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Juno in Astrology


Juno is another important Asteroid of Western Astrology which impacts human life, especially relationship life and today I would like to share information about it. As I am no expert in Western Astrology, or even in any other stream of Astrology, please don’t consider this article as authoritative view on Juno and please research further for common benefit. If anyone has any better information on Juno then please feel free to add the same through comments.


Now, let’s understand Juno on the basis of following points - 

Juno in Mythology.

Mythological Story of Juno.

Representations from the Mythological Story.

Interpretation of Juno.

How to find Juno?

Let’s cover all points one after the other –


Juno in Mythology and Astrology –– As per Greek Mythology, Juno is wife of Jupiter. She is considered as the Goddess of Marriage and Unions. She is also Goddess of Child Birth and Child Care. She is also associated with Finances, Cows and Peacocks.


Mythological Story of Juno – Mythological story of Juno says that she was married to Jupiter but Jupiter was not a loyal Husband. Jupiter was never far from having flings with other women around him and that made Juno frustrated in relationship. But she remained committed with Jupiter. So, in a way, she was not like rebellious Lilith - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Lilith but she had some jealousy traits as she killed the offspring of Jupiter born out of other women and also killed his love interests.


Representations from the Mythological Story – From this story, we can understand that Juno works very much like Scorpio energy. Scorpio sign is sign of loyalty, commitment but it is also sign of revenge and insecurities in life. They also say that Juno’s position in chart is indicative of whom you are meant to marry.


Interpretation of Juno – Now, as per my little understanding of this mythological story, Juno’s  position in your chart shows –

  • It certainly represents Marriage and Child Birth.
  • It can also represent loyalty and commitment in any relation.
  • It can also be interpreted as an indication where we may not feel happy because of betrayal of other people involved but we will still remain committed to them.
  • Like, someone can have a situation where they are not happy with their parents but they still remain devoted to parents.
  • As discussed, they also say that Juno’s position in chart is indicative of whom you are meant to marry.
  • Due to Jupiter’s behavior, Juno’s position can also indicate infidelity in romantic relation or unfairness in any other relation in life.
  • This also shows in which area of life, we may need to compromise or adjust even on unfair terms.
  • So, Juno represents majority of your relationship issues in general or in particular with romantic relations. We can consider it as an additional point to look for when a person is going through some serious relationship issues.


How to find Juno? - Just like Chiron & Lilith, Vedic Astrology Softwares rarely give information of Juno. We need to make chart at any Western Astrology Site or Software. There you will find Juno’s  position. Now, take that Juno’s position in Western Astrology chart and subtract it by 23 degree. This will give you position of Juno in your Vedic Astrology chart. For example, Western Astrology chart shows my Juno at 24 degree Aquarius. So, I just need to subtract 23 degrees from 24 degree Aquarius and I will get my Juno at 1 degree 4th house/Aquarius as per Vedic Astrology Chart. If someone has Kala Software then Juno’s position along with other Asteroids  is directly given in planetary table.


Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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