptive and lots of planets were falling over each other, we can see that it was a very difficult karmic relation between them.



Mahadasha – Now, the important thing is dasha –

It is important to see that they got married in 1985 and their marriage ended in 1992. OJ started his Ketu MD in July, 1984 and it ended in July, 1991. So, we can clearly see that it was a karmic relation which started with Ketu MD and ended with Ketu MD.

Conclusion – Hence, ends our effort to understand the karma between two souls with their charts. As we can see in majority of charts we discussed, sign of Scorpio and malefic planets like Nodes and Saturn were important in bringing karmic results in life.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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