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Transit of Jupiter in Shatabhishak Nakshatra

A major transit has taken place this week where Jupiter has transited in Dhanishtha Nakshatra. This article is an effort to understand what we can expect during this transit. Let’s first understand the important points here –

Jupiter - It is the most benefic planet and it represents all the auspicious things like Knowledge, Wisdom, Law, Guru, Spirituality, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Elderly People and Children etc. For a girl, Jupiter also represents Husband.

Shatabhishak Nakshatra - It is a nakshatra related with healing and health care. It is related with serving humanity or higher cause. Please check this link for more info on Shatabhishak Nakshatra - https://www.astrosaxena.com/shatanaksh.

Transit Duration – Jupiter in Shatabhishak Transit has started on 22nd May, 2021 to 20th July, 2021 and then from  2nd Jan, 2022 to 3rd March, 2022. So, it is a good enough time we have for some potential events to take place. In between, from 20th July, 2021 to 2nd Jan, 2022 Jupiter will come back in Dhanishtha Nakshatra in retrograde motion and also would go back in Capricorn Sign.


Everything is in addition – As always, everything is in addition. In this article, we are just looking at Jupiter’s impact in Shatabhishak Nakshatra but needless to say that lords of Aquarius/Shatabhishak, Planets in Shatabhishak in birth chart, their dignities, dashas and other annual transits all matter. Final event will be accumulation of impacts of all the planets and energies. So, this transit of Jupiter in Shatabhishak is important but nothing is all important and nothing is unimportant. Everything is in addition in astrology.


Following are the generic results we can expect with Jupiter in Shatabhishak Transit –


1. Shatabhishak literally means Hundred Physicians of God. So, it is a very much medical or healing oriented nakshatra. Needless to say that we are in a situation where healing and health-care has become a focus for all of us. As Jupiter remains a benefic planet and as Jupiter expands things, Jupiter’s transit in Shatabhishak can be helpful in health-care related activities.


2. Jupiter in Shatabhishak can make authority figures to enhance, expand or spread its health-care activities to heal people at better rate.


3. We can see new Vaccines or Medicines coming into market to fast-forward healing process.


4. We can see new inventions or discoveries taking place and there can be lots of information being spread to people regarding new ways of health-care.


5. As Aquarius and Shatabhishak are both related with serving people, we can see expansion in NGOs, Social Service Groups and people devoting themselves towards serving others.


6. As Aquarius and Shatabhishak both represent New Age Technology, it shows that things like Whatsapp, YouTube and other ways of sharing information can become a tool to spread awareness and knowledge of health-care. I know that it is already going on but we can see it touching an extreme with Jupiter transit in Shatabhishak.


7. It is also nakshatra of Secrets as its deity is God of Ocean Varuna. Jupiter is knowledge and awareness. Jupiter transit in Shatabhishak can reveal some of the secrets in our personal life or at mundane global level too.


8. As this is one of the Panchak Nakshatra which are more spirituality driven, this transit can bring awareness of spiritual nature and people would be inclined towards following a spiritual path.


9. As Aquarius and Shatabhishak both are ruled by Rahu, Rahu-Jupiter energy exchange would create something like Guru-Chandal Yoga where people would become sceptical about the information given to them. They would find it hard to believe on namesake and would like to seek the truth by themselves. This yoga is always most useful in spiritual evolution of person. New controversies can come to the fore.


10. We can’t forget that Jupiter is weak in Aquarius and it is under Saturn’s impact. Hence, first of all, all the above results can come only by way of delay, hard work and perseverance. Then person will feel frustrated as he may think that he didn’t get results as per his efforts and hard work.


12. Last but not the least, the houses where Jupiter will be transiting in Aquarius sign while transiting through Shatabhishak will also give their own effect. For example, if Dushthana houses are involved then all these results will be coming with difficulties and obstacles.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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