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Concept of Lilith - The Rebellious Feminine

After learning about Chiron - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Smart, now is the time to understand another concept of astrology which is used more often in western astrology, i.e. The Lilith. Let’s understand the concept of Lilith through following points –


Concept of Lilith.

Types of Lilith.

How to find Lilith in chart?

Introductory Link.

Mythology of Lilith.

My understanding.




 Let’s cover all the points one after the other –


Concept of Lilith – Lilith is described and understood as a Divine Feminine Energy in astrology but as I understood it, I would like to call it the Rebellious Feminine Energy which wants to destroy the dominant/egoistic forces of the world and wants to protect the submissive/receptive sections in the society. Going further, I will explain as to why I understand Lilith as such?


Types of Lilith – There are total 4 types of Lilith –


a. Asteroid Lilith.

b. True or Osculating Black Moon Lilith.

c. Mean Black Moon Lilith.

d. Dark Moon or Waldemath Lilith.


The most commonly used Lilith in astrological prediction is True or Osculating Black Moon Lilith.

How to find Lilith in chart? – As Moon orbits around Earth, it’s orbital path is elliptical. This creates two opposit points in orbital path named Perigee and Apogee. When the Moon is closest to the Earth from one side is called Perigee, while the opposite end is called Apogee. From this, we can understand that when the Moon is at Perigee, it will be closer to the Earth and will look very large; likewise, when the Moon is at Apogee, the opposite far-end, it will look very small.

As always, there are disagreements among astrologers regarding calculation of Lilith. Mostly, astrologers follow one of the two following ways of calculation of Lilith -

a. One method simply defines Lilith as the Moon's Apogee, i.e. that point on the Moon's elliptical orbit which is furthest away from the Earth.

b. The other method, takes the mid-point of the distance between Earth and Moon’s Apogee and that mid-point is considered as Lilith.

To understand in the easiest way, Lilith is when Moon reaches the furthest point from Earth while orbiting around the Earth.

Just like Chiron, Vedic Astrology Softwares rarely give information of Lilith. We need to make chart at any Western Astrology Site or Software. There you will find Black Moon Lilith’s position. Now, take that Lilith position in Western Astrology chart and subtract it by 23 degree. This will give you position of Lilith in your Vedic Astrology chart. For example, Western Astrology chart shows my Lilith at 12 degree Leo. So, I just need to subtract 23 degrees from 12 degree Leo and I will get my Lilith at 19 degree Cancer in 9th house as I am a Scorpio ascendant.

Introductory Link – As I see, if we go through this introductory video on Lilith by Alyssa Sharpe - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8IvZMmPwkE it would be very helpful. This video helped me a lot in understanding this concept.

Mythology of Lilith – Now, let’s understand the mythology of Lilith which will help us in understanding as to why I feel that she is Rebellious Feminine Energy.

As per the video quoted above and other sources on mythology of Lilith, Lilith is first wife of Adam before Adam had Eve. Story goes like this that Adam was created in the Garden of Eden through Earth or Dust and as he needed a companion or partner, Lilith was also created from Dust or Earth. Now, the main issue was that as Lilith was also created the same way as Adam, she considered herself as equal to Adam. Hence, she was not ready to be submissive to Adam. She wanted to have an equal standing with Adam. This led to dominance struggle between them and Lilith decided to leave Garden of Eden.

God sent three angels to ask her to come back into Garden of Eden but Lilith refused and continued on her path of being revengeful. She said that she will have dominion over Boys for 8 days and she will have dominion over Girls for 12 days. She also said that she will be mother of 100s of demons. In return, angels said that 100s of her children will die every day.

In the end, God created Eve to replace Lilith and this time Eve was not created from Dust but from Adam only. That’s why, Adam could dominate over her and she was acceptable to being submissive towards Adam.

My understanding – As I understand, this is the portion of mythology and metaphor which should be understood correctly –

a. It is quite obvious from mythology that Lilith is not a submissive or receptive feminine energy. She was born an equal and she wanted rights of being an equal. She was not ready to consider herself as subordinate to Adam. Hence, I interpret Lilith as a Rebellious Feminine Energy.

b. I agree with Alyssa’s interpretation about Lilith’s statement of being a dominion over Boys for 8 days and dominion over Girls for 12 days.

c. As Alyssa said in the video, dominion over 8 days refers to 8th house of control or death & re-birth whereas dominion over 12 days refers to 12th house of Spirituality and God.

d. Now, Boys means masculine energy which is naturally a dominant energy and Girls means feminine energy which is naturally a receptive or submissive energy.

e. As Alyssa said, Lilith meant to say that she will be like 8th house energy of control or death for anyone who is trying to dominate others through their masculine energy. This very much reflects Lilith’s revengeful traits against Adam’s dominance & control over her.

f. Then by dominion over Girls for 12 days, Lilith meant to say that she will be like 12th house energy of spirituality or God for anyone who is being receptive and submissive towards others due to their feminine qualities. This means that she will provide spiritual shelter and God-like protection to receptive feminine people of this world.

g. Our actions are also our children, we create them just like we create children.  Hence, when Lilith says that she will be mother of 100s of demons, as I understood,  she meant to say that she will act in 100s of demonic ways to take her revenge.  

h. Likewise,  when Angels said that Lilith's 100s of children will die daily,  as I understood,  they meant to say that all her demonic and revengeful actions will be taken care of by divine forces and those actions will be nullified. We can easily see a war is going on here.

i. Hence, Lilith is a force which does whatever is possible to control/destroy the dominating forces of this world and Lilith does whatever is possible to protect the weak/submissive/receptive people of this world. 

j. Needless to say that wherever Lilith falls in our chart, we can be quite rebellious about the things and activities related with that house.


Example – Finally, we can say that wherever Lilith is falling in our chart, we are supposed to take all possible measures/actions in that house to destroy the dominant/tyrannical forces related to that house and to protect genuine/receptive people related to that house.

As I didn’t get any chart to perfectly place here as an example, I fall back on the golden rule to refer to the best chart I know, i.e. mine - https://www.astrosaxena.com/Astrologer.

As I said, Lilith is falling in my 9th house/Cancer where I have Jupiter placed. 9th house and Jupiter both represent knowledge and guidance. Cancer is sign of taking care and nourishing people. It falls in Ashlesha Nakshatra at 19 degree of Cancer which is nakshatra of our insecurities.

Hence, it means that I am supposed to take every possible action/measure in matters of knowledge sharing/guidance/counselling by which I can destroy the tyrannical/dominant forces of 9th house and by which I can protect and shelter those who are genuinely seeking help through such guidance. I am supposed to take care of others through these measures and help them in getting rid of their insecurities.

In a way, we can see the impact of Lilith on my views on Astrology & Marriage as an institution and on Remedies where I have tried my best to destroy the connection of Astrology from Marriage Market and Remedies Market. It certainly made people think about what I am trying to say and many people who read me from an open mind agree with my view that Social Institution of Marriage has nothing to do with Astrology. By doing this, I have tried my best to free people from the clutches of people who manipulate and control genuine people in name of horoscope matching, compatibility and different remedies/worships.

Also, I was curious about this fact that I don’t have Guru Chandal Yoga then how I got inclined to a Guru like Osho Rajneesh who is epitome figure of Guru Chandal Yoga and how I have taken such rebellious views in 9th house related matters like Spirituality, Religion and Philosophy etc?

Now, we can see that it is rebellious Lilith functioning in 9th house/Cancer where I have Jupiter exalted.


Conclusion – This is how I understood Lilith, The Rebellious Feminine.

Much thanks to Alyssa Sharpe of www.thedivinevenus.com for the video and knowledge sharing. Alyssa is always a great teacher from whom I learnt a lot and I owe a lot to her.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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